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What is Fanon?

The word Fanon is a slang term and is an abbreviated form of "Fan-canon" or "Fan-Fiction". Fanon is generally referred to as the term for stories about characters or settings written by fans of an original work, rather than that of the original writer or publisher. Fanon also includes artworks, character creations and even animated shorts.

What is the RWBY Fanon Wiki?

The RWBY Fanon Wiki is a fan-canon that strives to follow the official RWBY Canon as much as possible. While characters from alternate universes/tellings are fine, the general theme of this Fanon is to hold as true to the canon world and material as possible and to try not to have characters that break these conventions and limitations as much as possible. After all, Setting rules for yourself that are difficult to overcome is hard. But that's why we do it!

RWBY Fanon Wiki is primarily a Roleplaying Wiki made by RWBY fans for housing OCs, Fanfics pertaining to those OCs, technology, and terminology made by the community. Feel free to check out our OC Creation Guidelines below and get started writing your characters here!

RWBY Fanon Wiki: Basic Rules

  • Do NOT edit other people's work. Editing another users work must only be done with their permission, this includes grammar, spelling checks and category adds.
  • Do NOT take other people's creation and post it here or anywhere else.
  • All fanfictions that may contain content unsuitable for ages under 16 must have a clear warning and age rating.
  • Fan Fictions that contain some sexual content must have a warning in large font at the top of the page. Additionally, a category labeling the article must be included.
    • Such articles will be limited to maximum three per month per user by the wiki administrators. Exceeding this limit will result in deletion of the article and a possible ban.
    • If the content is judged too explicit, it will be asked to or forcefully removed.
  • Absolutely NO ADULT CONTENT (Gore, vore, drug, politic, etc). Users who upload such will be banned for a significant amount of time and have the content removed.
    • If it contains sexual content, it can't be descriptive. Saying two characters bumped uglies is fine, describing how in detail is not.
  • Please follow the rules below and do not post in people's RP threads without their approval first. It is rude, it is intrusive, and it can get you in a possible infraction depending on how severe the offense.
  • Do NOT make pages for Canon Characters within RWBY itself or any other external show. It doesn't matter if they're a specific version of the character for your fanfic or whatever, the page will be deleted without warning. No exceptions.

Chatroom Rules

Chat Rules


For those new or relatively inexperienced in roleplay and the character creation present on this wiki, here is a selection of helpful guides on how to get started.

  • Guidelines
    • The base ruleset one must follow in order to have their character accepted. Keep in mind, there's more to fitting in than just this, but it's a great place to start. THIS PAGE IS REQUIRED READING.
  • RP Rules
    • The base guidelines for roleplaying here on the wiki, or on our dedicated RP Discord.
  • Character sheet base
    • A descriptive base profile that's common in this community, allowing for one to easily relate information about their character to the audience.


How do I create a page? And how do I add a photo?
Click contribute on the top right hand of your screen showing different commands. Click the one that suits you. Otherwise, just look for this box on the wiki activity page:

Getting Started
Type in the name of your Original Character or Fan Fiction and press Create Article to make a new page!

Damn, I messed up. How can I delete a page?
You can't. Simply inform an admin of the page you want deleted and they will get back to you as soon as possible. Otherwise, you may mark a page you want deleted by editing in {{Delete}} onto your page. For example {{Delete|Insert reason here}} would come up as:

This page is a candidate for deletion.
Insert reason here

If for some reason you think someone else's page may violate yours in some way, you are welcome to discuss it with an admin or with the other user and come to a civil agreement.

Can I change the name of a page?
Yes, you can. Next to the "edit" button on each page, there is a clickable drop down with extra options. You can rename your page there.

I see some pages have music files on them, how can I do that?
Right here

Some people have their own category which they add to pages by them. How can I make my own?
At the bottom of the page in normal view is the categories bar. Click Add Category and type in your category name. Press enter to confirm, then click save.

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