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Do not fear the premonitions of the defeated. Though imperfect and difficult, the journey ahead never leads to a dead end.
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Vella Moisia

Vella Emblem1






FemaleIcon Female


Unknown (Estimated 17)


Former: Purple, Cyan, Black

Now: Blue, Cyan, Black


Hair Bow, Collar and Ribbon, Fingerless Gloves




Pale White

Hair Color

Viridian / Teal Green

Eye Color

Viridian / Turquoise Green


Binding Glyphs

Professional Status

Unknown (most likely with a Huntsman Acadamy)



Personal Status


First Appearance

"Viridian" Trailer

Music Theme

"Aoki Tsuki Michite" (Original by Akira, Instrumental by instrumental :asi)

Voice Actor

Jasmine Moran

Vella Moisia is a character created by Mark Zhang and an apparent member of Team SLVR. She debuted in the Fanmade SLVR "Viridian" Trailer, fighting against two androids around a frozen shore. Her weapon of choice is a Bladed Compound Sniper Bow (BCSB) dubbed Chatareus.

Vella will be played by Jasmine Moran, a pixel artist and game programmer who provides dubs for online comics on her audio blog under the name PocketSizedKitsune, as well as voiced three of the main playable characters in the indie game Skyhook. (Voice demo reel here)


Vella is a young woman with wide turquoise eyes framed by purple lashes and a similarly viridian ponytail held up by her blue bow and crossing hair clips. She wears a light grey blouse with vertical lines and a darker cyan design down the middle that has five golden buttons on each side. All of this is under an overjacket that is also grey and cyan with puffed sleeves and a black-and-blue sailor collar that shows her wavy emblem in purple in the back (which hides the magnetic circular disc that she attaches her weapon to when sheathed on her back) while the front ties into a ribbon under a metal clamp holding the jacket together. She also has grey finger- and backless gloves, and under her blouse is a black skirt with purple triangular designs similar to her collar that also alternate the colors of the circles in and out of her pattern. Under that are dark patterned stockings, showing off parts of her thighs that are uncovered by her black shorts she wears under the skirt, which go all the way into her black slippers.


Not much can be assumed of Vella's personality from her short time on screen, but she did display both positive and negative expressions dring her preview, such as when she turned to her pursuers, the "Sword and Shield Droids", while smiling before it faded into a saddened frown after she took them in. She appears to be very focused during the battle, but she smirks when performing complex tricks that surprise opponents, like transforming her weapon into its bow form and getting an uppercut slice on her foe. Despite her determination and enjoyment during the fight, she appears depressed after it ends, glancing back and sighing in either relief or disappointment before moving on with her journey.

Abilities and Powers

Vella is shown to be extremely acrobatic and capable of various professional stunts, starting with her fall from the cliffs when she maneuvered herself through the air to battle the Droids, even using them as surfaces to run on or leap off of. On the ground, she exchanged a series of quick dodges, slashes, and kicks with her enemies, and later on in the fight, she knocked her weapon into the air from being stuck in the robot's body, performed a quadruple backflip, caught it with her legs, and was still in the air upside-down when firing her bow at the "Sword Droid" using only her feet, showing an incredible mastery with its aim and overall control of her body.



Chatareus - Bow

Chatareus - Rifle

Chatareus - Inactive


Vella Moisia


Blade, Rifle, Bow


Melee, Ranged

Weapon Derivation

Bladed Compound Sniper Bow

Vella's weapon of choice is a Bladed Compound Sniper Bow (BCSB) officially named Chatareus according to the "Virdian" Trailer's description.

In its inactive mode, it hangs on her back with its thick, grey limbs closed up into a rectangular shape and the ammo clip protruding from the right side. When her hand approaches it, though, it slightly opens to allow her to reach the black grip inside it. Once grasped, the lower half revolves downward on a black arc further inside the weapon and reveals a sharpened blade out of the edge, spiked with three triangular points along its length, and a small black barrel emerges from the front of the newly-formed rifle. The shots fired in this form are powerful enough to knock one of her attackers back while falling through the air, though they can still be blocked by the weapons of the Droids, so she uses her own blade for blocking blows and performing quick successive slashes that take on her iconic viridian color.

After getting knocked back, Chatareus undergoes another transformation where the top and bottom halves, now both sporting similar blades, fold out into a proper arcing bow shape with the main body in the center and the sniper barrel fully uncovered. A series of bright blue strings appear out of nowhere between the middle and ends of the limbs to the handled butt Vella holds in her right hand while she grips the black arc with her left, and she can pull back the stock to draw the next bullet back and fire it with extra speed adding to the gun mechanics in her weapon. The twofold bladed edges also helps increase the range of her melee attacks, swiping at her enemies with one or both hands and swinging it with such force she could embed the end of the blade into the robot's chest.


  • The first glyph seen...
  • ... and the second it attracts to
  • Charging up her shots
  • A fashionable Semblance
  • Who knows how large they can get
  • Rapid-Fire Mode: READY
  • Rapid-Fire Mode: ENGAGED

Vella's Semblance was confirmed in the video description to be "binding glyphs". To use, she apparently needs to physically come in contact with something so she can create a glyph on or around it, and then she summons a second glyph around a part of her body like her hand or waist, causing the two to rapidly accelerate towards one another like the pull from opposite ends of a magnet. This allows a wide variety of uses, first seen when she slowed her fall off a long cliff by "binding" glyphs on the Sword Droid's back and around her wrist to land safely on the ground. After being thrown away by the Droids, she uses it to a far greater extent after reloading her bow with an ammunition clip inscribed with the design of her personal glyph, which she creates around it to apparently activate its effects. This allows her Semblance to summon one of her circles on what the bullets hit rather than what she physically touches on her own, so she manages to unexpectedly throw them off balance, repeatedly pull back her bowstring trigger for multiple quick shots, and slash through their metallic forms using the increase in speed and force provided.


Though she is adept at dodging and blocking certain attacks, larger blows against her weapon knock her back, possibly showing a lack of defensive power given her bow's thin shape. During the fight with the Droids, she was shown to have a lack of awareness with her surroundings, since she was able to be sneaked up on by both the "Sword" and "Shield Droids" on separate occasions, letting herself get trapped between the two and getting a flurry of blows followed by being thrown roughly to the side as a result.


Vella was first seen running through a rocky pass with the "Sword and Shield Droids" hot on her trail, stopping when she came to the edge of a misty cliff overlooking a frozen body of water. Her smiling expression turns dour after seeing her pursuers, but she falls from the cliff with a serene look, forcing the robots to jump after her. When the "Sword Droid" gets close to her, looking as if it either wants to catch her or prepare its blade to strike, she grabs Chatareus and begins firing at the two, battling them in midair until she slows herself down with her Semblance. On the frozen surface of the waters, she continues to fight the Droids, eventually managing to disarm and destroy the mechanical fighters entirely using her bow and Semblance together. After the skirmish, she holsters her weapon and continues on her way to destinations unknown.



Despite being an apparent member of the team, Vella's relationship to her partners Simin Megistus, Lycan Arcadia, and the unrevealed fourth member is completely unknown, as well as any details surrounding who they in turn are affiliated with, assuming they have even officially become a team at this point. In fact, whether they will be shown together at all or not is currently up for debate.

"Sword and Shield Droids"

The two mechanical warriors had apparently been chasing after Vella in the pass she went through to get to the cliff, but she shows disappointment upon seeing them, as if she were expecting someone else instead. Though these Droids were the enemies she fought against throughout her Trailer, they initially did not attack when they had her supposedly cornered, and even leaped off the edge after after, the "Sword Droid" closing in with sword looking ready to attack, but its free arm also reaching down as if to grab her, suggesting that they were meant to take her alive rather than kill her. Since robots in Remnant are programmed by others to fulfill roles like soldiers and protection, fans wonder who would have sent these robots after Vella in the first place.


  • As confirmed by Mark, Vella alludes to Vellamo, the Finnish goddess of the waters and wife of fellow sea god Ahti. She is known mainly for having a tall and beautiful stature, giving blessings to fishermen, wearing a blue dress made of sea foam, and possessing powers over the winds, storms, and waves.
    • This affiliation with waves is seen in the frozen swells of water that are present throughout the setting of her battle against the Droids, as well as relating the tides of the ocean to the gravitational forces of the moon, tying her into the rest of SLVR's lunar theme.
  • Her name is a shortening of "Vellamo" as well, which in itself comes from the Finnish word "velloa" meaning "movement of water and waves, billows, surging" and fits the Color Naming Rule. "Moisia" (pronounced as "Mwa-ja"), besides also sharing the last two letters of Vellamo's name, is a form of the Finnish word "moinen", meaning "wonderful, incomparable, extraordinary".
  • Vella's weapon's name, Chatareus, comes from "Toxotes chatareus", the scientific name of the seven-spot/largescale archerfish. The "archer" portion connects into her masterful proficiency with its bow form, while the fish it describes helps her association with a goddess of water.
  • Because of her use of glyphs, some fans speculated on whether Vella may be linked to the Schnees, as their Semblance is hereditary and passed down through family. However, this has been debunked by Brandon Yates, who confirmed that the characters in SLVR are unrelated to any of the canon cast, mentioning that she simply has her own unique functions with this ability.
  • She is the only character in Trailers both official and unofficial to go out of order of the letter sequence in her team acronym, as Mark came up with her first before Lycan.
  • Chronologically, she was the first female member introduced in the fan-made trailers for Team SLVR.
  • Vella is presently the only character who's design has changed following the release of her debut trailer.

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