• I live in a place with a good view of space apparently
  • My occupation is cuddle giver and fuzzy kitteh~
  • I am a groovy cat

For a list of the stuff i've made please visit Delta's Locker. I'm pretty open about letting anyone use my stuff, but please ask first :)

Age 17
Title Delta
Status Active RPer
Gender Male
Race Human
Species Nerd / Otaku
Born 18 January
Handedness Right
Professional Status
Affiliation RWBY Fanon Wiki
Jobs Modern Knight
Additional Info
Likes Cold weather and Fast food
Dislikes Trolls, Monkeys (technically the same thing)
Special Skills Melee weapons, Multi-language speaker, Piano
Weaknesses Indeciveness, Tidiness, Maths

Delta's Top 10: (List of Personal Favorite OCs i've RPed with

  1. Cyzarine Bluthardt: It's rare to find an OC that truly scares me crapless irl. This badass has done it.
  2. Azulius Cardamom: Witty, charming and true gentleman in speech, manner and attitude.
  3. Amilanthior Nightshade: Creepy and emo, but with profound philosophy and emotions.
  4. Wolfe Black: Charming, intelligent, and his interactions with other characters are always interesting.
  5. Selena Schiess: Toughest OC i've ever fought with/against, with an interesting and witty personality.
  6. Vert Jacobs: Skewed but fascinating view of criminals and the world.
  7. Kurai Jack Jade: The most intense fight i've ever RPed in.
  8. Mariposa Rivera: I'm gonna sound like a complete creep for saying this but: My god she is cute!
  9. Tendon Tetsuryuu: I just love seeing this guy rage.
  10. Hebline Sifa: Her sadisticness (is that a real word?) never fails to entertain.

Notable Mention: Medicus Nobel: I've never actually RPed with him before but the character concept alone tells me he'll be fascinating if he does appear in RP.

Timeline: My attempt to fit all RPs in chronological order

Note: AU RP's don't count in the Timeline


  1. Retrograde

Beacon First Year

  1. New Avengers: Remnant's Mightiest Heroes (AU)
  2. SALT of the Earth
  3. Just Another Typical Initiation (Completed)
  4. A Murder Mystery (Completed)
  5. Hunt for the Silver Lobo
  6. Walking With Grimm
  7. RWBY is the New Black (AU) (Completed)
  8. Island Time
  9. Haunting Past (Completed)
  10. A Blind Goose Chase (Completed)
  11. Harm and Healing (Completed)
  12. Arms Hunt (Completed)
  13. Shattered Memories (Team Alpha) (AU)
  14. Fun and Games
  15. Lair of the Beast (Completed)
  16. Flowers of a Battlefield (Completed)
  17. A Place Once Called Home (Dropped)
  18. The Sins (Completed)
  19. Sparring at the Academy (Completed? My part is done, the others are going on without me)
  20. Containment Breach
  21. Pilgrims Ceremony
  22. The Library
  23. Words we couldn't say (Completed)
  24. Berry Smoothie (Completed)
  25. The Seige at Knight's Kingdom
  26. An Irreversible Action (Completed)
  27. The Road to Mistral
  28. Duel of Blades and Wits (Dropped)
  29. Blind, blinder yet blinder
  30. A Cruel ANGEL's Thesis (Completed)
  31. Good cop, Bad cop
  32. Knights, Thieves and Rascals (Completed)
  33. The Holy Grail War (AU) (Cancelled)
  34. Gorudo Gillian's Greater Golden Grandiose Gallivant. With Filth
  35. The show must go on!

Post Fall of Beacon

  1. The Two Tigers
  2. Remnant Rim (AU)
  3. Partying through the Panic
  4. Trade of Fallen Pilgrims to Knights
  5. Missing in Action
  6. A Doll upon a Knight's Shallow Grave


  • The name Delta-06 was created as a username for the FPS game Tanki Online. Because it featured tank wars, I chose a name that sounded like a military callsign, and that name has stuck ever since.
  • Delta's favorite melee weapon is the European Spear and he is best at using it.
  • Delta spent 6 years learning art, but has little experience in making digital art. Which is why he can draw quite well but his OC art looks like crap when reproduced on Paint.
  • Delta is also skilled at playing the piano, and draws inspiration for OCs from music.
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