aka Brandon

  • I live in Florida, USA (Indiana for university)
  • I was born on March 19
  • My occupation is Full time student and site character reviewer
  • I am Male

So, I'm PisceanWaterbender...I'm still one of the newer members here, having only joined in the midst of Volume 4. I'm a character reviewer, so if you have any questions on rules, regulations, or general OC creation tips, feel free to drop a message on my message wall or contact me on the Wiki's Discord. Hope my creations are enjoyable!

Former Teams

Atlas Academy:

Team ALBS (not started)

Team MJST (in progress)

Mauricio Frias

Jack O'Lander (in progress)

Stanley Palmer

Tamara Blackwell

Beacon Academy:


Brandon Airgetlámh (Accepted Character)

Luna Primula (Accepted Character)

Samantha Blodwen (Accepted Character)

Margarita Redwood


Neven Eulalia

Reed Renard

I member

N member

Haven Academy:

Team AVCD (not started)

Alexander Gulbadan

Viridian _____

Celadon ______

Derin Yashil

Team BISQ (under construction)

Blaine Airgetlámh

Isadora Nya

Sienna Fenicia (later known as Sienna Airgetlámh)

Quincy Nyera

Team BNGL (under construction)

Bengal Teigra

Nieve Teigra

Glaucus Teigra

Laelius Teigra

Shade Academy:


Marion Berry (Accepted Character)

Nectarina Blumsworth

Goji Berry (Being worked on)

Olive Branche

Team MRDA (under construction)

Mei Ning Shi

Raleigh Oria

Duncan Durdona

Alani Teigra 

Current Teams:

Atlas Academy:

Team MILK (under construction)

Marisol Alba

Iris Hodei

Loreta Naia

Karya Melia

Team NOVA (collaborative team with Shiorre)

Neil Barak

Oriel Serinus (Shiorre's character)

Vermiculo Aracielo

Aster Fenwick (Shiorre's character)

Team SMBR (under construction)

Samson Soler

Melantha Katsaros

Bora Alyss

Roshan Mahsa

Beacon Academy:


Daniel Dee Lyon (Accepted Character)

Nickelette Melati

David Rhosyn

Linnéa Capillo

Haven Academy:

Team BRCL (under construction)

Brandy Vine

Rosso Corsa

Colton Rhys (near finished)

Lila Liseran


Ugné Brandr (Accepted Character)

Mason Sumer (Under Construction)

Brook Lynn (Under Construction)

Rino Li (Accepted Character)


Wisteria Alder

Lamar Nereus (Accepted Character)

Oliver Ishard

Willow Feuilles

Shade Academy:


Febe Aritza

Lluvia Aritza

Merlo Torres

Griselda Rosales

Team OASS (not started)

Opal Verloren

Alexandra ____

Scarla Donyx

Syrin Gulite

Antagonists & Mercenaries/Freelance Agents

Denis Almast (Accepted)

Alice Bergschrund (Under construction)

Ranger Fern (Under construction)

Kai Tiburon (under construction)

Cosmo Eustorgio (under construction)

Future Pages

Galvin Blodwen

And many more...

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