This is my (DustpeltX) commission page. Like Flora’s (ThanhnuFia ), I’m going to try and do it her way as she has been doing art commissions way longer, she’s my senpai, please do check her out .

As for taking commission, I will do it a little differently at a pace in which I can handle it.

I will explain how to contact me in the sentence below:

Do message me on my wall and I’ll respond when I can.

This is because previously, I queued up around 5 people at once and although I did complete all of them, I don’t like people constantly pestering me about whose turn it is, so this is going to be my system.

Also, because of this, I think I will also abolish the idea of ‘queues’. If I have multiple requests, I think I’m allowed to choose which jobs I’m comfortable with and at which reasonable pace I’d like to do them at.

For now, I think I will only do concepts to help those new comers have at least a profile picture and body concept for their characters.


Science ain't going to science itself!


1. Please don't rush me master.

2. Please provide plenty of details, no vague descriptions.

3. All art belongs to me in terms of credit.

4. Obey the above rule by not reselling the art, please.

5. Flora's rule, "I have every right to reject your order if I feel uncomfortable about it."

Can and Can't

I can draw:

  • Females
  • Males
  • Simple animal parts (ears/tail/horns)
  • Simple clothings

I can't draw:

  • furries
  • a lot of armors
  • full nude
  • mecha

I can maybe draw:

  • Weapons*

  • weapons are a little iffy because I cannot draw them from scratch, you must provide a sketch or blue print and I will try my best to make it look neater.


Any one piece will cost around $3.00. The price may vary as I'm very flexible with money, it's not really something I really need and I think the excitement of the commissioner is a better currency.



Please leave a message on my wall and title the message as "Commission" I will require that you link your character. I will get hold of you soon, please be patient.