Yin Shadowlight
Yin Shadowlight
Age 17 (Pre-Volume 1)
18 (Volumes 1-3)
19 (Volumes 4-Current)
Status Active
Gender Female
Race Human
Handedness Right
Complexion Fair
Hair Black
Eyes Blue
Semblance Sound of Dusk
Height 5'4"
Weight 107 lbs
Professional Status
Partner Michael Hikari
Personal Status
Relatives Yang Shadowlight
Additional Info
Likes Yang, the cold, winter, nighttime
Dislikes Yang, the heat, summer, daytime
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Yin Shadowlight is the twin sister of Yang Shadowlight and the leader of Team YAMY (Yami).


Yin is a fair skinned teenage girl with black hair and blue eyes. She has a medium bust and an hourglass figure. She has a white Aura.

She wears a long white dress with a sweetheart neckline and color gradation of white to golden-yellow at the hem. The right side of her dress is open from the thigh down down. Under the dress, she wears black shorts.


Yin is very passive and doesn't worry if things don't go according to plan. She is able to adjust to almost any situation very quickly. She is also very soft-spoken and does not like making eye contact with anybody and will often go bright red if she does. She tries to avoid conflict at all costs but if she has to get into a conflict, she prefers to end it as quickly as possible. This applies to combat as well.

Despite being passive, she will often get annoyed at her brother, Yang and express her discontent towards him. She will occasionally express her discontent towards her friends and fellow teammates. This does not happen often.

Yin will often go on a midnight walk to clear her mind of any doubts and worries.

She is also very insightful. She often will notice tiny things and be able to tell you every last thing about what she observed. She mostly uses this to get a feel for people she meets.

Yin the kind of girl who knows she's attractive but doesn't like to use her looks to get what she wants. In fact, she gets very embarrassed whenever someone says she's pretty.

Despite being passive, she is very optimistic, always looking for something good in a situation.

Weapons and Abilities


Yin wields a white katana known as Yuki. The bottom of the hilt opens up to put Dust into the sword. Earth Dust allows for her to create earth walls when she stabs Yuki into the ground. Fire Dust makes it a flaming sword and gives it a slightly larger range. Ice Dust will freeze whatever part of the body it hits, just like Neon's nuchucks. Lightning Dust electrifies it and slows the target for a few seconds.


Yin's Semblance is called Sound of the Dusk. She can only activate it when she sings. When she activates it, people within earshot feel very peaceful. She doesn't use this in competitions ever. So far the only one that hasn't been affected by this is Yang but this is because he's her twin.


Yin is very good at singing and is often complimented on how nice her voice is.


Yin is the "younger" twin of Yang Shadowlight.

Yin grew up in the mountains of Vale with her twin brother Yang and their parents. She would often help others out of the kindness of her heart and refused to accept any sort of reward for her help. She would often play fight with Yang when they were younger but over the years she grew to dislike conflict. Neither her nor her brother knew how to defend themselves so their parents decided that they needed to learn how to do so. They sent the twins off to a small Huntsmen academy to learn how to defend themselves and others.

While they were there Yin unlocked her Aura first. Soon after her brother and another boy were about to get into a fight so she did the only thing she knew how to do well. She began to sing. As soon as she did, she began to glow with a white light and the two boys stopped fighting immediately. She marveled at what happened as one of the teachers came up and told her that it appeared as though she had just unlocked her Semblance.

Later on her and Yang went to Beacon in the same year as SAFR. There she met Agramon Ankoku and Michael Hikari. The relics for initiation that year was gemstones of all sorts. When she got to the forest she ended up seeing Michael first despite thinking "Gotta find Yang. Gotta find Yang. Gotta find Yang".

When her and Michael got to the ruins they found an array of gems but decided to go for one of the diamonds. As they were walking back to Beacon they heard a very unusual amount of noise. They went to check it out and came across Yang and Michael Hikari. They ran and found SAFR cornered and surrounded by a few pack of Beowolves, about 30 or so Ursai, 3 Deathstalker, and a King Taijitu. They joined in to help out but only succeeded in taking out the other Deathstalkers and a single pack of Beowulves while cooperating with SAFR. Finally 1 more team in initiation joined in to help out SAFR and YAMY. Together the 3 teams destroyed the rest of the Grimm and walked back to Beacon together with Yin supporting Yang the whole way there.

When they got back to Beacon finally, Ozpin called up her, Agramon Ankoku, Michael Hikari, and Yang Shadowlight and told them that from that point forward they would be known as Team YAMY (Yami).

Later that year at the dance Yin found a mic and began to sing I May Fall (Harry Lodes Remix). This then brought SAFR to the dance floor.

During the Fall of beacon her and the rest of YAMY were in the city fighting off Grimm and Atlesian robots.

Since then she has fallen in love with her partner, Michael. They don't live together but still talk to each other and go on dates every now and then. Her and Yang decided to part ways but kept in contact in case YAMY were to ever get back together again. She also kept in contact with Agramon as well. Team YAMY reunited to watch SAFR in the Festival of Evening Tournament.


  • Yin is characterized as slow, soft, yielding, diffuse, cold, wet, and passive; and is associated with water, earth, the moon, femininity and nighttime.
  • Her name, Yin, comes from the Eastern religion of Taoism. It is a direct reference to Yin from the well known Taijitu, better known as the Yin Yang symbol. Her name brings about a sense of the color white.
  • For the Festival of Evening, check out the link to the RP for it.
  • Yin sounds like Azura from Fire Emblem Fates. Her overall concept also comes from the same character.


Shadowlight twins emblem

Her and Yang's emblem.