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Verdant Speíra Is a fan made RWBY character, she is a Huntress who graduated from Haven Academy and is a member of team ASTR.


Verdant is a snake Faunus of average height, with a slim but athletic build and a dark complexion. Verdant has curly asymmetrical cut forest green hair that falls over her eye on the right side and is shaved on the left side. Her Faunus trait are her eyes which are orange in colour and have vertical slit pupils.

Verdant's outfit consists of dark green short style cheongsam with black trim, black yoga pants and green steel-soled combat boots, with a reptilian scale pattern.

Verdant owns two accessories, a pair of stud earrings and a pair of black sunglasses.


Verdant is confident, and like much of her team she is rather quiet. She tends to be apathetic towards things that don't catch her interest, but when dealing with anything of importance is outspoken and passionate. Verdant prefers to keep herself out of arguments or disputes between others choosing to leave people to their business, however she will never hesitate to stick up for her teammates and will always have their backs. Though usually calm and collected verdant can get flustered very quickly and her teammates often like to tease her because of this. While it is not seen often Verdant can be quite mischievous, and has no problem poking fun at her teammates if she feels inclined to do so.

Weapons & Combat

Verdant's Faunus heritage combined with her trait gives her near perfect night vision.

Fighting Style:

Verdant excels at both close and mid range combat. Her background in martial arts allows her to manipulate arua focusing it into different parts of her body not only to boost her striking power, but as a defensive tactic as well. This allows her to effectively engage in hand to hand combat. Verdant also excels at execute hit and run tactics at mid range, and is often tasked with disrupting opponents' formation, and breaking down their defences. Verdant is also gifted in acupuncture as she was taught it from a young age, and uses it to pick at opponents pressure points either immobilizing them or greatly hindering there combat abilities.

Lithe, agile and quick on her feet, Verdant is notoriously hard to hit. She prefers mobility and precision over power.Verdant likes to overwhelm opponents with volume rather that brute strength, and as such prefers long drawn out fight where she can continuously chip away at her opponent. While versatile and very skilled, Verdant lacks a reliable way to deal large amounts of damage and end fights quickly which leaves her vulnerable to being overpowered.


Verdant fights by wielding plethora of bo-shuriken. These needle like projectiles measure about 13 cm in length. They can be used in both melee and ranged combat. They are thin and are great at slipping through gaps in opponents armour, and are hard to see and dodge. Verdant also infuses them with dust allowing her to add an air of unpredictability to her attack.


Verdant's semblance is Shattering Shriek. When used Verdant releases a loud high frequency cry that can deafen opponents and shatter objects within the given vicinity. The range and destructive power of Verdant's semblance is proportional to the amount of aura used to fuel it, this means that Verdant can drain herself and be left vulnerable if it is used to often or for an extended period of time. Verdant's semblance also puts a strain on her vocal cords and throat meaning over use can lead to permanent voice damage or loss.


Early Life:

Hailing from Mistral, Verdant was Born and raised in the city of Wind Path. Growing up further from the Kingdom's main city, she was forced to mature quicker as a result of being in a more cut-throat environment. Verdant's father, Olive is a member of the Mistral police force, who not only trained her in self-defence but also kept her on the straight and narrow. Her mother Sēnlín is a naturopath who specializes in acupuncture, and passed this knowledge on the Verdant teaching her from young age. Verdant idolized her father and a such decided she wanted to protect people like he did. However she found that being a police officer was rather limiting and chose being a Huntress as her career path. With the decision made Verdant started putting in extra time training with her father, who was all to happy to help her pursue her life goals. However against her father's wishes Verdant chose to attend the Combat School in Kuchinashi, rather than Sanctum, as she had grown accustomed to the lawless environment of Mistrals outer cities. Regardless Verdant flourished at Kuchinashi's Combat school qualifying for and placing at the Mistral Regional tournament all 4 years which included a tournament win her 3rd year there. Chossing to stay home Verdant enrolled at Haven Academy where she joined Ariel Kidemónas, Mauveine Tenjina, and Rivyè Camoena as Team ASTR.

Haven Academy:

Team ASTR excelled during their time at Haven academy being some of the top students there. Verdant specifically, excelled at combat and was always tough to spar against. However academically though, she never struggled to pass, she lagged behind her team. Despite this however she vehemently refused to ask her team fro help as she felt is was a crutch and wanted to prove that she could keep up, and they had no reason to worry. It took a serious heart to hear with the whole team and specifically Mauveine to get Verdant to realize that the team were never going to think less of her for struggling and that there's no point of having teammates if you you don't let support you. Team Aster qualified for the 38th and 39th Vytal Festival tournament during their tenure at Haven, with the team advancing to the singles round both times. In the team's second run at the 39th festival tournament, Verdant was selected to compete in the singles round on account of it being hosted in Mistral. She did quite well winning her first match before being eliminated in the semi-finals. After which the team completed there final year and graduated becoming fully licensed Huntresses.

Fall of Beacon & Battle of Haven:

Though team ASTR had graduated before the Fall of Beacon they were still distraught at the notion a Huntsman academy could be brought down. This was further amplified when the team heard about the battle fo Haven, as not only were they graduates of the academy they were also close to Headmaster Lionheart as all but one of the teams members are faunus. Verdant of course took this news the hardest being born and raised in the Kingdom and took it as a personal failure that she could not protect her home.


  • Verdant's name comes from the shade of green.
  • Her last name Speíra is greek for coil alluding to her Faunus heritage.
  • Her semblance is based of Euryale, the second oldest of the Gorgon sisters in greek mythology.