Torrent "Shinu" Messorem
Age 34
Color Caramel colored skin
Gender Male
Species Human
Hair Black
Eyes Ice Blue
Height 6'
Weight 204
Professional Status
Occupation Grimm Chance Teacher

Description: Torrent has black, curly hair. He has dark blue eyes, and light caramel colored skin, due to his heritage.  He usually wears normal outfits for his tribe, but seeing as they are rather different from the normal fashion, he generally has to wear some type of coat or a more conventional outfit when heading into towns so as not to attract too much attention. He has hundreds of scars all over his body, from years of fighting.

Bio: Raised in a small village, Torrent lived most of his younger years with his brother, Shinu. As they were a nomadic tribe, most of the time they traveled through Grimm infested areas, forcing everyone in the tribe to learn how to fight. It was not uncommon for tribes members to die, so training was taken very seriously, as well as the care for their weapons. Torrent and his brother were training for much of their life, always in preparation for the next decade, when their tribe would migrate again, following their food source.

The leader of their tribe, Rakando, trained them to fight, teaching each member of the tribe in a style of a long forgotten Martial Art known as Grimm Chance when translated into the language of Vale. After many years, the year finally came to begin their three year long migration, when Torrent had just reached 15. That year, they traveled over a snowcovered mountain pass, which was unusually clear. Realizing this could cut two years off their traveling, as they wouldn't have to travel around the mountain chain, they figured it would be worth going through the heavily infested area. Going over the mountain, they fought their way through the pass, only losing 12 people on the way. But unfortunately, their leader could not handle the bad weather, growing more sick as they came down. So, he decided to pass on his styles to another.

Calling in Shinu, one of his most skilled pupils, he decided to pass on his styles to him, Rakando dying in the process. As they traveled along, Torrent told his brother of his dream to explore more of the world, hoping that one day his brother could join him as well so that they could have fun traveling and killing Grimm together. His brother laughed, but agreed to do so after the tribe was taken care of. Making it to their lands, their tribe settled in to the village set up there, preparing for the ten years before the next migration. But not everyone was happy with Rakando's choice. A group of men, all potentials for leader, were angry that a boy only 17 years old would be chosen to be the new Grand Master. So, they decided to challenge him for it, fighting him over and over. Unfortunately, they were never able to beat him one on one.

So, they decided to ambush him in the forest, deciding that if they couldn't have it, then no one could. Fighting him, they were all eventually beaten, but not before placing a mortal wound on him. Torrent found him there, slowly bleeding out. Shinu called him closer, before grabbing him to pass on the styles. After passing on the styles, Shinu gasped, then stood up. "Now that i don't have to worry about dying before i passed the styles on, I'm going to pay back those who survived. Sorry brother. Looks like you'll have to go on your own." Walking in the direction the rest had run off to, Shinu disappeared never to be seen again.

Once he made it back to the village, he told them what had happened. Passing over leadership to another who he thought could better handle the duty, he focused only on training the others. For years after that, Torrent trained the tribe in the styles, until he learned that the leader had decided to attempt to settle in the village, with the help of merchants from a nearby city. The tribes ability to travel through Grimm infested areas made them extremely useful to merchants wanting to trade with faraway lands, where going through the Grimm infested lands would greatly cut down on travel time, but Nevermore had prevented them from flying through. Leaving the training of the tribe to the rest of the Masters of each style, Torrent decided to leave the tribe to finally travel as he had always wanted to.

Personality: Torrent has always valued time alone. Due to this, as soon as he was able to, he decided to leave his tribe to travel the world. Despite his appreciation for solitude, he does at times get lonely. This contributed to his decision to teach Grimm Chance to others. He does like people, but his love for the feeling of fighting has caused him to grow less caring about the pain he causes others, or even death if he has to kill them. He doesn't like to kill, but he doesn't feel that badly about it, having grown up in an area where death could come any day. He will care for people if they are injured, even if they were injured fighting him, but will usually ask them for a fight later. He has a very simple view of the world, not seeing a reason to complicate things. He is also very trusting, either because he doesn't see a way in which they could hurt him or because he just doesn't see why anyone would lie.

Fighting style: Being the only teacher outside of his tribe and the current Grand Master of Grimm Chance, Torrent uses this style to its utmost. Using the Grand Master style, a style only known to those who had the knowledge passed on to them by the previous Grand Master, he fights with a powerful and deadly efficiency. When going full force using Grimm Chance's power increasing ability, Torrent hits with enough force to destroy a floor of an average sized office building, making him a very deadly enemy. Like the former Grand Masters, Torrent is the only one to know all of Grimm Chance's styles, the memories of fighting with them being passed onto him to allow him to teach them, without having to spend the decades studying and learning them that would normally be required. His Semblance allows him to cover himself in an extremely tough hide that is resistant to damage, equivalent to the amount of force in an explosion to destroy an average 1 story building, without any damage and deadening himself to pain for any blows that are beyond that. This allows him to throw his punches without destroying himself.

Weapon : Torrent uses a pair of gauntlets, that he named "I'll come up with something later". These twin gauntlets have blades attached to each finger, with a small 15 foot chain attached to each. He uses electric Dust in order to further impair his enemies ability to fight. On his belt are two clips, that when attached to his weapon allow his weapon to become a much larger size, covering his arms and increasing the fist size for his more power focused styles.


-Torrent's tribe commonly have dark skin and blue eyes, traits which are not missing in him.

-It is customary for a new Master of a style to take a title in honor of their achievement. Torrent chose to take the name of his brother as his title.

-He rarely ever teaches one person at a time, as the more students, the better. He doesn't like teaching one on one, as he usually doesn't have anything to talk about.

-The first RWBY OC i made, he's changed a lot over the years, and is now more of a plot device than OC. I still develop his story though, and he's now getting in a relationship with Noir.