Xzenriyu Sasakiji

Xzen, in his normal state, in a run-down area that he stays in sometimes

Xzen has always lived his life in the shadows, but in the snow at the same time. He usually spends time in the cold, thinking of his mournful past, and the snow just brings so much memory back to him, good and bad, and he has tried to stay in solitude. Xzenriyu is shown as a black haired teenager, with brown hair when exposed to the sun, but he usually stays in the shadows. He wears a mask over his mouth, which nobody has found out what is behind, and his hair usually covers most of his face, and his right eye is blue, and the other one is gray, completley. He always carries some type of pendant in his pocket, a diamond, but it hasn't been revealed to have any reason.


Not too much about him is known, but he can control shadows, and his weapon of choice is a katana, but he actually uses it more on himself than others. He is fast, and a bit strong, not too much since he normally focuses on speed, and he usually blinds enemies in a dark essence, forming illusions of his own self with the shadows and distractions, quickly slicing through the enemy, which is his usual strategy. Nobody has ever figured out what is behind that mask he wears...Only one possibly, behind that can be anything. (Nope. Not intended to be like Kakashi. I just noticed that...)

(Thinking of making this an actual fanfic sometime, maybe get a model for him in MMD and animate him, if I have the time...I will post links if I do.)


  • "Xzyreito Shiokiji" comes from the name Kaito Shion, but the names were mixed, and it's "ei" instead of "ai", more like Zeito and Kageito.
  • Was originally named "Xzenriyu Sasakiji" But then renamed him "Xzyren Sasakiji", because the name Xzen was already taken. Later on, because of Vocaloid, got the name "Xzyreito Shiokiji", not a Shion brother, but just someone else... Possibly a cousin?