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Janitor 01






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Ghostly Pale


1.96 metres


73 kg

Hair Color

Light Sapphire

Eye Color

Cherry Blossom



Professional Status

The Janitors



Personal Status


Zephyr is one of the five Janitors and is in charge of the largest continent, where Beacon is located. In turn, this marks him as the most powerful, or at least most efficient, Janitor of the five, though he is not one to show it, especially in his janitorial garb. His designation as a Janitor is Janitor 01.

Zephyr is also the lost son of Smith and Claire Vortigern, while the older brother of Vulturn and Caroll. His strength is from his rare Lightning-Type Aura, which grants him incredible speeds and destructive power.


Zephyr is not exactly attractive. While he does indeed have a welcoming youthness to his features, his three years as a Janitor has supposedly taken its toll on his previously beige skin, giving it a ghostly pale and unnatural smoothness, as if it had been polished far too many times. On top of that circular, unassuming head of his is ashen-coloured hair puffed up like a brooding storm cloud, while his eyes are of cherry blossoms, though more on the side of Senbonzakura-style petals of death. In truth, Zephyr is what we know as an albino, a trait he once was ashamed of and hid in his younger days. Pencil-thin lips are usually kept tight as he works, his lanky stature of 1.9 metres belying his strength. To him, muscles really mean nothing at all.

In terms of clothes, Zephyr disappoints with extreme predicatability: his janitor uniform. Dull blue and considerably tough, each set of janitor clothes are just one of the many copies of the janitor uniform he has in his monotonous wardrobe, being the most immaculate and responsible of the five Janitors. Probably the only thing that sets him apart from the others when at work would be his obnoxiously baggy rubber gloves and boots of the blue you would see on one of those cute little rainbow-coloured popsicles. Oh, and his name tag. We cannot forget his name tag. The only time he has a different set of clothes was when he is conducting the Janitors' special operations, in which he wears a style from his academy days, a dark blue cap entirely over his thick hair and above the cap, a gray hoodie, causing a shadow that typically hides the upper portion of his face.


First of all, the trivial things. Zephyr has a sweet-tooth for lollipop (he's never found without one in his mouth), he finds it mildly annoying when people interrupt him from his work, he has a way with children, in fact being fond of them, tends to downplay his true age of 32 and say it is 23 (which is rather convincing), has ambitions (now crushed) to be a pop-star on the scale of the sensational Qiu, of whom he is an avid fan, and prefers Blue Lagoon cocktail at the bars, stating that he enjoys the tingle on the tongue.

Zephyr also loves to stay on the job, not for the sake of enjoying it, but to get it done as fast as possible, making him unwittingly the most diligent of the Janitors, compared to others who tend to slack off because they could all finish their day work in one hour. He does not see his job as really an annoyance due to the high pay and the 'little' amount of work needed, but when on the job, he is not exactly Mr. Employee of the Month, sometimes grumbling when it gets especially messy and utterly angry that someone messed up his work just seconds later. To him, his work and his time is extremely valuable and he typically has a very snappy attitude to anyone in the way of his job.

When off-duty, Zephyr takes on a friendly persona. He is not one to fight because he knows that HE has to be the one to clean-up the mess, thus he tends to avoid confrontations and let offenses slide to a respectable degree, to the point that some say that he has considerable restraint. Others who are more cynical immediately call him a doormat, though by then, they tend to find themselves propelled to outer-space when Zephyr instantly takes offence. His way of speech is pretty fast and he is not one to be easily interrupted, pretty much having his way in the spotlight whenever he pleases simply because no one can talk as fast as him. This tends to lead to misunderstandings when he overdoes it, for not many could catch his words and in the RWBY world, misunderstandings are easily sparked from simply not catching words. When someone is nice enough to ask him to beg his pardon, though, he will slowly repeat himself as best as he could, though he completely misjudges his alterations in talking and instead speaks like a whale.

In terms of thinking, Zephyr is a very rational and intellectual person, thinking as fast as he speaks, relying on analyzing facts rather than sheer gut feeling to make decisions. However, at the same time, if he takes too much time analyzing, he may just decide to screw it and follow his instincts after all, which can frustrating if he ever works in a team. Furthermore, his speed gives him great overall knowledge of everything like an encyclopedia, but just like an encyclopedia, his knowledge is shallow and lacks the depth expected of a true expert. He is also an atheist, critical of forceful religion while questioning why others would want to grovel at the feet of imaginary figures.

His morality is also skewed to value himself and his time over everything else, though he has a nice side when dealing with kids. This makes him apathetic to the world and its events, thus giving him his namesake as the Apathy. He is not above slaughter when he is given the order and tends to not bother to question such orders, though this is more tied to his history that has numbed against such massacres. As a result, he is considered among the Janitors as the most 'guilty', having the highest kill count in the special operations of the Janitors and being the one designated to destroy rogue villages when the dissenters do not concede. 


Broom and mop

BoomStick and FloorWiper. You can find no better weapons.

In battle, Zephyr fights in a very unorthodox fighting style, using his janitor equipment known lovingly to him as the 'Clean-up Crew', which are, as expected from this world, powerful weapons in their own right. His primary weapons consist of his broom, named the 'BoomStick', and his mop, named the 'Floor Wiper', both of which are held in each arm like as if he was holding twin spears. His secondary weapons are his bucket, just 'Bucket', and his four detergent Spray Bottles called 'Pew-Pew'. However, Zephyr is apt to abandon using them when he needs to turn to his lightning abilities, with only 'Bucket' remaining in use'.


The BoomStick is a HOBO- Heavy Ordinance Broom Obliterator that is 1.3 metres long has its tip undergo a miniature explosure everytime it strikes against something when in combat mode. This gives it a high penetrative and anti-defence capability, as well as devastating anything it touches with a neat 'BOOM', purportedly obliterating the entirety of a Nevermore with a slight whack. It acts as the close-combat weapon of the two 'spears', being used less frequently but at a much faster speed, with the additional trait in that its special 'explode-on-hit' trait makes it impossible to block. Its inactive form is almost indistinguishable from its combat form, with only an suppressive array of three intricate rings around the pole.


The Floor Wiper is a BAT Mop - Biological Agent Transmission Mop that is 2.6 metres long and acts as the crowd-control weapon of the two, being able to keep away enemies from Zephyr via the 'dirty water' that flows through and out its threads. Once a drop gets onto an opponent, the 'dirty water' acts as a nerve poison that paralyzes the affected body part of the victims in agonizing pain, frequently compared to as if you were drowning, being eaten alive by piranhas, zapped by electric eels, ripped apart by sharks, blended by tidal pools, leeches crawling in your veins, rendering them immobile. Its inactive form is almost indistinguishable from its combat form, with only an suppressive array of three intricate rings around the pole.

Bucket and Free-Flow

Bucket is a bucket containing an unusual blue-black-coloured water, holding within it an incredible amount of concentrated Dust. The water, known as Free-Flow, is regarded as the most powerful and most dangerous weapon type recorded and acts as an almost reflexive entity that reacts to Zephyr's Aura and wraps around him, capable of obliterating everything in sight with an innumerable number of powerful, almost-human-like blows when Zephyr gives it free rein. As water, it is nigh intangible and can only be contained or trapped, but not killed. Fire is its weakness if said fire is strong enough to evaporate it, but it can still remain alive, though incapacitated, as water vapour. It is able to combine with Zephyr's electricity to channel it into his enemies for a fatal shock. When Zephyr goes into Rai-shu and beyond, Free-Flow becomes his main weapon of choice, usually wrapping around his arms but when faced with an overwhelming attack, is used by Zephyr to replicate the opponent's weapon to nullify the attack.


The Pew-Pew are High-Pressure High Velocity Machine Spray Bottles that fire out pressurized water droplets, enhanced by Dust and natural Aura, strong enough to pierce through steel, though being able to do that is dependent on the setting it is set to. It has three settings, 'Softener', 'Detergent' and 'Bleach', with 'Softener' the weakest and 'Bleach' the strongest, changed by the voice commands. Zephyr does not use them often and only in brief skirmishes when he wishes to avoid collateral damage.


Physical Skill

Zephyr is one of the most powerful fighters in the RWBY world, head and shoulders above the other Janitors, though he rarely displays it because it just gets in the way of his job and he has no right to hurt anybody unless they attack him first as decreed by the Janitors' Code. In terms of martial prowess, Zephyr displays extreme proficiency with any weapon, to the point that even a mop and a broom are enough for him to kick anybody's ass. He, however, can take advantage of this by using the Black Water in the Bucket. Whenever someone particularly strong comes up, Zephyr has the ability to control the water to perfectly copy that person's weapon and have himself use it against his victim, usually displaying far more efficiency and efficacy in his use of his opponent's armaments, much to their humiliation.

However, when based on his own powers, both his natural reflexes and speed are extremely fast and his attacks are equally as powerful in terms of raw impact thanks to the very same speed. His style of movement and footwork is noted to be strangely not focused on speed, but precision and agility, making him being able to start and stop near instantly and catching opponents by surprise when he slips through even the tiniest gaps in their attacks and defense despite his speed. Probably his only physical aspect that can be a flaw is his relatively low durability, as he is more dependent on his innate abilities.

Lightning-Type Aura Mastery

When suppressed, Zephyr's Aura, when observed, is noted to pulse in erratic bursts with a sky-blue hue, hinting at its true nature. The pressure when it is exerted even when suppressed is enough to completely overwhelm and shut off the Auras from inexperienced Beacon students. When in use, its application are rather normal, providing forcefields, enhancing certain attacks and countering the Auras of others. Its most recognizable trait when suppressed is its automatic defense, bringing up a full-body shield that will raise to block any attack even if Zephyr is unaware of it. When suppressed, its strength is not that great, only enough to leave Academy students helpless, but the shield gets even more enhanced when Zephyr removes his limiters.

Zephyr's tour de force appears when his rubber gloves and boots (which are actually limiters to protect anyone in the vicinity) are removed, allowing him to demonstrate his complete mastery over his rare Lightning-Type Aura which exudes explosive electrical power exponentially. He naturally emits huge amounts of electricity and can literally use his Aura to supercharge himself to incredible speeds of Mach 60,000 or a third of the speed of light, along with the fact that he renders every physical defense null just by sending electricity straight through and electrocuting the defender. This speed is the very reason why he could finish up cleaning the continent easily within an hour. Furthermore, because of his raw speed, his sheer impact is incredible, enough to send anyone up-high into outer space with nothing short of a hypersonic hand-swat, which is Zephyr's preferred method of execution, because, in his words, 'they don't come back down, so I don't have to clean up the mess'.

This electrical physiology of his, combined with his elemental control of Dust-laced water, makes him deadly to anyone who lack any Aura defenses. Even with such defenses, it would take several masters of Aura and Dust to be able to block his full-on lightning charge. They could also forget about escaping the minute they are drenched in his water, for it conducts his fatal levels of electricity through their bodies.

His reflexes at all forms are top-notch as electricity energizes his nervous system, making his reaction times rise to inhuman levels, while he can also make others move against their will by sending such a current through their nervous system as well, effectively utilizing a crude form of puppetry which Zephyr rarely uses. Instead, he is more inclined to study the electrical nervous patterns of his opponents and then using his electricity, does the same thing in his own body, effectively giving him a perfect copy of his opponent's fighting style. This, together with his mimicry weapon, allows him to perform a total copy of his opponents, making him all the more harder to fight against.

His single Achille's heel, however, is Dust. Not activated combat Dust, but normal bottled Dust and Dust crystals. Zephyr's Aura, once released, immediately charges up all Dust that he comes in contact to. If it is not already ignited, such as dust bullets, or placed within a special medium such as Free-Flow, pure Dust will explode at a magnitude far greater than normal, depending on Zephyr's level of power. Unlike all other hunters, Zephyr thus cannot use any normal Dust when his limiters are taken off and when normal Dust is thrown at him, it will immediately explode in his face, hurting him tremendously and with enough Dust, defeating him. This is, however, kept a secret and something he guards jealously, even from his side. To prevent anyone from finding out, he takes advantage of his speed to immediately wipe out his opponents before they could even have a chance to try this out.

  • Four Levels of Drama Preservation: Zephyr wears special rubber gloves and boots that act as limiters on his powerful Lightning-type Aura. For each glove or boot removed, his power reaches a new level of intensity, making him faster, stronger and access to more abilities, but his vulnerability to Dust grows with each level. Zephyr refers to this as the Four Levels of Drama Preservation because limiting his power prolongs his fights. Furthermore, a well-kept secret behind the Four Levels is that the higher the level, the shorter the amount of time Zephyr's energy reserves last. In essence, Rai-ko, the second level, is regarded by Zephyr as the true strongest level, having a balance of power and sustainability, while Rai-ten, the popularly believed 'strongest', can barely last 5 seconds, with its mere activation pressure being the only known attack from that form to date and only used when in desperation.
    • Rai-shu (Lightning Lord): Removing his right glove, the first level results in an immeasurable release of energy powerful enough to vibrate the air around him. When reached, Zephyr's fists are wrapped in two large balls of lightning, while his feet begins to exude electrical lines connecting them and the ground. Zephyr's punches are boosted to an incredible degree as they gain a speed two-hundredth of that natural lightning (Mach 200), giving enough force to bust down buildings and obliterate the landscape in massive craters. Furthermore, his touch gains electrical attributes, allowing him to electrocute people with a punch or grab, making him deadly to weapon users. As he has yet to release his legs from their limiters, his speed remains the same, though it is still naturally high. Instead, through electromagnetism, his grip on surfaces is maximised to the point that he can walk up walls and cannot be pulled away from the ground. This level of power can last near endlessly.
    • Rai-ko (Lightning Prince): Removing the left glove, the second level causes the ground to shake. Zephyr's fist lose their lightning ball, with a ring of electricity around their wrists connecting three concentrated electrical balls instead. The skin of his upper body also begun to flicker, as if electricity was merging with them. A semi-halo also forms behind Zephyr's back. At this state, Zephyr's punches and slaps gain the full speed of lightning, making them extraordinarily powerful, enough to punt someone into space and out of the Earth's gravity. It also gives them incredible back-and-forth punching rates, giving a barrage of punches enough to turn anyone into dust. No known material was able to withstand his punch and he is strong enough to go toe-to-toe and even dominate Istafuron's Brute ability. This same speed can also go into anything Zephyr throws, making even simple rocks become exceedingly dangerous. His electricity gains ranged capabilities, allowing him to fire off long streams or balls of lightning at his opponents, which he can direct remotely. He also has minor intangibility, being able to conduct an arm through the ground in a surprise attack, and his reaction time skyrockets, with him commenting that everyone else is slow. Finally, his movement speed gets an increase, allowing him to travel at Mach 200, vanishing from view and creating a shockwave enough to destroy buildings in a single step, let alone a direct charge. This level of power can last three days easily, though Zephyr has never found need to use it for that long.
    • Rai-o (Lightning King): This level remains to be seen as no one has been able to push Zephyr to use this, not even the other Janitors. It was said that dark clouds roll in at the wake of his power, turning him into the eye of the storm. Zephyr states that he can only use Rai-o for 3 minutes.
    • Rai-ten (Lightning Emperor): Zephyr's full power is the stuff of godhood. The world's electromagnetic field is distorted when this is released, causing all compasses in the world to turn to his direction and according to rumors, if he wanted to, Zephyr could destroy that field, causing Vytal to lose all of its atmosphere in an apocalypse. In reality, Rai-ten is a desperation mode that can only last five seconds and Zephyr only uses it to utilize its activation pressure to create a land-wiping blast easily enough to flatten a city. Once used, he is utterly exhausted and will require two weeks to recover.


  • The name 'Zephyr' was carefully used to mean two things, sounding similar to 'Sapphire' as an allusion to his blue theme and his water element, while the first letter Z is shaped like a lightning bolt to match his electrical  abilities.
  • Zephyr's personality is inspired by the Tenth Doctor of Doctor Who and Agent Brennan of Bones.
  • The Floor Wiper's Poison is based on the Hydra Poison of Magellan, while the BoomStick is similar to the explosive Daisenso (Great Battle Spear) used by Don Krieg, both characters of One Piece.
  • The Pew-Pew voice command is based on the meme Set Phasers to Stun, where in Zephyr's case, he Sets Spray to Softener.


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