I don't give a damn about my life. But, if I have to die, I sure ain't going alone! I'll be dragging you all the way down to hell with me!
— Sagara Sanosuke

Vyraal Pyrolaster
Age 24
Title Kamikaze
Status Active
Gender Male
Species Human
Hair Black
Eyes Black
Height 1.84m
Weight 78kg


Although only having a slightly above averyage build, Vyraal has quite the upper body strength. He has raven black hair, which grows in all directions and always has something sticking out of his mouth, whether it be a blade of wheat, a lollipop or even a drumstick bone (although he hates smoking). He wears a white jacket with a crossing guns and skull logo on the back, his sleeves decorated with white tribal designs reaching towards his elbow. Underneath, he wears a tight black singlet, which stretch across and reveal his toned muscles. He wears black jeans with white flame designs at the bottom. 


Vyraal is a loose cannon. He is easily agitated and will often go too far with his violence, one time beating a man half to death simply for stealing an apple from him. He acts arrogantly and prefers to isolate himself from anybody he suspects of being "friendly". He has no regard for his own life and will often put himself in situations where mortal injury is likely, thus he is given the title of the "Kamikaze". Although tough on the outside, inside he is a complex of ridiculous unnatural triggers. For example, seeing the color pink makes him sad, and seeing someone laugh very loud makes him want to punch said person. Others include drinking water makes him drunk, seeing drunk people makes him violent, and seeing violent things which he is not a apart of makes him thirsty.


Vyraal wields an Anti-Armor Claymore Cannon (AACC), name Behemoth. Although classified as a cannon it is really only a large, high caliber gun in the shape of an over-sized sword. It is capable of firing heavy armor piercing rounds, comparable to .905 Caliber or higher, at a range of up to 100 meters. The ammunition belt is inserted into a large component in the hilt of the weapon which in turn reloads the weapon automatically, though slowly, and one cartridge at a time. The firing rate is the Behemoth is a lowly 1 round per 5 seconds, tops, but is made up for it's immense firepower. The AACCs were design to take down fortress walls, and the Behemoth was given a further upgrade to it's overall design. The weapon itself is 2 meters long, the hilt making up 50cms which the blade is 150cms long and another 50cms wide. Although not particularly sharp, it's weight and momentum is more than enough to break through a tree. The gun barrel is located at the tip of the weapon, with the barrel a few inches before poking out the top. Behemoth's ammunition belt is wrapped from Vyraal's left shoulder to right hip.


As the weight of Behemoth is so high (weighing in at just over 100kg), it takes incredible strength to wield, making it the ideal weapon for Vyraal. Strength is not Vyraal's only attribute, his leg speed is also great, being able to quickly close in or evade encounters. However, Behemoth's weight still restricts his attack speed. Vyraal has one magical ability called tremor, which he channels using Behemoth. Tremor bends the space where Behemoth strikes, causing internal damage, thus weakening all physical structures in range to crumbling point.



  • Vyraal's first name is an allusion to the Final Fantasy XII enemy of the same name, while his last name is my mispronunciation/spelling of Pylraster, another Final Fantasy XII enemy.
  • Vyraal was inspired by Sagara Sanosuke.