• So far this all seems really good! :3 Easy to read and understand, Short and sweet examples on how she uses it. I like it!

    Ye owo Also thinking that their greating, which could have spread to the Water clan, is to have one hand on their weapon when they greet or meet someone with a small respectful bow, just incase they need to jump into combat and to keep an eye on the person they're greeting.

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    • Awesome possume. OwO! That is pretty much how I see her weapon being simple yet effective. Though I see her being very secretive with it and preferring to keep its transformative capabilites on a down low so that folks are caught off guard by it. Just like she likes to keep a low profile as her job as a teacher. ^-^

      She doesn't want folks seeing just how powerful she is. She just gives them enough to make them think of her as simply a old woman with some skills. But to her students that is when she is willing to let her hair down and show them a fraction of the true woman that she is. >:3 Just enough to motivate them and get them to take their studying seriously.

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    • Makes sense :3 This will prove to be quite interesting t see in action!

      I think I also got some insperation on how to properly do Runner class combat :3

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    • Oh heck yeah! :D


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    • Yeee! :3 Anything else needing to be done?

      Fast paced movement and flow that can wok with my current ide for it and also  allows for sharp turns, dodges and strikes without being disorienting.

      Also thinking of maybe looking to MMOs for insperation on flashy elemental attacks. owo I need to to actually make a list of moves too. o.o At least for basic attcacks and stuff and then expanding upon it.

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    • Eeeyuppers. OwO! If your up for the challenge that is and that is. Her abilities section. This what I have thus far. I'm willing to change some stuff around but I ulitimately want to make her into a ninja of sorts. At least have that feel to her. ( I've been watching stuff like this Which Ninjato get a rough idea. Of how I want her to be like. To which I see her as more of expert of getting in unseen but has some skills of disguises. But where her true ninjainst comes in is her dust. >:3 An how she loves bombs and making things go boom.)

      Expert Swordsman, Master Stealth, Master Strategist, skilled dust user.

      Eileen was once a Expert Swordsman capable of fighting toe to toe with the best of them in her prime; While she maybe older her skills with a sword are still sharp but have since; Then taken a backseat to her skill with dust and her focus on strategizing and formulating plans;

      To which she depends less on her swordmanship to get her through most battles and; Instead focuses on using the environment to take out a foe along side utilizing various dust mixed within her swordsmanship as well as some dust casting techniques that were taught to her by her husband Gin.

      Eileen is just as skilled in the art of stealth as her husband; As she is able to sneak in and out of various locations with retaliative easy.

      Her dust casting capabilities are rather limited she more than makes up for it with. Her in depth knowledge on the material of dust and its various forms and uses; Her knowledge on the subject is up there with the likes of a Skilled dust caster.

      She has a few as she would call them; Techinques or rather given her swordsmanship "Stances" that vary from dust type to dust type and can be combined when she combines various dust types. (This part I'm willing to change to something else entirely.)

      That could help out and couldn't hurt looking into. OwO

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    • Perhaps also the Ghost of Tsuhima would be useful.for insperation and ideas for that. owo It certainly gave me a few ideas for how to mix combat and stealth mechanics. Just need to figure out how to make steath faster other than just increassing movement speed. o.o I think a grappling hook would help a lot. One that would allow you to like, hang on walls, ledges and cielings quickly. A good reach on that  would be quite good for fast and speedy players. :3

      I'll check the abilities! :3 Looking forward to reading it actually.

      Just also remember to note that she isn't as fast as pefore and has to rely on technique more than speed nowadays. She is elderly after all. owo

      If she's a skilled dust caster than why is she rather limited in what she can do? o.o

      Yee! :D Though making sure I have time for modeling in my shedual is proving tricky o.o I haven't been able to model anything! I'm still learning the new stuff for Blender!

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    • That sounds like a ideal one. OwO! An I was just gonna suggest that one!! Cause that is kinda how I see her being if a little bit fantasy like. ;3

      Thanks; I look forward towards your critics on her. OwO!

      Right, right, more techniques and gadgets to best her foes. >:3 Gotta be sneaky, sneak.

      Hmm; Well I don't see her as someone. Who can just do all the crazy casting like her husband or daughter can. Prefering gadgets and stuff like that over dust casting. But she knows some stuff for. When she is in a bit of a bind and doesn't got any gadgets to aid her.

      OwO Oh?! Cool well that is upsetting but hey. Its something new. ^w^

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    • Yee owo I'm hoping that I can get this combat system done well. Perhaps by doing a bunch of short games focusing on different aspects of the dawnheart game, I can make and improve on a lot of the mechanics and build a name for myself.

      Hope these are good criticisms for her o.o

      So it's more like she limits how much dust she uses in each spell and makes sure that she focuses on them being precise rather than being large and flashy. o.o This also means that her spells are quieter. For instance, to take out guards, she can limit herself to just a pinch of dust per guard rather than trying to summon a lightning storm from her hands.

      I know but, I am doing more video editing and I'm getting back into a more productive workflow. :3

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    • I know you can. :D ^-^


      Yea? I hope I explained her skills well enough. That does sound pretty good for her.

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    • For now, I think I should also work on making that storyline. o.o Fleshing out the world is fine but It's not going to effect the story that much in the long run as compared to actually writing the story.

      Yee owo So just make it so that she limits her self to making more precise spells to keep a good ammo supply and to avoid unwanted attention.

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    • Yes; If you need help fleshing it out I'll see what I can do. :3

      Alright; That sounds pretty doable I'll just have to remove her stances and replace them with Techinques/Gadgets that she can use instead. Minor things that don't do much damage.

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    • Put it this way o.o I'm stuck on this problem

      owo Let's see if it has a better flow to you.

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    • I'll give it a look laters. UwU

      I'll be posting what I got written up for her here; Once I got it all done up. Hope you'll enjoy it.

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    • Worldbiulding and storytelling. How much is too much? OAO

      I'm looking forward to it! :3

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    • I would say; Whatever you feel comfortable with?

      Here is what; I got thus far.

      I'm planning on giving her some gadgets and some other techniques. Like Breathe of Fire. >;3 More for survival than offensive stuff but could be used for both. Got some ideas from Avatar Last Air bender.

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    • Nah o.o I'm thinking when they're relevant I should give more information. I have a problem with over explaining and info dumping.

      Let's see if this has a better flow to it o.o

      Eileen was once a Expert Swordsman capable of fighting toe to toe with the best of them in her prime; While she maybe older her skills with a sword are still sharp. But now they have since taken a backseat to her skills with dust and her focus on strategizing and formulating plans. She may not be as fast as she used to be

      To which she depends less on her swordsmanship to get her through most battles and instead focuses on using the environment to take out a foe along side utilizing various dust mixed within her swordsmanship as well as some dust casting techniques that were taught to her by her husband Gin.

      Her in depth knowledge on the material of dust and its various forms make her quite a skilled and capable dust caster. But in order to make sure she always has a bit of dust on herself, Eileen limits herself to more precise, smaller and more useful dust tactics instead of big and noisy explosive spells. Except for when one is needed. Then she will use one or two large noisy spells. Her knowledge on the subject is up there with the likes of a Skilled veteran dust caster.

      She has a few as she would call them; Techniques or special moves for dust.

      Technique of fire; Fire + Wind:Explosion:With a mix of wind and fire dust she is capable of causing a massive explosion.

      Eileen is also just as skilled in the art of stealth as her husband; As she is able to sneak in and out of various locations with relative easy, still using the techniques and tactics she learned from her clan and adapting them to her years of experience on the field to improve those techniques.

      Maybe but remember. If she's going to be stealthy and technical, then her moves are going to be stealthy and technical. o.o

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    • Then don't info dump and just sprinkle it out through stuff. OwO

      Hmm how should I make it more techinical?

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    • True o.o But how do you explain dawnhearts to those reading? I could do it through show and not tell.

      By first off increasing her skill linst and adding her weapon :P Then perhaps naming some of the styles she uses.

      Also, found something that may help with insperation for dust spells

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    • I would say showing and not telling but; For more indepth stuff then do some telling. OwO But that is me. I'm more of a show not tell kind of guy. I prefer to see stuff happening and then if. I'm not getting it from the visuals then a some explaining at the end typically helps.

      Alright..hey now She has her weapon. :P Its called Rend and its a special little bean of a weapon. I can do that but. I'll be honest I'm having trouble coming up with creative names for some of her moves and describing them. O.O I might be getting the creative burn out.

      Oh these are nice.(Steals the entire thing.). X3 I can defaintly see her having a couple of these and maybe one big finisher of a move. That she rarely uses cause of how flashy it is and how destructive/loud it is.

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    • Good idea. owo I may also need to replan the flow of the storyies to make sure it has a good and steady flow to it.  And also look upp elemental D&D games.

      I get that all the time owo That's why I bounce ideas off of friends to have second opinions on them. I mean let's face it, If I didn't have my sis make the outfits for thsoe clan members I'd still have only a vague idea on what they'd look like.

      I knew you'd like those ones. ;) They're good moves and honestly I do want to use thm as insperation for moves in the dawnheart game.

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    • Mmmhmm Oh. DnD?! O.O

      Heck yeah; which is why I'm gratiful for your help. ^-^

      OwO Yup now I just gotta figure mine out for Eileen. OwO;;;

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    • Yeah o.o Was thinking if maybe I find something I can use as a good base for towns or places with elemental abilities. But I'm gonna have to most likely use lesser known DnD games that focus on elemental abilities. o.o

      Yay! :3 I'll be sure to bounce off more ideas with you!

      Perhaps using dust on her sword when it's sheath to make it into like an elemental blade?

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    • O.O Oh that sounds pretty neat. Can't wait to see what you find out I'll be honest there aren't a lot of DnD games. That I've heard about heck I'm still learning about normal DnD 5e! An I'm learning there are like other generations of it. Plus I'm learning a Star Wars varaint called sw5e and oh boy. O.O; Its a lot to take in.

      Just don't over do it is what; I'm telling you out of consern.

      Same here; ^-^ I enjoy bouncing ideas off of you cause you give me stuff to think about sometimes. That I don't even consider and I'm greatful for it. Though I do want to be better at my writting. OwO; Cause I feel like in our RPs. My writting isn't good or rather it could be better.

      Yeah! But wouldn't that be a bit much like Raven? From RWBY? I like the idea and I can totally see her imbuing or rather temporarily imbuing her weapon with the element to give it some whomp.

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    • I know o.o I feel like a lot of what I'm writing for my proect idea will be cast to the side during production. But I also know that I'll be doing a lot of practice before that. Somaybe, just maybe I can within the next thee weeks, actually finish a blender project.

      Same  I feel like a lot of what I write is very basic. o.o Mostly filling up a word count as I try to convay a character's emotions and reactions to the reply of my partner. I want to do more than just that. I want to make my writing be like that of a novel. Something that feels alive and full of charm.

      I honestly didn't know that o.o ...... I would however say that maybe a creative spin on that feature would be cool. :3

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    • OwO I would like to see the project at least a video of it; Cause I know I don't do much a side from bounce ideas off with you and apart of me. Is kinda sad I can't help you out more but; I know I don't got the skills (Yet.) to really do much. But hearing what you got going on and seeing some other folks do stuff and talking with some art friends. Has gotten me motivated to do some drawings.

      I'm gonna be doing some figure drawings; But in all honesty I don't know what I want to draw. O.O;;;;. I'm tempted to just follow some mikeymegamega videos. But idk.

      Yeah! >:3 But how to go about it without it sounding like a knock off of Raven's weapon though? OwO?

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    • Glad to hear it! :3 I'll be sure to show you as it progresses!

      I'd recommend it owo You seem to really enjoy the thicc figures so I think it could also prove a good motivator for drawing.

      I've never seen it in action so I doubt I'd know but, perhaps.... Buttons along the side of the sheath to charge it with dust?

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    • OwO! Yeah!

      I can give it a shot. ^-^

      OwO Hmm; that isn't a bad idea and I believe that will make just different enough. I'll send you what. I got done so you can see it and if it is good. ^-^

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    • I'll be practicing first with weapons o.o

      Hope it works in the long run owo .... And that you use those tutorials for wholesome good christian drawings.

      Yay! :3

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    • Alright, same here though with drawing thicciness of those ladies. ;3

      OwO.Why not both? Wholesome lewds?

      Alright here is what I got thus far.

      Rend:(Sword,Lance,Whip): Rend takes on the appearance of a Liuyedao;Which was a sword with a moderate curve along the length of the blade. With a re-curved hilt(her preference) it also had a decorated cross guard of a Coyote's head eating the sword with its eye sockets hollowed out.

      This was for her to infuse it with dust secretly but she has since her youth; Upgraded the blade can now be imbued with dust; Through a ventilation system built into the sheath of the weapon. This can be done through a trigger on the sheathe that houses a secret compartment where dust is housed infusing the blade with dust for a brief time.

      Done intentionally by her to give her weapon the appearance of a dull warn out blade.(This was all in apart thanks to her husband reforging her sword and making the upgrades as she requested.)

      Second form: By pulling back the guard to cause; The Coyote head's mouth to appear open this causes the handle of the weapon to extend outward into a lance like appearance.

      Third Form: By pressing a trigger on the guard of the weapon; This engages the chains within the the weapon to relax and loosen up allowing; Eileen to wield the weapon in a whip like fashion it also has a built in explosive chamber to allow the whip to extend rapidly and swiftly as a means of catching her foes off guard and cause some serious wounds.

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    • I know you'll do great! :3

      .... I guess that's acceptable. ^w^

      Seeems good owo Simple but easy to understand and each has a purpose and use.

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    • Heck yeah; gonna make the most wholesome stuff.

      >:3 Heccin yeah!

      OwO You sure about that? I feel like I could explain the system a bit better. What you think?

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    • This person might help u out with anatomy. It may not be thicc but it can be helpful. owo

      Well which parts? o.o The explaination of how they go into different forms seems good to me.

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    • Okay, But right now I'm getting some mixed signals. OwO Cause one friend told me figure drawings and now this. I don't know what to do to get gud at art.

      Probably the explaination.

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    • Well, experiment and see what works best for u o.o

      Ok. owo Lemme see.... By pressing a trigger on the guard of the weapon the sword separates into several slalled even and uniform blades all linked by small industrial stregnth chains; This engages the chains within the the weapon to relax and loosen up allowing; Eileen to wield the weapon in a whip like fashion. It also has a built in explosive chamber to allow the whip to extend rapidly and swiftly as a means of catching her foes off guard and cause some serious wounds.

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    • I'll try something. Just not sure what just yet. OwO

      OwO! Oh that sounds pretty good. Also sorry for being a while to respond on vaction with the family. ^-^ So I'll be behind some what on these responese. OwO Just so you are aware.  I'll try putting that in my own words.

      So something like this maybe?: Rend: Has a Built in trigger on the guard of the sword that; When pressed separates into several slalled even and uniformed blades all linked in unison by small chains; This engages the chains within the weapon to relax and loosen it up allowing. Eileen to wield the weapon akin to a whip in some fashion with a modest length of six feet to it. It also has a built in explosive chamber allowing the whip to rapidly extend outward catching. Her foes off guard and cause serious wounds. OwO I like this.

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    • Hope you figure it out soon :3

      Nice! I like it! \o/ Definetely a lot better!

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    • Oh, I'm gonna figure it out so hard. I'm gonna make some of the good stuff. ;3 Well try to. O.O

      Heck yeah! Now all that needs finalizing is her backstory. OwO! I got a pretty good start on it. if you want check out here it is.

      I'm just not sure; How to get her early life in the clan off; I know how it ends. I just not sure how to start it.

      Edit: How I see her; Being is in the start of it all. She was kinda at a lost or something like that. Like she felt something was missing but wasn't sure what it was until she met Gin. An well once she did it all slowly started to click. With her quickly figuring out he was the heir to her rivals clan and all that stuff and was tasked with killing him. But she didn't cause once she went into that tornament with him. That was when she knew she liked the guy even if he was well. you know.

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    • I'm sure you'll do great. :3 I on the other hand need to plan out a prototype. O.O

      I'll take a look tomorrow. I'm super tired  right now o.o

      Well there's plenty of ways to write that sort of story. owo Wishing for more in lfe, not wanting to be just a killer or a tool, feeling out of place or that you're following the wrong destiny.

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    • Same to you. ^-^ I just gotta pick something then stick with it. >:3

      Okie dokie. ^-^. Sleep well.

      I'm defaintly seeing her as wanting more in life and feeling like she was meant to follow a different path.

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    • Same here owo And I gotta practice OAO

      So far I like it more as a summary of her backstory o.o It's very simple. But I do like the outline of what happened in her adult life and why she had to leave.

      That's always a good start and can have many ways to show that. Being distracted during lessons, arguements with her parents, experimenting with hobbies and life. :3

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    • Heckin yeah buddy. OwO But I'll be practicing after. I get done with my vaction. ^-^

      OwO You do? Thanks I wasn't totally sure about it. But I'll try and make some updates to it and get it updated soon.

      OwO Yeah, that is kinda how I see being basically distracted during lessons and argueing with her folks about some of their odd traditions/laws that they got. As well as doing some hobbies mainly the lewd reading. OwO. Which kinda got her to start getting those feelings for well Gin. ^-^

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    • Makes sense owo I still need to finish my crash course in Blender O.O

      Yay! :3

      Makes sense. :3 Her embracing the rebelious spirit and seeking a better life to use her skills for.

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    • I can't wait to see what you come up with. OwO


      ^-^ That is the plan; :v Question is how to go about it and to what degree? I want to give it the same Romeo and Juilet vibes as I did for Gin's backstory. So now its a matter of making it fit with Gin's some what. I know I got to put the Dance of Blades Tourement in her backstory cause that is where she finally was able to get her feelings for the guy. Specially right as their blades clashed she knew he was the one for her. Even if he wasn't perfect she still liked the guy despite his many,many, MANY flaws as a man. X3

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    • So far I'm getting more ideas for what could inhabit the void and go on inside there but I need to make myself focus on actually modeling. o.o Othercide has put many ideas in my head. I mean, characters being made from the blood of their mother. That's bloody metal as heck!

      First off is by making her rebel abainst  her parents but having them try to squeeze her back under control. o.o That just makesher want to rebel even further and will help her justify her relationship with Gin until she truely falls for him. :3 Then have her maybe try to please her parents more in her training to help give her more freedom to be left alone with Gin.

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    • OwO! What?!

      Oh I like that idea. :D

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    • It's a very interesting concept owo I honestly am also reminded of Echo for some reason. Man that would be a good mix. This game and echo, especially with all the various moves and stuff. I also wanna make a void being similar to the Red Mother in that gam. That's just cool. Maybe also mixed with this sort of action gameplay

      Glad I could help! :3

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    • Yeah, also red mother? OwO

      Mmhmm. ^-^

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    • Watch the full videos I'm linking :P -boops your nose- Red mother is the name of the main lady in Othercide. Her blood creates her daughters who act as your units in the game. It's jurn based but I feel like the tone and atmosphere would work better for it, like, the BPM game owo

      -dances in celebration for helping- owo

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    • >.< FIne I'll watch your video.

      -bonks you to stop the dancing.- OwO!

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    • Yee =w= -dancing stops-

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    • -Bonks you to do the dancing again- >:3 -evil laughter-

      Ye. now I gotta do her backstory.

        Loading editor
    • Thoughts on the games? owo -dances more-

      Good luck! :D

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    • Othercide seems interesting. OwO

      Same toy ou. OwO

      Edit: I've gotten her backstory nearly done, but the pacing of the romance seems off.

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    • Yup :3 Gave me plenty of ideas for a faction in the Void. And perhaps also a rival faction.


      I'll have a look owo

        Loading editor
    • Noice.

      OwO I've found a semblance for NICKELAE!

      Matter Asorbiton Aka Nothing Up Mysleeves. Nickelae has the ability  to absorb and store matter into himself through the palm of his hand. An with different can give the matter he summons out a different effect. Maybe? OwO I kinda want to give him a semblance that makes him a really good slide of hand person. My other idea is something like one of his grandparents maybe? OwO;

      Thank you.

        Loading editor
    • So far what I'm thinking is that it was once a cult or group of travelers that ended up in the void and performed rituals with its blood, eventually becoming another part of it and through it's blood, created their descendants. o.o

      o.o ....... Didn't we already give him a semblance? Also, I can see the magician references but I still can't help but feel like it works like the machine in cloudy with a chance of meatballs. Water goes in, food comes out the other side owo

      Well there's your problem. owo You never wrote down what happened when she told Gin who she was, how he reacted and how they overcome the prejudice they were taught to grow up with. It would be rocky at the beginning of the issue but after seeing that they truely are in love, overcome that barrier! :3

        Loading editor
    • OwO Oh nice;

      Yeah I think so; But I just thought of a different one. OwO Also I was thinking of more like a wind tunnel Like this but with stuff. ^-^

      OwO Oh dip dang yeah; I gotta do that.

        Loading editor
    • Yee o.o But now they need a goal. Something they're striving and aiming for. That ans also some form of passionate ego.

      Ok but.... Please tell me you're going to decide and stick to a semblance idea o.o Yes your next idea may be better but, if you keep throwing out the old idea for the new, you're never going to be done.

      Hope it goes well :3

        Loading editor
    • O.O Oh? Well I might have some ideas if you want hear them. ^-^

      Defaintly; I'll defaintly stick to it. Sorry I haven't been sticking to a lot of my ideas/goals; I tend to get side track a lot and well there is no real excuse for it. I might need something to help with sticking with stuff. OwO Cause my ADD makes it difficult.

      Oh its gonna go heckin well. >:3 I'm gonna make the Romeo and Juilet of the Ninja/Assassin world. ^-^

        Loading editor
    • Sure owo Do tell!

      Ok :3 Just as long as you stick to this one, that should be fine. How does he use it with his combat style?

      So basically the love story in AC Unity? o.o

        Loading editor
    • Well, I was thinking maybe that there could be like some of them that a uber passionate about their nation to the point. That they would be willing to go to extreme lanks than others to do stuff to better their folks. OwO

      Oh heck yeah; I'm gonna cause I just like this idea a whole lot more and just find it like a neater idea. Than my previous ideas. Sorry I've been indecive on what I want Nick's semblance to be. :v I just get looking at all these various superpowers and stuff like that. An I'm like. "..I want that to b "X,Y,Z' character's power." An well with my add it makes me drift off course a bit.

      But with this semblance I can totally see it making, Nickelae a Master, no a god of Slight of Hand. >:3 He'll be able to steal just about anything within reason. It'll have its limits and I kinda see it working a bit like his mother Margrit's one part of her semblace. With it having a sucktion zone/blast radious of a few feet/wide type deal going on.

      Precisely only better. X3

        Loading editor
    • They don't really have a nation. But perhaps something similar to that might be useful o.o Let's see.... The Void is a entity, a collection of things from various worlds that combine into what was once a magificent dimentional crossroad, now a weeping injured world whos own guardians have turned into cruel tyrants and people falling into the world due to its blood reaching their world.

      Several ways goals could form with this in mimnd. Patching up its woulds and keeping the void safe from any more eldritch gods. Or trying to restore the Void to its former glory to make it like a paradise for the blood younglings and their own decendents. Crusaders acting to hunt down those who seek to use the Void for their own evil schemes and exploits. ...... But none of these feel right to me. OAO

      It's alright. owo I get carried away too. Very often in fact. owo Just make sure you don't get carried away.

      True o.o But slight of hand only helps so much in combat. How does he use it in combat? Sucking stuff in and blowing it away doesn't exatly tell me much.

      Makes sense! :3

        Loading editor
    • Oh I like it. :D

      Still I could be better at it. OwO Cause I think I could be further along with a lot of things if I didn't get so carried away with other stuff. But that is just me self critizing myself. An I'll digress.

      True,true. Any suggestions on what he could possibly do? Cause right now all I got is that possibly he could load up on things. Like gadgets/gizmos before a fight and just summon them from his pocket dimisions or where ever they are stored to use them later.

      Nothing too crazy just him at best like if he were to suck up some sand during a fight. He can litterly just be like. "Uh..uh..POCKET SAND! GO!" and just fling stuff at foes.

      Woohoo. :D

      Edit: I don't want him being like Fiona and being able to litterly just yoink up a cargo truck, full of dust and belike. "Gotcha! Think fast!" and just drop a litterly dump truck on folks. His is gonna be more stuble and minor in scale not saying he can't do something like that just that doing so takes a lot out of him and its better off being used more stublely. Taking stuff from folks. ^-^ Important things. Like someone's belt during a fight. >:3

        Loading editor
    • I still can't help but think that I can come up with something better than this o.o ..... Or is the simple path the right one for me to take this time?

      True but that also means tha he's gonna need a limit when it comes to these sorts of things. Otherwise it's pretty much just going to be like his sleeve is a black hole o.o

        Loading editor
    • Tis not my place to say. OwO Go with what you feel is right all I can say is that; If you take the simple path it will be well simplier and prone to not being as difficult/challenging for you. Right,right which I'm defaintly going to have cause he isn't gonna have a black hole up his sleeve. But I would rather dicuss it further on discord. OwO So that no one may steal my idea for it. If that is alright with you.

      Edit: I got a new project in the works in the form of Rosa Kojote; Rasuk's twin sister wanna see her? OwO

        Loading editor
    • Makes sense I too have made a few ideas for the story I want to make in the game. I'll make a google document for it. owo

      Sure but remember to finish the projects you already started. :3 -boops your nose-

        Loading editor
    • OwO Awesome.

      I've already finished up and put Eileen in pending and I'll add in her semblance in later. I just want her to be reviewed for now.

      But now I digress into Rosa Kojote; Right now I'm trying to make her into a singer. OwO I know shocking that she isn't a huntress or something else. But I've grown tired of Hunters/Huntresses and all those combat related stories and I'm dipping my toes into a different pool. I'm making her into a singer. ^-^ Her backstory isn't finished but my over all goal; Is to make her into a struggling artist who is doing what she can to be fame/keep her fame. I see her coming from a rough background and over coming it. ^-^

        Loading editor
    • Yee :3

      Ok o.o I can see that being interesting. What's her genre?

      Ok I'll take a look tomorrow. It late for me.

        Loading editor
    • Mmhmm.

      She is a country singer/blue jazz muscian. ^-^ Something to that degree got her start singing at some pubs all across rement. Was inspired by her mama who use to be a singer.

      Edit: Okie dokie sleep well. ^-^

        Loading editor
    • Ok owo She an indie singer or is she signed on to a music company?  How popular is she? Also, why doesn't her brother talk about her all that much?

      So far appearance is good but she isn't really wearing much that complements her build o.o A few grammer errors but I could still understand it owo Her backstory doesn't seem very fleshed out or even finished. o.o

        Loading editor
    • I'm gonna say she is signed to a company. She is fairly popular within the faunus community and even has some human fans but is mainly a star within the faunus community. As for why she doesn't talk about her brother much is that they had a falling out roughly around the time. He was doing his fixer job in Menegrie.

      She was there on tour with her band and had caught the eye of a less than savory fan and while her brother saved her. When they talked about what they were doing she found out that just like their father. Rasuk was doing criminal stuff and she wanted no part in it and so left him there and cut all ties with him for the most part.

      O.O What? Really? I thought the outfit was nice dang. Alright mind helping me out with a better outfit to fit her? Yeah I gotta work on my grammer.

      Yeah, it isn't all that fleshed out just yet or even finished. I'm having troubles with it. I know what I want I'm just having a hard time excuting it all and making it enterianing. Cause I want to tell a story of a struggling artist who came from a broken family and through out various trails and tributations fought her way through dictation and hard work. To the fame and glory that she has now. OwO While still having some inner demons that she is still fighting to this day. 

        Loading editor
    • I see o.o So she's afraid of her brother. And also thinks he'll turn up just like his father it seems.

      It's decent for regular figures but for bulky figures you can do either two things. Make your body look more muscular or try to make it look more curvy.

      For artists it's the struggle of getting to where they are and realizing that they still have a long way to go untill they're happy with their ability. And after they get to that goal, how to deal with the issues that brings afterwards.

        Loading editor
    • Yup pretty much what I had in mind for her.

      OwO Curvy in all the right places. UwU She got that thicciness to curviness down pat.

      Well that is kinda what she is no? A struggling artist that caught a break? I mean she is 60 something years old. She should of caught a bit of a break and got some kind of fame going on.

        Loading editor
    • Does she know of her other family members?

      Then she needs to wear clothing to complement those features. owo

      She reached ewhat many peopleconsidered her peak but perhaps a number of people have taken offense to her success due to the White fang attack o.o And her making sure her ego doesn't damage her career or reputation of her fellow faunus.

        Loading editor
    • Not really, well she knows their alive and doing well at least; In reynardo's case and at least her sister Willow. But as for the younger ones not so much. At best she figures their alive and doing well.

      OwO Indeed but what would be a good outfit for her casual wise.

      Oh, that is intiresting and I can even see her; Having over the years and through practice with her semblance learnt to stubly manipulate folks feelings about her and help her get famous. O.O But she kinda hates herself for doing that but she fears that if she doesn't. People won't like her for her type deal and cause of what the White Fang have been doing. It just makes her even more scared and so she continues to stubly manipulate her fellow faunus into loving her music.

        Loading editor
    • I see. o.o So, will she ever find out about Rasuk's family?

      I'd recomend something  like a V neck top with a long sleeeve denim jacket and patterns at the botom of her jeans.

      True but she needs to be careful to avoid being found out. O.o Cause if people find out she's manipulating them, they might accuse her of working for the White Fang.

        Loading editor
    • OwO..I mean she could possibly but I doubt it; As she hasn't talked to him in like forever ago though it can't be too hard for her to of heard rumors and maybe seen a news report or two. About some of his explotes and well. Its not like she herself is trying to hide herself. OwO

      She is a singer after all kinda hard to keep a low profile; If anything she wants him/them to come to her rather than the other way around. Under her own conditions as she wants to face her brother on her conditions and under her control.

      She knows he won't hurt her but if he is anything like their father it doesn't matter if he can't physically hurt her. Words hurt just as much and cut twice as deep. She is afraid of what he'll think of her cause of what she has become.

      Oh, you don't know the half of it buddy. OwO She is litterly crying herself to sleep every night over that stuff and it doesn't help that she sees herself as a monster. She probably wouldn't be able to handle being compared to those folks. She is a big bean! >.< She just wants folks to enjoy her music she isn't trying to hurt any anyone or make them do anything they don't want. Well at least well.. :P

        Loading editor
    • Imagine if she meets Iris X3

      I see owo Still, at least she's a nice person deep down. Though I do wonder how she handles the stress. o.O

        Loading editor
    • That would be Big bean meeting smol bean or as I would call it. Beanception. OwO! Cause Rosa would just be like.

      "OwO!...."-hides behind her brother before poking out her face to look at Iris. "H.h.h.Hi..I'm..i'm..i'm..I'm Rosa..Rosa Kojote..But most folks know uh..erm Lady Mistrialia other wise known as L..l..l.Lady M. Erm..well I..erm..Its my band..I..oh gosh.."-blushes and hides.-

      O.O She lies to herself; That is how she deals with it while also praying secretly that she gets caught and is brought to justice at least to a degree and that everything turns out great and that her fans will still love her.

        Loading editor
    • Iris would be so excited to see her. One happy bean.

      OwO! "H-Hey! I'm Iris! Iris Kojote! WE have.... The same last name!"

      That's quite a lot of guilt. o.o Hopefully she'll find someone to share her woes with.

        Loading editor
    • Lol well Rosa will be a happy big bean about it. X3

      Rosa Kojote:OwO!" makes my neice!!"-comes a runnin and scoops her up into a big bosomy embrace hug.-"Oh, you don't know how long I've wanted to say that word. Well that and daughter. but this just as nice."-sniffs Iris- "An you smell just like a Mistrial minerial hot spring too."

      O.O You'd think she would and well while she has had a few partners in the past. None of them really lasted and the last one she was in was a bad one. O.O She did some illegal stuff and her boyfriend may or may not of abused her.

      Cops aren't sure and she wouldn't say who did it. But one thing is for sure it was the boost she needed to get into self defense classes shortly after and clean up her act a bit. Now she only smokes one cigerette a month and only for needing to remove stress.

        Loading editor
    • I can imagine the two having one joyful meeting X3 Wonder how she'd react to learning how big her family had gotten :3

      Huh o.o Seems like she has a lot of relationship issues.

        Loading editor
    • O.O Probably wouldn't be too surpised by it but would still be amazed by it none the less.

      Oh yeah; O.O She does indeed.

        Loading editor
    • More than likely having humans in her family would be a great surprise. :3

      Guess she also might drink quite a lot in her free time o.o

        Loading editor
    • Oh yeah. OwO It will be a big surpise.

      Surpisingly enough she doesn't instead she does other things.

        Loading editor
    • Imagine her learning how Akari and Clover got together XD

      Oh? o.o Like? I already know smoking is one of her vices but I'm eager to hear what else she does.

        Loading editor
    • She'd faint from the experince. X3 Or rather from the saucyiness. >:3

      She does indeed smoke from time to time. But that is for like really bad times. O.O What she does to get the edge off from basically just work in general; is eat junk food and watches trashy romance shows.

        Loading editor
    • Kek X3 Akari literally being wrestled into becoming Clover's partner. Very saucy. Guess she wouldn't be all that fond of Clover owo

      I see owo Did she ever try owning a pet? o.o

        Loading editor
    • Woah,woah hold up. OwO Just hold it right there. Now that isn't true at all about Rosa not being fond of Clover. A bit flabbergasted at her uh..Relationship and how it came to be?..Yes totally I mean who wouldn't be. O.O

      As for her relationship with Clover goes; Eh, she would be proud to have her as a niece and envious of how confident and over all open she is with everything and how unafraid she is. O.O I can see her asking for pointers so that she doesn't have to hide behind her Lady M appearance to have the convinece to do it without her semblace.

      Yeah,she has had numerous pets over the years from the exotic to the mundane. An well she has no real love for them akin to a mother would to a child. She sees them more as companions and siblings rather than a child. In short she is a zoo keeper to a lot of animals and she doesn't treat them like some folks would with their pets aka. Calling them. "My babies." They are as she calls them. "Campions."

        Loading editor
    • Makes sense owo Though.... When it comes to advicce, I'm not sure if Clover is the best option. X3 She'd probably advize her to go outside wearing revealing clothes to boost confidence.

      Makes sense owo So she's really good with animals.

        Loading editor
    • Kekekek. X3 Well that is within what Clover would indeed tell her and poor Rosa wouldn't be able to handle doing something like that. At least right away she needs baby steps.

      Well,that is what her,Rasuk and Luna's semblance is all about. OwO Though with Rosa her's is more akin to subblimina messaging. It doesn't work all the time on faunus folks but it has its moments. ^-^

        Loading editor
    • Akari would most likely chime in so that Clover won't go overboard. But what will some of those steps be? owo

      So she'll at first just test the waters each time to see if it works? owo

        Loading editor
    • OwO I'm not totally sure to be honest. OwO

      Pretty much yeah. OwO

        Loading editor
    • Hrmmmmm..... Modeling jobs? owo I'm sure many would like pics of the trio on fitness magazines.

      Guess she must have lots of tricks and tactics. o.o

        Loading editor
    • That is if they can get Rosa to do such a thing.

      Surprisingly no she doesn't. Well she does to a degree but she is not a fighter like her brother. She'd sooner give up than risk anyone getting hurt. but that doesn't mean she won't try to escape later.

        Loading editor
    • Well Akari would say that maybe boxing infront of a crowd could boost confidence. owo

      I meant for checking to see if she's gotten her manipulation to work, but good to note owo

        Loading editor
    • Oh, she would refuse that at a drop of a hat. She hates voilence in all. It's form.

      Eh,it works when she is in her lady m get up rather than her normal self. So yes and no.

        Loading editor
    • Hence why Clover would be able to convince her that modeling for a few jobs would work really well as an alternative.

      I see owo

        Loading editor
    • Which Rosa would be hestistan to do. Cause mama Kojote only adults in the XXX industry do modeling and that she shouldn't be selling out her body like that. Even though Rosa is a bit of a nudist.. atleast in her own home! An when she doesn't have guest over.

      Yeah she has more confident in that form rather than her typically self.

        Loading editor
    • Wait.... So adult entertainment is ok but not a fitness magazine? O.o

      That's kinda sad to be honest o.o

        Loading editor
    • Give the old gal a break! >.< She is from a time when women were expected to just take care of the house. Plus her mom was old school and didn't want her doing to much dangerous stuff.

      Welcome to her world, where self doubt and depression is a constant struggle she hides behind a smile for her fans. While crying herself to sleep and wanting to change but not knowing who to turn to. Cause mama and papa told her that folks don't help unless you got something they want or can get them. As well as never seen take hand outs and don't ask for help.

        Loading editor
    • .... Considering the fact that women have been hunting for ages, I find that hard to believe. X3 But for the sake of story, I'll say, that's probably the standard where she used to live. owo

      Does she have a personal assistant or a agent? o.o

        Loading editor
    • Well, be that as that may. Rosa's mama didn't want her to be a huntress or be apart in the war effort,ect. That is what Rasuk was for to protect her and well. He did do his best to protect his sister for a time. Probably but Rosa's parents weren't your typical family. OwO

      They didn't care about the whole,hunter or huntress stuff. They just want their kids to grow up and have a job.

      Noo? Why should she?

        Loading editor
    • Makes sense :3

      .... Events, schedualling, dealing with producers, legal procedures dealing with media, etc. o.o They're very important.

        Loading editor
    • 3 Mmmhmm.

      Well, if that is the case then I guess she does? I just don't know who could fill that role.

        Loading editor
    • Want me to make someone for her? owo

        Loading editor
    • v I'm not sure if I even want her to have one. I'm kinda getting burnt out on OCs.. But if you wanna go a head. I can't stop you.
        Loading editor
    • It would just be a side OC owo No one major to story events.

        Loading editor
    • Hmm alrightie.^-^

        Loading editor
    • Now just think of what sort of personality would be best to bounce off of Rosa? o.o A way to amplify her best traits and cover up er ad traits....

        Loading editor
    • Hmm, that is a tough one. OwO I'm not sure what type of trait. Maybe their a jerk boss kinda?

        Loading editor
    • Perhaps.... But I feel like a more aggressive person might take up more limelight.... So how about a more Jerk but with a heart of gold? :3 Kinda like this guy

        Loading editor
    • I like it. :D But who will do the job? OwO

        Loading editor
    • What about that lady who was the secretary for that lady Luna had killed? owo

        Loading editor
    • OwO! Yeeeeeeah that could work.

        Loading editor
    • Yeah! :3 Her wanting to find a better job in a less risky and to avoid trauma of working in the place where her colleagues were brutally murdered.

        Loading editor
    • I like it. ^-^ O.o But I forget her name who is she?

        Loading editor
    • I believe she was in the lesson in romance RP o.o -flicks through notes- Sahara. :3 Sand cat faunus.

        Loading editor
    • Oh, yeah I remember her. Yea she be perfect for Rosa as a producer. ^u^

        Loading editor
    • Yeah! :3 Though I doubt she can be a jerk o.o A nervous wreck and a kind hearted optimist yes.... But not a jerk.

        Loading editor
    • OwO But Rosa is also a bit of a wreck..So.. But alright I guess that can work.

        Loading editor
    • Two nervous wrecks trying to help each other out. X3

        Loading editor
    • Lol I can dig it. X3

        Loading editor
    • How willl they end up bumping into each other though? o.o

      I found some more insperation for the gunners class in the Dawnheart story. OwO

        Loading editor
    • Hmm; not totally sure to be perfectly honest..maybe during a performance? OwO Or perhaps by Rosa getting into some trouble with some craze fans of hers that can't take a polite. "No,thanks." and well not being as combatively adept as her brothers. Rosa will be needing some help specially if those fans are of the unsavory type and some moderate hunters or wanna be hunters?

      Oh nice.

      Edit: Not gonna lie I'm morbidly curious as to what would happen to Ace and Nickelae in the star wars story if they aren't able to escape. But that is just my morbid curiousness.

        Loading editor
    • Maybe Sahara is having a hard time finding a job and gets drunk at one of Rosa's concerts. Then when the fas annoy Rosa and start causing trouble, Sahara manages to get them to to back off. owo Then afterwards Rosa could spot her some time later trying to apply for several jobs and realizes that this person is out of work.

      It's a pretty cool looking anime! :3

      -sprays you with water- Bad squishy! o.o

        Loading editor
    • O.O I can see that happening and I can totally see Rosa taking a interest in Sahara from the moment she does that for her too. Not enough to keep track of her every move but enough to where. When she is in Sahara's neck of the woods and wanting to repay her for what she did for her a while back possibly if she is willing to take the offer that is.

      Offer her the job with some conditions set up before hand; Nothing major and something that they can talk about and set up. ^-^

      Why have I not heard of this anime? An why am I just now learning about it O.o. I'm gonna have to find it. -hisses and hides-

        Loading editor
    • Makes sense ^w^ It looks likewe have our story for their meeting! :3 I'm guessing Sahara will also have some sort of friendship with Rosa after a while.

      Yee o.o I'm waiting for my day off tomorrow before I binge watch episodes. :3

        Loading editor
    • Heck yeah, I like the story. ^-^ I'm gonna add it to Rosa's here shortly. Also yes I can defaintly see them being friends after a while or possibly on the way to being friends.

      OwO Nice.

        Loading editor
    • Yay! :D We have repurposed a side character! She's not all that eventful but she will be great support story wise and emotionally for Rosa!

        Loading editor
    • Yuppers. :D Do you want some help with making her up? OwO I got some outfit ideas and some weapons that might work for her. ^-^

      Nothing to crazy just something simple; I forget the name of the weapons but their like claws rings. She could wield something like that but with all four limbs. >:3 Give her like a cheetah like fighting style. ^-^ Just my thoughts.

      Also yes, Rosa needs some emotional support. OwO That big ol bean would be a mess if she didn't have any support,

        Loading editor
    • Yeah! I'd love to see what you had in mind for her! :D PlusI like that idea of a cheetah martial arts. Lemme check if one exists. Seems like it o.o Only found this though.

      You mean chakrams? o.o

      So does Sahara. X3 Luckily Sahara has experience being a nervous wreak and how to deal with it.

        Loading editor
    • nono, not Chakrams these can't be thrown. They are warn on the wielders fingers. O.O But gah I can't remember the name of it. >.< Sorry this very frustrating for me cause I remember it but I just can't recall the name. Best I can find of something similair to it; But this isn't it. Man now its gonna bug me all night until I figure it out. >.<

      I love those ideas for her fighting style. O.O

      Lol, it takes a wreck to fix a wreck then. X3 I love it. I can't wait to see them together.

      Alright for my idea for her is for her body guard outfit. She wears a suit made up out of some bullet proof material and is slightly stab proof to a limited degree. Anyways its a black suit with the under shirt being cheetah pattern. ;3 Cause Rosa wants her protectors to have some style to them even it is a bit cheesy and possibly offensive.

      She doesn't mean to be she just wants Sahara and any other protectors to look hip and cool and not look all obviously body guards. Just in case some baddie does something to them. O.O Also do know Rosa isn't tatical smart so she doesn't know what all a "Low key" Attire would be like for her protecters just fair warning.

      Rosa's only combat experince is from her material art classes and even then her teacher taught her to never seek out a fight and to avoid it if possible. Anyways I degress and well as for her normal outfit; Eh. I'm thinking a cargo shirt over a long sleeve shirt with some torn pants and some flat top shoes. Nothing crazy just comfty. ^-^

        Loading editor
    • Well, could be one of these o.o

      Thanks :3 Hope it'll work with the weapon you have in mind owo

      Seems like a very 70s 80s retro fashion. o.o

      I like the idea and motive behind it :3 Plus the outfits do sound pretty cosy.

        Loading editor
    • I think it was the Kakute; Still It frustrates me to a degree when I can't remember stuff like that. :v

      It should work out; Cause I see her being a very swift,light on her feet kind of fighter. I'm not totally sure about her fighting style perse but I see something of a mix between capoeira and some kind of other fighting style something that is cat like and keeps her light on her feet. OwO

      Yeah I see, Rosa's band being very 70's to 80s inspired with some modern stuff mixed in. ^-^ An I figured her security group can be of a similiar note. ;3 Kinda hard to pick out your target if they look like part of the band.

      Which is what Rosa is a hippie to the core and is all about that comfort and relaxing stuff. ^-^ An its something she wants her folks to have to where they feel comfortable wearing whatever. O.O Even going comando if they feelin it. Its what Rosa does when she is alone.

        Loading editor
    • Well, where do you remember first hearing about that weapon? o.o

      Looks like the style I picked for her is gonna be the most effective for that sort of style. owo

      Well that's one way to do it. X3

      Sahara definetely isn't bold enough to go commando. X3 She's a very modest gal and is picky with her clothing.

        Loading editor
    • That is just it; I don't remember where I first heard about the weapon. I just remember looking it up randomly when I was looking for weapon ideas involving rings for Koray a long time ago.

      OwO Oh? Nice do tell me what the style is?

      lol, thanks. X3

      Well, I mean Rosa is bold enough to go commando and isn't at all picky about her clothes for her its more a comfort thing than anything else cause. She has a vary a sortment of clothes soo she has no room to talk about clothes. X3

        Loading editor
    • Maybe you might have put it in our character discussions. o.o

      Gazelle and cat. owo Avoidance for her to then enter a cat stance and land powerful blows on foe. Dodges a lot of flexable twist to keep herself free from harm.

      So she's not fond of buying any of the new fashion cause she still has the old stuff? owo

        Loading editor
    • I might, but those Kutume sounded close. OwO I know that much in fact now that I think about it. It might of been those and I'm just having a mandela effect with it. O.o

      Nice, nice totally can see it and it does sound very cat like. Which is nice. ;3

      Ehh, more or less. Its more of her wanting to bring back the older fashions. As she finds them better appealing to her not saying she doesn't have modern or even newer outfits. Its just the theme of her band goes by.

      I'm kinda struggling with coming up with a outfit for her to wear in public.

      I got a idea for her which is this.
      Outfit idea.

      This, outfit might work.

        Loading editor
    • I'm just stuggling to describe that outfit into words. I don't want to use the image cause it isn't mine to use. O.O An I don't know who the owner is to ask for permission but its a general idea for Rosa's outfit.

        Loading editor
    • Well, at least now we have the weapon :3 Definetely a good one. Perhaps used for dust casting?

      True :D But it will also mean she's mostly a melee to mid range fighter.

      Well, how about you gather images of outfits you'd like for the two and I'll type up their description. owo I'm sure looking at vintage or retro models will help find the right outfit.

      Also, never have I heard of a boss song being a rap battle but it works so well.

        Loading editor
    • Yeah, at least a little bit of casting nothing as advance or crazy as say Koray's or Nickelae's casting but what she can do is effective. ^-^ She knows some pretty interesting tricks I'm sure. OwO

      Mmhmm and her casting would be the same way to help boost her skills in those things.

      Yeah, I'm sorry its just I sometimes have a really hard time with female outfits and without images to go off of. It makes it sometimes difficult to describe what I see the character wearing. :v I might want to start taking some photos of outfits or something.

      I'm tempted to pay some artist but I don't got the cash or means to do it. ;_; I need to get into my career soon.

      Oh nice!

        Loading editor
    • So just fast and quick casting. Nothing fancy. Just quick concentrated attacks or moves to help her dodge. owo

      Maybe two rings to help her? owo Could have hardlight dust to also make daggers of some sort.

      I think It's just a matter of practice and research. You'll get the hang of it. :)

      Could also try getting money through royalties. owo

        Loading editor
    • Yeah I like that. :D

      Oh I love that idea. O.O

      Yeah I will. ^-^


        Loading editor
    • So, hit and dodge style, ring that makes hard light blades. owo Feel like something is missing though o.o

      You can buy royalties and have a steady income through them. owo Just resuarch which would be the most efficient for you before buying. The more people use it, or buy it, the more money you get.

        Loading editor
    • Hhhhmmm. :v I can't think of anything that could be missing..maybe some supportive skills?

      Uh..okay.. well. I'm gonna focus on working on my OCs for now. ^-^ I'll think about it.

      So what should be some pretty good limitations to Nickelae's new semblance beside how much he can absorb?

      Edit: I got a name for his semblance too; "Black Box". ^-^

        Loading editor
    • Coffee making skills? owo Perhaps also she knows how to massage people.

      Maybe how far he can suck things from? Or how fast he can throw them out?

      "What's in the box?!" X3

        Loading editor
    • OwO Coffee making skills sound pretty decent for some down time RPing stuff. ^-^ She can make some cup of joes for the band and chat up folks. I like and massage skills. OwO Oh now your just trying to spoil Rosa. X3

      Rosa is in need of a massage to release some stress that her yoga isn't helping with.

      Nickelae:"Stuff~". X3 Just a random assortment of ill gotten goods too. O.O Hmm beside size limitation what else would be a good limiter for it?

      Edit: I'm thinking he can't really absorb dust, due to the elemental/unstable nature of the crystals. Though if he does it does hurt him to do so and even more so upon "Vomiting" it back up. Though only to a degree depending on what he is doing with the dust.

        Loading editor
    • Maybe. X3 Though Rosa could always return the favour. :3

      Wow. owo Literally he could clean out a whole room of goods and hide the evidence in his sleeves. XD

      Elemental sleeve vomit O.o ...... Gross and also would destroy the goods.

        Loading editor
    • Well, I doubt Saraha will want Rosa massages. O.O Rosa is bad at them and she tends to hurt folks upon doing it.

      Well, he hides the goods in some kind of pocket dimision? Its hard to explain. Cause he is just absorbing the matter and storing it inside of him..some how. :v Explaining is gonna be a challenge.

      Well, vomit is a loose term for what he does..But kinda? Its not some much gross as it is painful for Nickelae. O.O As for the Some stuff like lien and more fragile goods yeah, but gold and stuff like that. Not so much. ;3 There for he can destroy the goods if need be.

        Loading editor
    • Imagine her trying to give Sahara one and then Sahara has to take a week off X3

      Just explain it the way Kirby's suction ability is explained owo

      Dang OAO

        Loading editor
    • Lol poor Sahara is gonna be sore for a while and Rosa is just gonna be like a doggo. Waiting for her to return and be all excited when she does. OwO

      How is Kirby suction ability explained? Cause I might need a reference in how to explain this ability.

      O.O Well it has its pros and cons so..Its all good.

        Loading editor
    • Sahara will then give her many cuddles and massages, but only if Rosa promises to never do that again. X3

      Ok. Kiby's stomach is basically a pocket dimentiom. When he inhales. the things he swallows are kept inside that dimention untill he needs to use them. He can spit them out as a projectile or use them for copy abilities.

        Loading editor
    • Lol.. X3 I can dig it.

      Hmm, alright I guess that will work though Nickelae won't be able to copy the abilites of folks cause he can't absorb folks. He can absorb dust..(Though it will hurt him if he does it.) An he can produce some dust effects/imbue objects with dust when he takes them out of the box. O.O

      Though there has to be a lmit to how much he can store.

        Loading editor
    • Seems like a good start. owo Easy to understand. His sleeves are like a vegetarian version of Kirby.

      I thought we already agreed his limit was the size and mass of a medium sized car? o.o

        Loading editor
    • Well its not his sleeves but his hands that can pretty much kirby stuff up. O.O

      Well, yeah but it has to have some other limits to it other than just size other wise. He could spam absorb cars and shoot them at folks. o.o

        Loading editor
    • True but it also leaves him vulnerable to dust in his attacks. o.o Likle he tries sucking in a attack and dust, literally the thing that powers weapons, vehichles, bullets, probably even household aplliances, tossed in without any protection, will mess him up. o.o

        Loading editor
    • Not all weapons require dust..but I see your point but still. Its worth the risk cause he needs limitations so he isn't kirbying folks stuff and junk.

        Loading editor
    • Yup owo Needs to be tactically used. I think that's what will give his semblance a unique flare and stratecy behind it. :3 He can't just spam it like Boombox can with her semblance.

        Loading editor
    • mmhmm; He has to do some work and think about what all he is gonna be yoinking from folks and stuff like that. It might make him a ungodly good slide of hand person but it has no real combative/ulity uses to it. Outside of storing stuff.

      OwO Which I love cause it makes him a bit of a underdog; Where everyone else can do all these cool and wild things all he can do is something that makes him. A slightly above average thief.

        Loading editor
    • Makes sense owo Also will be good for stealing certain sub weapons and disarming foes, maybe even knocking them off balance for up close attacks.

      And makes him more like a stratigic rogue. :3

        Loading editor
    • Hmm, maybe though I'm not sure about the whole disarming part..Maybe once he has physically disarmed them then yeah.

      I'm finalizing it right now just gotta define size of it a bit more and wither it has a set form or not. Also how objects put in the pocket dimison interact with each other. If at all.

      I know we've said a small car size but how much is a small car size worth of stuff is?

        Loading editor
    •   Loading editor
    • Hmmm. :v Tempting but I'll come up with something else for it. ^-^ I got some ideas for it and to make it a bit more stragic and well rogue like. ;3

        Loading editor
    • Oh? :3 Do tell.

        Loading editor
    • Alright; Well how I see it. Its like this Nickelae visualizes the form of the dimision he is pulling stuff out of/putting stuff in as like a safe that only he can open. Its nothing special just a simple 10x 10 10 ft tall safe that upon opening. Houses all his ill gotten gains well what he has thus far.

      It is stored by what it is and how much he himself value's it at. The greater the value he sees it as the further in and secure it is within the safe. The itemes are not able to interact with each other unless he is wanting two different things at the same time. Then it goes by value and which one is more. (I see it like a manifest of all the items and he just points at what he needs and it just comes out of the safe.)

      He can temporaliry imbue itemes with dust should he absorb dust and bring both the dust and item out at the same time. But there is a risk to the item being destroyed by the dust's unstability. This varies and in completely random and depending on the dust can have different effects on itemes.

      Weapons are the more dangerous one for him to even attempt this on cause well..Its a weapon and if he uses the wrong dust and its that 1 out of 10 odds. He'll most likely hurt himself and or others around him cause of it. Making dust absorbing a coin toss event each and every time.

      I might of made this a bit confusing and I'm sorry. Basically, Nickelae sees the dimision like he does like a safe/merchant manifest like. How he was taught by his dad and uncle koray taking a mix of both merchant and thief to it. Making it a sort of hybrid safe space for his goods that he wants to keep safe from other folks trying to steal from him.

        Loading editor
    • It is a little confusing. o.o May need to simplify it.

        Loading editor
    • I was afraid of that; Okay how do I do that then.. OwO

        Loading editor
    • Well first remove the, him having to visualize the dimention. Just sy the mass limit, say he has to keep track of what goes in. Don't go with the , goes in the order of value thing. That's just overcomplicating it.

      His hands are a vacuum pack that can spit out items and dust tends to make explosive results. It's easy to understnd, Don't complicate it.

        Loading editor
    • Alright, if i'm reading this right from what you've said. I need to romove. The third paragraph down? An put something less complicated in its place. Yeah I'm with you there I'm over complicating things again. :v need to stop that. But okay. I think I got it?

      Black Box: Nickelae's semblance allows him to be able to absorb material and store it else where; Within a form of a dimension within himself. He can at anytime bring these items back from the dimension to use them else where.

      So long as he keeps track of the item but should he forget or fall unconscious then the item and any other item he has stored in his little black box are ejected from the dimension and brought forth within a few feet from him.

      He is only able to store a modest 10x 10 safe size(roughly 100ft worth of goods with in it.) amount of objects or even just a small car for that matter within the dimension and he can not absorb organic materials(People,plants,animals,ect). As for dust he can absorb it but it is a rather unpleasant experience for him as it tends to cause him some discomfort and slowly but surely hurt him over time. (roughly 1 minute to 2 is when he starts to feel pain and anything beyond that and the pain becomes more harmful to him. Until he removes the dust from himself.).

      Objects within the dimension can not interact with each other; Unless Nickelae is wanting two objects at the same time then its a matter of.

        Loading editor
    • Sounds good! But one question about the last paragraph. It's a matter of what? o.o

        Loading editor
    • well that is where; I went and complicated things and well. It was a matter of value to nick. :v So now I'm not so sure what to put there.

      I would like to add in the whole; Chance of him destroying his goods with dust if he imbues it. But idk. I might have to save it for something else and go with my orignal idea of him being able to use dust within his dimision to sort of cast some unqiue stuff and combine them without having to do anything like he typically does.

        Loading editor
    • I think the last one is pretty good :3 That could be added without complicating things.

        Loading editor
    • You sure about that? O.O I'm kinda on the fence about it. But that might be my nerves.

        Loading editor
    • I'm sure :3 Double check with a reviewer if you're unsure.

        Loading editor
    • Yeah, I think I'll do just that. ^-^

        Loading editor
    • Any other OC stuffs you want to talk about? :)

        Loading editor
    • Nah, not really you got anything? :3

        Loading editor
    • Been mostly thinking about the dawnheart story lately o.o

      Let's see.... Aside form Mordred, who haven't I finished?

        Loading editor
    • Hmm..I think just him. OwO Got any new OCs your wanting to make?

        Loading editor
    • Aside from the one we've been talking about in discord, not really o.o I'm focusing hard on story stuffs for the Dawnhearts lately.

        Loading editor
    • Ah alright.. Well I'm not sure what else to talk about..hmm.. O.O Oh got any plans for this weekend?

        Loading editor
    • Gonna try to get at least one model done o.o U?

        Loading editor
    • Gonna try and doodle up some different hands and maybe make a attempt at a full body figure. Thicc kind. thing for rp is wierd. O.o I loose my messages when I go to it.

        Loading editor
    • I know right?! They totally ruined it! I can't believe how stupid this thing is!!!

      I think for my own sanity I'm gonna have to do RPs with message walls. At least here the layout doesn't make me want to barf.

        Loading editor
    • I agree; I mean why is it blue?! An why is it sending stuff in my notifications?! I should be getting it in my messages.

      I might have to agree with you there or suggest discord for RPs. It has a decent layout and the commands are some what simple if a little tricky.

        Loading editor
    • It's something new Wiki is doing and I REEEEEEEEEEEALLY don't like it. o.o

      True but I fear if we do it in Discord, it would get lost in the messages. o.o

        Loading editor
    • Yeah, there are some stuff about it that I kinda like but..Yeah. :v I'm not a huge fan of it either kinda wish they gave us a trail and let us experiment with it and give some feed back.

      O.O Oh dang that is true..hmm. :v

        Loading editor
    • Why doesn't any site let us do that? o.o

      I think it'll have to be on message walls. o.o

        Loading editor
    • o.o I don't know.

      O.O Oh okay then.

        Loading editor
    • Still, at least we have this figured out now :)

        Loading editor
    • yea, man oh.. OwO Do you got any new OCs ideas you wish to share? I got one for Koray's papa. Auerelio Nightingale. ;3 Realy hicken old dude like 100ish years old. O.O An the dude use to be a pretty good thief but became a bussiness man after a run in with a family enemy.

        Loading editor
    • OAO That guy is still alive?!

        Loading editor
    • Barely alive. O.o The dude is fricken old and is on his death bed; He is only alive thanks to modern Atlas tech keeping him alive. He has had his heart and some other vitial organ replaced with cybernetics. The dude is more machine than man at this point.

      He doesn't do any kind of fighting anymore cause of his advance age. But he is a very influencail business man with some connections. OwO. I'm gonna say while he may not of been a theif like Koray or a crime fighter like flint or a lawyer like Alabaster. He did other things to aquire a vast amount of wealth that didn't require stealing..At least physical stuff..OwO Though he did do some theif.

      He was a bussiness man thief; Who used anything and everything to his advantage to get where he is to do day and all it took. Was a encounter with a old family enemy/reveal faction that got him to be who he is to day. >:3

      He has stolen from big bussiness companies,black mailed,bribed,ect. You name it and he most likely did it minus killing folks. Though that doesn't mean he hasn't made folks wish they were dead. O.O The dude was different kind of thief and he took his family from being nothing but theives to being a bussiness and a name that strikes fear into folks within some circles.

        Loading editor
    • O.O ..... Wow. Once at the top of his game now on literally bedridden. That's, kinda sad TBH.

        Loading editor
    • Yeah, I kinda saw him as this once top ranking bussiness man/theif but over time had slowly but surely become well. What he is today and well he has a well of knowledge for a younger generation to learn from but his body can't do nearly all the stuff he use to be able to do.

      But what he lacks in physical prowress now; He more than makes up for with his mastery over his semblance. ;3 We're talking like compared to what Koray can do with his birds his father can do that and then some.

      Like I see Auerelio 's semblance being akin to Koray's with some difference mainly being his birds get mistaken for golden nevermores cause their big birbs. Though he can make them smaller and he can make them do a bunch of things cause well their basically golden Crows. X3 Smart birbs.

        Loading editor
    • Small birbs? X3 Kek. Guess he must like to use them to keep himself entertained. Speaking of, how does he spend his days? owo

        Loading editor
    • Nu! SMART BIRBS! X3 Eh more or less. OwO Beside in bed? He pretty much just stays alive and does his hobbies.

      Which I need to figure out.

        Loading editor
    • How close is he to Koray? o.o Relationship wise?

        Loading editor
    • Not very close at all; Well they use to be kinda close but well. Koray wanted to do his thing and Auelio was like. "Not in my house! You might be following traditions but those traditions are there to teach you what not to do.". Koray:"....mmm...Nope! Later dad I'm gonna do it and become a famous thief like our ancestors.". Aureolio:"...Then I have no son..".

      An they haven't talked to each other since then. O.O

        Loading editor
    • So very strict and stubborn o.o Was he a sort of noble?

        Loading editor
    • Pretty much yeah. OwO

        Loading editor
    • Why was he so strict with his son? o.o Did he want him to take over the, 'family business'?

        Loading editor
    • He wanted him to take over the family business; Well his variant of it as he was trying to replace their history and the stuff. His ancestors did as theives and stuff like that with building up his own legacy to over shadow the old ways.

      He wanted the Nightingale name to be known for being a powerful company name and not some family of thieves. But Koray was proud and admired the history of his family. Where as his father was ashamed of it.

      Koray had it rough for a while at least secretly. O.O No one knows what kind of stuff Auelio put him through. O.O No one.

        Loading editor
    • Huh o.o ...... I'm kinda confused.... If he was like a mob boss why would he be picky about what crimes they commit?

        Loading editor
    • Cause he didn't want his son going through the same stuff that he went through. OwO

        Loading editor
    • Oh? o.o Something traumatic happened to the old timer or does he just dislike the position?

        Loading editor
    • Both. OwO But more the former than the latter. He got roughed up by some folks that werent fans of his family. After a botched hiest.

        Loading editor
    • I see, I see. o.o  I'd like to hear more of this heist and how it went bad OwO

        Loading editor
    • Oh boy..Well get some snackos and some comfty pjamers as well as some chocolate milk. Cause I got a tale to tell you. OwO A tale invloving a young man wanting to be the best.

        Loading editor
    • -gets prepared and grabs chocolate milk- OwO

        Loading editor
    • Okays; So I haven't fully fleshed this out just yet so some stuff in bound to change/be altered once. I make Aurelio's character page but here I got.

      So it was roughly around in his teens like; 14-16 age range when he joined a gang of fellow young blooded thieves and they were stealing from a bunch of folks from all across rement. But well they eventaully stole from the wrong group of folks.

      These folk being called The Den or something like that and they are lead by a fellow thief and a long time family rival of the Nightingale family. Zenobia Dawnshard. An she pretty much didn't like that and so she brought on broad some of the folks they stole from and used her own skills as a fellow theif to figure him and well.

      After a few years of studying and stuff; She found where they were hidding out and her gang busted in and they brutally killed all of Aurelio's friends and family and left him alone though brutally wounded and on deaths door. He was saved by a nursed who would be his future wife.

        Loading editor
    • o.o ..... That's a brutal way to hold a grudge.

        Loading editor
    • OwO Well the two families have been going at it since; Well since the kingdoms were first made and when there was lien to be stolen. Its been going on for ages but well Koray's father's family kinda forgot and figured that their rivals died off or something.

      It was one of those rivals that kinda went on and they forgot why it was a thing. Its Zenobia's fault for taking it that far. All she was told was that the Nightingales stole from them and bested them on a number of note worthy hiest over the years and well.

      Zenobia's dad may have told her that if he could he would slaughter them all for being such a pain in his side and for making their life as thieves difficult. An well Zenobia kept that in mind and when she figured out Auerilo's parents location and all that well..Yeah O.O Brutal yes but effective as it stopped Auelio for about 30 plus years and well from there. Zenobia had a kid of her own and well they had a kid too. So now there are at least three generations of Dawnshards ready to mess with the nightingales again. Though I'm sure the youngest dawnshard can be saved and possibly made into Flint's teammate? OwO

        Loading editor
    • Sounds like the guy was a bit too full of himself o.o Did he try to get revenge?

      Unsure about that teammate. o.o I mean, Flint definetely will not get along with them.

        Loading editor
    • He kinda was full of himself at the time before that event happened but still. O.O He didn't try to get revenge as he didn't want to put anymore lives in danger than; What was lost that day and instead he choice to go low key and stick to business and more white collar crimes.

      Though that stuff didn't happen until he got a job in business and worked his way up the business ladder while secretly practicing and perfecting his thieving skills all to further his advancement to become ceo of some company. ^-^ But once he became ceo he hid his thieving stuff and did everything to be a business man and keep his family safe.

      OwO Which is fine; I was just thinking Flint and the young dawnshard kid could become friends over time or at least partners or something like that. Kinda like break the wheel type deal.

        Loading editor
    • What's his new business anyway? o.o

      Probably not. As much as Flint doesn't like being judged by ones father, I doubt he'd be all that trusting to Dawnshard jr...... At all. o.o ...... With anything..... Probably would trust a Grimm more after hearing that last name.

        Loading editor
    • Not totally sure yet haven't figured it out. I'm thinking that maybe something along the lines of some kind of security business or maybe clothing?

      Well, Dawnshard Jr can say the same thing about Flint Nightingale and I can see them having some banters. Plus I see Dawnshard not trusting flint either and even going as far as to use their semblance. "Word Is Bond" on him to keep him in check.

      Semblance has something to do with rules or something and it keeps folks from doing stuff or something. Gotta figure it out still. :v

        Loading editor
    • Well his experience would be handy in that regard. :3 Security would be a good job for him. But perhaps also a jeweler. :3 He'd ba able to tell high quality from just a glance.

      Sounds like a interesting semblance. owo Seems to be one that effects the mind more than anything else though. I can see Flint countering by saying "Action speaks louder than words." before punching them. owo In the snoot.

      Speaking of semblances, what could I make Flints? I know I wanted it to be Koray's semblance but I was also thinking, Is there a way for it to be also similar to Rasuk's semblance. owo To be useful but also more agressive than his Grandfather.

        Loading editor
    • Oh, I like the jeweler one. OwO That one seems pretty fitting and I can see Koray learning how to spot geninue jewels from a glance and know how to quickly figure out the value of some pricy gems and stuff like that.

      Lol, Well its just a idea haven't figured it all out and I agree it has something to do with the mind. But we don't got any semblances within the show aside from some book material that deals with that kind of stuff well beside Neo's semblance. But her's is more tricking than mind rather than subtly controling it.

      Hmm, My immidate thought was giving Flint the ability to commune with birbs from all kinds or at least. Much like Rasuk or maybe more like Luna perhaps? Be able to influnce birds minds to a degree or out right control one or two. Though not sure how to make it more aggressive. :v Maybe he can do something else?

        Loading editor
    • Yey! :3 That'll be very useful! Maybe also the money Koray ganed from his father's business also helped him set up the circus.

      Well then, how about one that plays with another person's words? Like the Talking Head stand from Jojo? owo After all, if 'word is bond' they could play with those words.

      Hrmm.... Unsure. o.o Need to plan out more. Like, what would be useful as a hitman? Since I see him as a mix of Rasuk and Koray's skills. owo Kinda like Nickelae but leaning more to Rasuk's abilities.

        Loading editor
    • Nope! O.O Papa Nightingale didn't give Koray any lien to help with the circus. That was all dumb luck and Koray's own fortune put into that place.

      Oh that isn't a bad idea. OwO I'll have to run it by a reviewer but still.

      Hmm, Not sure what kind of hitman in perticular are you seeing Flint as? Cause if he is going Rasuk's route then he'd be a bruiser type. Hmm. :v Thinking.

        Loading editor
    • He does know what his son does though right? o.o

      Is just an idea. :3 I can still see how the kid may have a more useful semblance instead of controlling words.

      He physically isn't as strong. But he's also a sniper. I'd say, something like... Nightwing  and Seeker owo Fast, quick, shows off and is a beast when he is outnumbered.

        Loading editor
    • Nope! Not a clue well kinda. O.O They haven't talked with each other in ages like since. Koray left the estate and forged his own path as a thief the only stuff he knows. Is from news reports and news paper clipping that he got from reports on Koray's various thiefts over the years.

      He has no clue as to where Koray is or what he is doing now of days or that he has a son or grandson. All he knows is that Koray is still alive and has become a infamous thief; Which has made his job difficult some what with news reporters wanting to talk to him about their relationship and all that. -_-

      Hmm...Well that seeker one can be done with a simple visit to Uncle Onxy cause he is a tech guru and can make something like that for Flint to wear. ^-^ As for other thing.. OwO Hmm..

        Loading editor
    • o.o ..... So how does he know it's Koray? I mean, Koray still hasn't been caught.

      I feel like Rasuk would train him to be a skilled hunter with that gun. owo But also would make hims skilled against dust users like Koray. Maybe even help Flint train against his father.

        Loading editor
    • Well from news paper clipping and from news reports. Koray isn't always stuble with his escape plans and well. It doesn't take a parent to see figure out what their kids up to specially seeing as. Auerelio knew his son's antics growing up enough to put two and two together as to who the mask theives were well one of them at least. X3

      Koray was always a show off about that kind of stuff even; When his dad was training him he always had to show stuff off of. Also the women Auerielo talked with various women and well yeah.

      Well Rasuk doesn't know Flint's papa is a fighter. OwO Alabaster has been keeping that a secret from everyone for years and only been doing it. Oh roughly about a couple years into his career as a lawyer cause of the justice system letting bad guys go.

      Rasuk knows nothing about his nightly activites but he can still train him to counter folks like Koray yes. At least to a degree as Rasuk would tell flint. Rasuk:"I'm not a physicologist so I can't get into your grandpa's head. So I don't know all of his tricks but I do know its wise to keep alert and aspect the unaspected. Cause you can never be totally sure what he or well any tricky dust caster like him might have up their sleeve. Soo..yeah best bet for someone like you. Keep light on your feet and pay close attention to what kind of caster your facing.

      If they cast dust from a far then your best be getting in close and keeping them busy. If their a close range caster then take pot shots from a far and don't stay in one place for them to figure out where you went. Try to keep as far away as reasonably possible or just let a friend take them on. While you give support. Fight smarter not harder. Trust me I had to learn a lot of this stuff the hard way so just learn from my mistakes and come up with stuff that works for you..(Why I can't get Nickelae to learn these things is beyond me that boy is about to go to the school of hard knock if he keeps up the stuff. That he is pulling jeez. Sometimes I wish Flint was my son instead of Nickelae.)"

        Loading editor
    • ..... Of course Koray would go for the women. X3 The downfal of many.

      Oof.... Harsh Rasuk. O.O Harsh. Seems like he likes Flint a lot despite him being a human and the Grandchild of someon he really dislikes.

        Loading editor
    • yup so Auerilo knows that Koray is indeed still alive and kicking; He just doesn't know precisely where in the world of Rement the boy is at. O.O Last he heard Koray was in Atlas and was wooing a Atlas General's wife or had bedded one. Anyways he doesn't really care anymore and is just living his life well kinda.

      Well, from what we've RPed so far; It seems to me Flint's more obeying and generally a good boy. Well a "Good Boy" when he isn't out fighting crime so in Rasuk's eyes. Flint would make for a more ideal canitidate for being his successor and or hier to his company compared to Nickelae. Who hasn't shown interested in the family business and has been doing nothing but getting into trouble. :v Though he'll admit that Nickelae has some natural talents in coming up with interesting deals/offers to clients and knows how to please folks.

        Loading editor
    • That's kinda sad o.o Having a kid but not wanting to be part of their life.

      Huh o.o Never imagined Flint as being someone who could run a business. But I like the way he's growing in the RPS. From the bottom of the barrel, injured and disabled as a kid, growing into a fighter, a hero, an icon. And soon, he'll grow into a man of his own making.

      An idea for his semblance. Everlong : Flint summons a giant bird construct that glows brightly like the moon. Each time the construct is broken, it splits into two smaller versions of itself, making it quickly turn into a swarm of birds that can attack and overwhelm a target, slashing at them with their talons. At it's maximum size, the attacks are more powerful but it's slower. At it's smallest form, the size of a hummingbird, the cuts are weaker but  the birds are as fast as arrows.

      When the hummingbird sized constructs are destroyed, they are gone for good and making this construct can be quite draining on Flint, making using it a high risk high reward move, forcing him to be quite tactical with how he uses it.

        Loading editor
    • OwO Oh I love it; I love it all.

      Mmhmm but it happens.

        Loading editor
    • Yay! :D Shall I add it now or do you think anything about it needs to be changed?

        Loading editor
    • I think you can add it; Though I would maybe add in just how much aura it cost for the summon. Maybe also add in how much it cost for when it is divided and how many hits each form can take?

      v I honestly I'm not totally sure; How to go about it but I know I had to do something like that for Koray's semblance. So just fair warning. O.O Might have to do some trail and error with it.

      Edit: I'd ask a reviewer about it and then go from there.

        Loading editor
    • Meh owo I can add more details but it really just boils down to maths.

        Loading editor
    • True dat. OwO

      This what I got so far; As for what all Rosa did to become the singer/preformer that she is now. But I feel like there is stuff missing like stuff explaining some of the hardships of her schooling and what all she did there. I feel like I breezed by it too quickly. Idk I'm just trying to give her that struggling singer vibe to her first starting out and eventaully getting her big break type deal.

      But it was through these hardships as well as. The wondrous grace of her mother's involvement in folk singing at a local pub in their village to pay for their schooling that Rosa found her calling. It was the arts or to be more precise singing. She studied and trained tirelessly to perfect her musical talents both at home and at school until she was accepted into Atlas's Lady Mousai's Music Academy with a scholarship to aid her.

      But it wasn't easy there and it took her a long 8 years of hard work; Before she would graduate from there. However after Graduating from Mousai's Academy it didn't go well as she had student debts to pay. An her music career wasn't going off at a brake neck base mainly due to her faunas heritage and cause of her family's connection with the mafia. An while she did her best to keep herself positive through the hardship.

      It was here that she would say good bye to the harsh life style of her family home and hello to eventually with some training..As well as a bunch of hard work and dedication. The luxurious life of a high class singer as she quickly gathered a following of folks thanks in large part to her hit single.

        Loading editor
    • Seems pretty simple but good enough owo No need for a grand story tbh.

        Loading editor
    • Alright, fair enough well what about this bit?

      Eventually. She would become a fairly famousish musician and has been doing rather well for herself.

      It was roughly around this time of her life that she came into contact with a hunteress named Sahara and while bwkeljklrkl.

        Loading editor
    • I'd say have that as the point when she has an established fanbase :3 Then she starts to have concerts and that's when the two met.

      o.o .... Didn't catch that last part.

        Loading editor
    • Oh that could work. ^-^

      O.O I'm trying to figure that one out.

        Loading editor
    • Oh lol X3 Well at least that's kinda cleared up.

        Loading editor
    • YupppErs. OwO But Now I wonder..If I should make all of the Kojote family?

      But idk. I'm kinda losing my creativiness. :v

        Loading editor
    • Nah :P Just add the main ones then maybe a small page with a brief description of the secondary characters in the family :3

      I know the feeling o.o What you need, is insperation! OwO Mix some of your favorite stuff in your mind. I can help with that on Discord.

        Loading editor
    • Ah..hmm alright. :v Not sure if I can do a small brief page for them all. X3 But I'll try.

      Alright; Well I do got some ideas I want to share with them here for a bit if that is cool with you?

        Loading editor
    • I think it would be easier for you in the long run. :)

      Sure! :D

        Loading editor
    • I guess so.. O..O Maybe?

      Alright, well I have a idea for some Merlin(The tv show) character..Also one that is from Fate stay night. Not sure if you heard of either ones..But yeah.

      one is a dust caster with a semblance that makes their dust spells uber strong.

      As for the other character its litterly just them being able to summon folks from books they read.

        Loading editor
    • Oh? owo

      Haven't watched em o.o Or heard of those shows.

      First one is kinda basic. o.o The last one sounds quite good :3 Like the silvertongues rom Inkheart.

        Loading editor
    • Yea! OwO


      It does?! OWO

        Loading editor
    • Yup owo You ever watched Inkheart? It's a really good movie!

        Loading editor
    • Nope, can't say I've had. OwO Though I've seen the trailers for it and it looks pretty interesting just sad it came out back in 2007. So yeah I missed it and I'm not sure where to find it.

        Loading editor
    • I don't got a amazon account nor the munnies to afford it. :_;

        Loading editor
    • Oh darn OAO Hrmmmm... What else could we do? o.o

        Loading editor
    • Wanna collab a OC together again? OwO?

        Loading editor
    • Was referring more to you being able to watch Inkheart but sure. ;) Why not?

        Loading editor
    • Heck yeah! OwO Got any ideas for a character? I got some but I wanna hear some of your ideas. :D

        Loading editor
    • Honestly unsure o.o Been recently getting into stuff based on the myth of Son Wukong. But since that's been overdone, how about one based on Cu Chulainn? :)

      Edit: Actually nah. o.o Let's see... What other myths would be quite interesting?

        Loading editor
    • Cu chulain isn't a bad back up idea.

      But alright hmm.. what about H P Lovecraft? Make like a villian with some kind of horror Base semblance. OwO

        Loading editor
    • Perhaps but.... The thing with Lovecraft stories is that sense of nihilism and the spectical of the horror.

      Unless we do something like the Exile in Cultist sim A person on the run from their shadowy pursuers, doing their best to hide, flee place to place. or kill their pursuers using their own dark arts against them.

        Loading editor
    • Side note: Nickelae just got reaccepted OwO With his new semblance. >:3 He is now the uber thief.

      Hmm. That could work.. :v Though I will say Lovecraft work wasn't just about Nihilism it also had fear of the unknown among other things. O.O But that could work.

        Loading editor
    • Woooooooooooooooo!!! :D

      What if, we have a sense of duality. owo Two individuals. One lighthearted and good while the other is evil, happy in their villainous and evil deeds? Both would be working together out of survival and have a sort of odd bond with each other. Like the main duo in Sundered.

        Loading editor
    • Nickelae is gonna be steal everything. :3

      Oh? Huh well that seems like a interesting idea..I wouldn't mind trying to create such a character? Question is are they gonna be the boss of something? An if so what and who is gonna run into them? OwO I hope its flint and Nick.

      We gotta give those lads a common villian to fight.

        Loading editor
    • Not unless Hoshi has anything to say about it. X3

      Probably not if they're going to be on the run from their equally as evil foes. I mean I think it would be interesting for the boys to try to figure out how to defeat both that organization and the main villain of the duo. o.o Both sides are trying to kill each other while trying to leave limited amounts of traces.

      True  And I think those two will be good ones. owo Not truely evil but morally grey..... Well, one of them morally grey :3 The other is in my head  kind of a mix of Black Hat and Alistor. But not as powerful :P

        Loading editor
    • Like that will stop him from trying. X3

      It would be interesting. OwO

      I can totally see that. ^-^

        Loading editor
    • Lol True X3  Both him and Flint are just a bunch of troublemakers.

      Yee :3 Plus it's a good way to teast their character and morals for such things. I see Nick leaning more to Koray for advice while Flint tries to follow Rasuk and Margrit's advice.

        Loading editor
    • Nickelae clearly more of a actual trouble maker while flint is more. Guilty by false identification and well.. being a righteous trouble maker.

      X3... Same here though maybe with like a dash of Arthur and maybe a sprinkle of Alyssa's self serving nature. ;3 Nickelae will figure out how to be comfortable in his own skills. ^v^ be his own thief and forge his own criminal empire. OwO maybe even realize he doesn't necessarily need flint either as much but still look out for his adopted baby brother

        Loading editor
    • That would be sweet  ^w^ The two bonding while they grow in their own ways. It's rather ironic considering their family's history. But yeah owo Moral choices for a vigelante and the thief. Two opposites yet so much alike.

        Loading editor
    • Well, I'm not totally sure about them bonding perse..O.O Cause well it seems like to me Flint is wanting to go one way. While Nickelae is wanting to go another and well they haven't had a lot of bonding moments. OwO We need to change that.

        Loading editor
    • Exactly owo Now's the time they need each other for support the most. At these crossroads in life, there's bound to be very bad wrong turns. o.o So having eachother to make the right choices is a must.  Maybe some team bonding activities would be needed. :3

        Loading editor
    • Heck yeah! They need some team bonding and some serious beach episode as well as maybe a hot spring one too. >:3

        Loading editor
    • Yeah! :D A day out with the gang. It may be a bit slow but, will have some much needed character growth,

        Loading editor
    • HECK YEAH. OwO Can we do one? Or should we finish the star wars rp first?

        Loading editor
    • Let's finish up the Star wars RP. This we can do afterwards. :3

        Loading editor
    • Okie Dokie. OwO

        Loading editor
    • Is it your turn or mine?

        Loading editor
    • My turn, I just got done posting..OwO Sorry it took so long didn't know what to do.

        Loading editor
    • Is alright. Now for the slow trip home. :3 A good time to relax.

        Loading editor
    • Heck yeah, OwO...But oh boy is Nickelae gonna have some issues with the jedi conuicle. OwO

        Loading editor
    • Well, maybe they can just drop him off someplace that Koray and him can lay low? owo

        Loading editor
    • Maybe? But then Koray and Nick will be in danger cause of the sith hunting them?

        Loading editor
    • True but If they hide them, then see the Council, it'll avoid them for being critisized for bringing a Sith into a temple and avoid Nick getting automatically arrested.

        Loading editor
    • Hmmm...alright.. OwO Got any villain OCs your thinking of right now? I got one Allen Alistair..At least Allen Alistair 14th. Aka Oliver Weaverson.. OwO He is a spider faunus... An I'm thinking of giving him those spider hairs things that allow them to climb up stuff.

        Loading editor
    • Going Spiderman on us eh? :3

      I think Ignis is the only one I'm working on. Probably was once a army soldier who was drafted as a court order due to his troublesome behaviour as a young man. Learned how to survive the hard way. After that, he returned home and was at a loss on what to do. Then he probably met with the Black Sun somehow.

        Loading editor
    • Eh, more like man spider spider-man..But yeah. :3 I just want to do different faunus traits that aren't obivious or are as generic as; Tail,claws,fur,teeth,ect. Plus I want to do a bug faunus and I haven't done a bug faunus before. OwO

      Oliver is going to be the leader of the Assassin group..Name still escapes me at this time; But they pretty much are a guild of assassins that go around assassining folks for profit. O.O Their like Ninjas in that if you hire them well a member of the group. Then that member will stay loyal to you to the bitter end.

      OwO Oh that sounds pretty good..I'm gonna have to make a Originization for that group and figure that group out. :v Cause I'm having a hard time figuring out what their whole ideal/end goal is beside. Everything must die.

        Loading editor
    • Makes sense owo I once drew hair based on a butterfly. That was pretty fun.

      Try looking up stuff like the sarcic cults and the Scarlet King. It's a good way of looking into the crazed minds of people who'd do things that would be considered inhuman and think that it's the right thing to do.

      But this also depends on how you want them to be. Do you want them to be more like a criminal organization that has built itself with a religion of death as its foundation or, do you wish for it to be like a true dark cult? One that's unsettling even to speak of?

        Loading editor
    • OwO Cool! I'm mainly doing it cause I want to challenge myself a little bit and cause; I'm tired of giving some of my faunus characters the same old same old; Noticable traits I want to give them less noticable or not obivious traits.

      Like for Oliver's sake the little hook hairs to make him capable of climbing up most surfaces; To kinda throw folks off as to what his semblance really is. >:3

      OwO Oh alrightie..I'll look at those thingies. I'm thinking the latter cause it just over all seems the most fitting for such a group. Cause I just see them being a cult and having some very unhinged/zealous followers.

        Loading editor
    • Makes sense :3 I like it.

      I'm thinking perhaps Ignis would have, his father being a huntsman. Not like the hunters who hunt grimm but one that actually hunts animals for food, furr, etc. Whenever he'd visit towns he'd get put off by people living their cosy lives and thinking little of him  and his father not being actual hunters. So as he grew older and tougher he started to push back, taking pleasure in knocking down those who think he's weak for not hunting grimms. I also see him as being a nightowl. owo Prefering to sleep during the day.

      Just remember to also follow this advice

        Loading editor
    • OwO Still haven't quite figured out his semblance yet; I'm thinking something to do with spiders and not so much a construct or venom like thing. Maybe a web base? I'm up for suggestions. I'm wanting him to be a charismatic leader but also a dangerous person.

      OwO Oh wow that sounds interesting and kinda reminds me; I need to make Reynardo's teammates and I'm thinking one of them is inspired by Cat in boots. Like the orignal not happy ending one. I'm thinking this person is a cat faunus female;

      Who dressed up as a human or something. Helped out a friend to woo a girl in hopes of getting a better life for both of them as she didn't mind serving/working as long as she was with her "Friend". But was bamboozled and betrayed by them; An well after her assumed death she is found by some crime family and is brought back. Made into a truly valued servant and eventually meets up with Reynardo and the two forming a odd couples relationship. Both can't stand each other yet they care about each other in a way.

      Also yeah..Gotta follow them culty advices..Cause I got no real clue on; What I want my cult to be beside maybe believing the creatures of grimm to be their Gods/Phopets?? I gotta figure it all out. I know it has something to do with the creatures of grimm and seeking a end of the four kingdoms.

        Loading editor
    • That depends. o.o You got spider leg manifestation, web trappings, venom attacks, perception,spiderlings, making a giant spider, TBH web constructs can be super useful. Can make gliders, grappling rope, nets, even bindings that can be ignighted by fire.

      Dang that's sad OAO Hope she managed to get back at the couple in some way.

      I'm also thinking at one point Ignis ended up getting into a brutal fight with a bunch of half drunk bikers. Ones that he then almost got beaten to a bloody pulp by. That's when his semblance first activated. That sense of pointless meloncoly then gave him something he didn't even realize he had. A lust for power. With that police then arrived subdued him and the bikers and gave them all the same sentance. A few years in the army. Their dislike and budding rivalry made them grow quite powerful and skilled, always trying to pull one over the other.

      For very unsettling psychological things, look at how Junji Ito writes his stories His stories are more focused on the spectacle rather than the characters. The characters in his stories are more built for us to see exactly what dreadful thing the dark god or edritch horror does to people.

      Don't forget that H.P. Lovecraft himself often acted as an introvert and never really left town. His writings were of his own insecurities and nilhism. Try to think, what insecurities do you fear? What does your family fear? What can you make that could be a physical manifestation of that fear? Something you can't touch or beat. One that will pull you down a spiral if you fight it or not?

        Loading editor
    • OwO Oh dang I didn't think of it like that..OwO Hmm..I might be able to work with that.. >:3 I might have some ideas for that kind of semblance.

      Oh she defaintly did; Thanks to Reynardo and his semblance of course..O.O He used it to make her appear as a specter to the couple and drove them insane with her finishing it where it all started. Back in some alley way with her finishing them off and taking back her life.

      I'm thinking she can be sort of like a rogue/fencer type fighter.

      Oh yeah well this giving me a lot to think about for the group.

        Loading editor
    • Yay! :D

      O.O Dang.... I mean, that's one way to do it. Very personal and brutal.

      That sounds good :3 And very fitting considering her character.

      Hope it helps owo

        Loading editor
    • Mmmhm and ignis(Not sure if I spelled it right; Hope I did.) Is a interesting character too. OwO

      O.O Yup, though to be fair Cat in boots has a pretty messed up Origin and I'm just paying homage to said tale. At least as best I can cause..O.O wow do a lot of fairy tales and folk tales as well as myths/legends all have some messed up Origins. An well I see team RAYS; With Miss Cat in boots being A for some name starting with A.

      Oh it will, also don't be afraid to ask me for help with Ignis. OwO I would love to help fleash the crazy kiddo out with you. Also I can just see Ignis being like some kind of pryomancer for the group.

        Loading editor
    • Thanks :3 Though I'm unsure if I should change anything about him so far. o.o This is just a first draft atm.

      So what will her colour be? o.o

      Thanks! :D My main thought is, how did he get recruited by the Black Sun? o.o Also, Ignis is just a temp  name :3 I'm unsure what his position would be in the group.

        Loading editor
    • True, true..First drafts or well any drafts are a good starting off point before finalizing your character. OwO

      I'm unsure, Kinda wanna give her a french name to pay homage to her novel; Cause Pussinboots was a french kid story. Something like, Adrianna Perrault? In refence to one of the Authors..There are like three different guys who are credited with writting that tale and I don't know who is the og. ;_;

      Adrianna is a name for some from Hadria and that word is describe as being Black..Soo..Black???

      Hmm, maybe he was spotted by a recruiter? Like one of their members saw do something and they chatted with him and was like; Maybe even sympathized with Ignis or saw some potional in the kid. Took young Ignis under their wing and brought him into the Black Sun group. He can be a pretty well respect member of the group and even be up in the ranks.

      Not totally sure what ranking system they should have; But I would say depending on his age he could be up there.

        Loading editor
    • Yup owo

      I can see that owo What colours does she actually like? Black or does she prefer clothing that doesn't match her name's colour?

      Perhaps o.o Feels like we'll need to flesh out the Black Sun before we make any real plans.

      Ok, well let's look at say, the Templars It'll be a good start since theyll have to indoctrinate members and teach them how to fight

        Loading editor
    • OwO Mmhmm

      Eh, she doesn't really have a fav color; She'll wear black clothes from time to time but for more normal and comfortable attire. She prefers to wear clothes that match her skin stone; Which is of a dark brown to tan color skin though nothing to flashy..

      At least not like what she wore during younger days as. "The Masked Stranger." O.o As she doesn't want to remember her former life as a servant to a ungrateful master cause she is her own master now and she cares only of herself. An well she does still do some services for some folks.

      OwO Yeah, I kinda see them being kinda like the Templars in a way with the whole Indoctrination and teaching of their folks. An well not all of their members are as devoted followers of their so called faith and are simply there cause. It gives them a outlet to indluge their dark side and there are some that simply want to see the world burn. O.o

        Loading editor
    • So she wears mostly plain clothing. owo Whatever is comfortable is a good idea. Means also her gear would be focused on what's easiest to wear and use while still being efficient.

      So what's her day to day life like? :3

      Makes sense but they'd also need a way to deal with less subtle and more unstable members before they do something stupid. :3

        Loading editor
    • Well, plainish clothes; She is still a lady. OwO She is still got some style to her mainly in that she wears stuff that is roughly renaissance inspired style clothing. Like she got some knee high boots that she has had since she was found as a street urchiant. She prefers older clothing over what folks wear now a days but she does have some modern style clothes.

      Beside sleeping,napping and sun bathing? OwO.. Mmmm she does Caligraphy and enjoys strolls through the woods. She is also a brothel owner and well she enjoys the company of well whom ever interests her that day. OwO Which can be anyone.

      True..O.o But how?

        Loading editor
    • Ah :3 Retro clothing. Seems to be a common theme with your latest batch of characters. Vintage fashionistas!

      ....... I see. X3 One of these hobbies is definetely not like the others.

      Well, how else? owo Having a trial period where they get limited access to certain things and have someone research their background to make sure they're not a double agent. Then after that, probably have a frew, maybe semi monthly pychiatrist visits to see how they're doing, checking to see if there's any warning signs.

        Loading editor
    • O.O it is?! I've not noticed that until you brought up. But now that I think about it..yeah your right and I don't know why I'm doing it. OwO Guess I like retro?

      OwO..Well yeah sun bathing is a pretty odd thing..X3 Jk just messing you. Yeah I know but I wanted to give her a job that didn't involved still being a maid or a assassin. Cause she got her revenge and she isn't a murder hobo like Reynardo is; She is more tricky and prefers to have folks get their come upits and well..Only kills those that really deserve it.

      OwO That isn't a bad idea! I like it.

      Edit:Also I was inspired by your Cat mama X3 I forget her name but she works in a brothel and gosh dang it. I wanted one too..

        Loading editor
    • Not complaining X3 Just something to keep an eye on!

      Not sure how that relates to her job but ok :3 Guess it also helps when luring in targets.

      Yey! :3 So after that would probably be standard members. Ones acting as staff or employees. o.o Giving them responsibilities for small stuff to see if they can handle bigger jobs.

      Cat mama? o.o ...... Oh! :D This one right? IT's fine ^^ I mostly added the brothel part for comedy reasons :3

        Loading editor
    • OwO Oh I will now that you mention it..

      Well,yes but no. She don't do much luring in folks like she did as youngling. She is just a brothel owner helpin folks feel good. An well if her girls and guys hear some stuff about some clients.

      Then well she'll let the local police/hunters deal with them. If they don't then she'll take matters into her own hands. She is trying to live a life a luxury and not worry too much about folks. o.o She isn't like Flint or Alabaster where she is gotta fight crime.

      Yeah! Cat mama Ambra. UwU Well even if it was for Comedy gotta respect a gal like her. Plus I can just see her and Adrianna having a chat about some stuff. ^-^ O.o

        Loading editor
    • Ah I see. owo So it's just something to pay the bills. A legitimate business that she only gets a bit of gossip and lien from.

      So what kind of place does she live in? :3

      That would be nice :3 Ambra could use some more friends. And someone like Adrianna would also need some words of encouragement..... Juuuuuuuuuuust as long as she keeps Ambra away from the alcohol.

        Loading editor
    • Yup,yup! ^0^ She be paying bills and gathering gossip among other things.. ;3 Cause she is a legitimate business lady. UwU Maybe not the best business lady perse but she tries her best and is there for her girls/guys.

      She lives in a fairly decent pen house style apartment. :3; Has a nice view of Mistrial's water falls and is close to the local markets for some quick shopping.

      Well as long as Ambra keeps her away from the catnip. OwO Then she'll do her best to do the same for her cause as Adrianna would say. "What are friends fur..You watch my back and I watch yours; An together we'll make a purrfect team."-out drops from her pocket some catnip-"...Uh..erm..uh..that isn't mine. I'm just holding it for a friend..". An yes she is infamous for making puns; Mainly cat ones but still she is infamous making puns both good ones and bad ones..mainly bad ones but still...

        Loading editor
    • Speaking of, who she into? Guys or gals? o.o

      OAO Dang that's pretty fancy!

      Ambra would need to control herself too. X3 After all, she isn't immune to catnip. She too is a lover of puns though she won't admit it! :3 I think the two would get along fine. Ambra might even seek out her company just to unwind from life.

        Loading editor
    • O.O Oh boy..erm..uh..Kinda wanna say both. Cause that feels most in line to what I see her as.

      Simple yet just fancy enough.

      ...Oh I feel like Adrianna and Ambra are going to be fast friends. X3 Well Adrianna isn't afraid to admit her love of puns. I can see Adrianna doing the same thing towards Ambra maybe even seeking her out for relationship advice..Specially with dealing with Reynardo..O.O Cause I see her relationship with Reynardo being a toxic one. I'm just not sure how I want to go about it..I'm thinking something akin to Harley Quinn and Joker..But different in a way.

        Loading editor
    • Fair enough owo What's her type?

      Seems like it! :3 I mean dang, must have gotten pretty wealthy really quick after all of that.

      Can't see Ambra being much good in that regard. ^^; She still sees herself as a terrible mother with a terrible choice in romances.

        Loading editor
    • OwO Like body type? Or like personality? Umm..Any? She is not all that picky about who she dates/hooks up with; Its kinda a up to the person she is with as to how; They want it to go are they looking for a one time fling, date her,ect. Though I guess she doesn't like grown up childeren or folks that try to manipulate her.

      Eh, nah not really. OwO Well at least not through honest means. She did a lot of hurting of folks before she got her revenge on her former boss. During that time she made some lien and it was that lien that got her the apartment. After that she found a brothel worked her way up the ranks to becoming the owner of it.

      Well, I can see Ambra being some help even just a little. ^-^; Adrianna would tell her that she's no better an well. "Well, Darlin then I guess; We can be screw ups together. ^-^"

        Loading editor
    • Guess she's pretty laid back when it comes to wat attracts her. X3

      ... Does she regret hurting those folks? o.o Or were they bad people?

      "I'd rather try to fix what I can, even as a screw up." Ambra would say before smiling, spinning a unopened bottle of alcohol, sighing deeply as she ponders whether she should take something to take away the bitter pain of reality.

        Loading editor
    • Mmhmm.. OwO I mean she was attracted to Reynardo...sooo..yeah very laid back. X3

      She does at least some folks; But Reynardo kinda got into her head and got the idea that; They deserved and that had she not done what she did; She would be dead or worst. An well it worked.. O_O..Though she then eventually got out cause well yeah.

      "Fix..what you can? Even as a screw up?". Well that would get Adrianna a thinking before taking the bottle from Ambra and downing it. As she wants to remove the pain.

        Loading editor
    • Well at least I know she has low standards if she loved that guy. ^^

      Does she still train? o.o Or has it been a while since she did any combat?

      "Hey! Save some for me!" She tries to compplain, reaching out for the bottle to snatch it away and down the rest.

        Loading editor
    • Indeed but hopefully she'll get the much needed support/help that she needs to see that. He wasn't good for her. ^^; Hopefully.

      Ehhh, kinda she does fencing instructions and was gonna be a fencing champion/Rement's version of a Olypian fencer. She has the skills just doesn't got the field experince as she fences for sport/fun not to kill folks. So her skills are enough to where she can teach. ^-^.

      Adrianna struggles to keep Ambra way from the bottle; Before having it snatched away from her. "NUUU! That..." is sadden by the drunken betrayal of her new friend stealing her drink. "Was..mine..ya dingus...". Takes the bottle back and is smacking the bottom in despirate attempt at getting every drop out. "Eh!,,Eh! Ehehehe! Gimme moar..eyez sneezes smores..Betrayal! Bamboolzer!". Points accusingly at Ambra.

        Loading editor
    • Really hope so. o.o

      Does she train with the security at her workplace? owo

      "You're the one who snatched my bottle! You better not be doing that with my aged rum!" Ambra began to wobble slightly before rubbing her head, taking out two big glasses and another bottle, making sure to devide it equally before handing one over to Adrianna and keeping one for herself, drinking it before her friend could.

        Loading editor
    • OwO Indeed.

      Uhh.. Nooo? O.O Cause she is not one to mix business with pleasure. At least when it comes with her hobbies..I mean..if their hobby is the same thing then..yeah she'll spar with some of them and even give them some helpful tips/tricks of the trade. But she isn't gonna be taking any of them as a appertince anytime soon.

      "Yous has rum?! An you're justa now tellin me?! You b.b.b.b Bobcat!". Quickly downs the cup of rum that is given to her and is now feeling a buzz goin. UwU.. "Uwwuu. Yeah..thats that good stuff...Good stuff~". Starts purring very loudly akin to a motor boat.

        Loading editor
    • Found this weird but cool thing OAO

      I see owo So it's just to keep them sharp.

      Ambra too gulps it down and starts cuddling Adrianna, purring loudly too, much to the confusion of her workmates since she's  disguised as a rat faunus. "Always save the best for last~"

        Loading editor
    • O.o well that is wierd and oddly terror inducing.

      Pretty much yeah; OwO Now I gotta flesh out her backstory..Right now I'm trying to come up with a name for the family that adopted her. Something fancy sounding. An by adopt I mean they adopted her cause they were more or less looking for a new maid than a kid.

      Adrianna blushes a bit as they cuddle. "Hey now~..At least buy me dinner before you start gettin all cuddly with me love. Cause if you wanna snuggle your gonna have to pay me.".

        Loading editor
    • No spoilers just yet. OwO Gonna drink some stuff before I relax and watch!

      Well, what was her adoptive family like? owo What are they about?

      "Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine. But what do you wanna eat? I'm huuuuuuuuuuungry." Ambra would smile as she nuzzles Adrianna, unaware of her colleages refilling their glasses.

        Loading editor
    • lol fair enough.. X3

      Hmm..Well; What they were  like was very degrading and demoralizing specifically towards her. In that they bought Adrianna not because they wanted her to be apart of their family but rather. They bought her cause they saw her as a "Pet" for one of their kids to have as a gift  and as a servant that could do just about anything/everything. As well as believing that what they was doing was charity work. Or as the head of the family told her.

      As for what they were about..I don't know..I wanna say they were dust miners at one point before losing it all. But that seems a bit cliche kinda want them being some other kind of rich folks.

      "What do I wanna eat?..I don't know..everything?..Also..hey!". Adrainna tells Ambra unsurly as she grabs one of the girls by the wrist stopping them from refilling their glasses. "You got any ideas for a meal? Also thanks but no thanks..I don't want a refill..I got a good buzz goin and I don't want anymore...just yet..". Takes the bottle from the girl and hands the girl the cups instead. "I'll take this spank you very much."

        Loading editor
    • OwO Ok watched it. That was pretty cool!

      They bought her.... As a pet? O.e Weird. I mean..... Aren't faunus gonna be more high maintanence than pets? And why would she just take that? Even as charity work that's fairly a lousy way to do it.

      Let's see... Currently There's 3 major things that most business people in the RWBY fanon go for. Dust, robots, and weapons. I have an idea. though :3 Something to break the mold. Why not, a theme park world? Or something related to entertainment? The RWBY world's version of Disney. :D Fun and cheerful on the surface but with uncaring people running it behind the scenes.

      "This for us?" Ambra asks as she reaches for the alcohol, wanting to sink deeper into her bliss.

        Loading editor
    • Cool. Owo I didn't watch it I'm not much of a spoopy kind of guy and that stuff..while interesting also kinda freaky..So yeah..I had to pass on it.

      Kinda, they bought as a servant; But they treated her almost like a pet. Yes? Well she was only 7 when this all went down and didn't have much say cause; She was going to a pretty nice home and to a pretty powerful family.

      Well I'm trying make them out to be some pretty abusive folks to her..She had a very rough child hood.

      OwO Oh I like that and oof that rip on Disney. X3 I get it but dang..That is just savage; But you gotta remember the hous of mouse always wins. OwO There is no escaping the mouse.

      "Nuh,uh!" Adrainna slaps Ambra's hands away from the bottle; "Yous had enough..Plus..I can't help but be pretty sus about your friends...Their a little..too friendly..I smells shenninges a foot and I'm gonna find out.". Stuffs the bottle into her backpack and gets up to check the place out. "Care to do some snoopin with me?"

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    • But it went into lots of interesting things. :3 Like how gravity affects bone structure and the hight of plants. It's not spoopy o.o It's more.... A doccumentary of theories. owo About what alien life could look like.

      That brings it again to my point. Why wouldn't you just leave? o.o How about it being more like....While she did live there she had strict rules to follow. For instance, no speaking infront of guests or the heads of the household unless spoken to. It's not, outright being cliche nasty to her and acts more as, passive aggressive treatment. Something that can build up to be considered as abuse or unfair.

      So, what's their 'mouse' gonna be? :3

      "I already shnooped this place out! Top to bottom to whatever comes after! And I ain't having enough! We still need food! Remember?" Ambra would drunkenly sway slightly before cuddling Adrianna, waving over her friends to ask them for some food.

      "We got any good fancy dinners?... We're not having enough..."

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    • O.O Dangit now I need to watch it. >.<..But spoopy images...Faa I'm gonna watch it later.

      Oh that sounds pretty good..OwO An I can see them having one of their other much older servants a fellow cat faunus whom could be mistaken for her mother. Is sent to her fencing touraments and school and well.

      She relays all the stuff Adrianna does while being that emotional support she needs. An some time down line like once she is older; Her mother figure passes away leaving her to be the new servant for the house. Or something like that. OwO

      Its gonna be candy; OwO They were candy sellers and well made it big like something akin to Hershey.

      "Well, ya didn't shnooped hard enough...Cause I cans smells the suspiciousness in the air..Also sausages..Gotta gets my paws on some meats! I needs meat!". Adrianna drunkly explains to Ambra before drunkedly bounding off like a cat off to some other room and started to go through a girl's belongings before stumbling upon the kitchen and finds in the kitchen sauagages. To which she comes a running out with a good three foot ropes length of sausage. "MINE!"

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    • Why not open in new tab and just listen then? owo

      Harsh... But at the same time with sweet undertones. :3 I really like it!

      Huh. Now that's definetely an interesting idea! :D Candy company business! Perhaps also an old fashioned, Georgian era names would be good owo Like, Honeyfield.

      Soon the ladies Ambra works with restrain the two before giving them the food. But not before giving Ambra a few more drinks.

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    • OwO..Well crap i'll have to do that..

      Mmhmm, That is kinda what I want to go for with her. With her up bring being harsh but with some goodness in it.

      I like Honeyfield..OwO Sounds like something you'd find on a box of candy..Like Honeyfield's Honey Buns or something like that. As for Adrianna's adoptive cat mama; I'm gonna say her name was something like Almond S. An well she was by far the only one that truly cared about her. O.O

      With the rest of the Honeyfields pretending..well except for one of their boys..But that kid was a Sociopath and manipulated her into helping him regrain his fortune.

      Adrianna is not liking being restrain and is remembering some bad memories from her child hood. "NOO!". Instencts kick in and she uses her semblance to escape from their grips leaving behind a smoke clone before running off into a corner to hide and trimble with fear.

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    • What do you think of it? :D

      Now those are some good names! :D Amd also some interesting characters!

      Ambra then hurriedly goes over to Adrianna and cuddles her, purring to help calm the woman.

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    • OwO It good.

      Yup,yuppers..Now I just need to bring it all together into one backstory...OwO;;;

      Adrianna glomps onto Ambra and with a shakey breathe slowly tries to get her nerves under control. While also staring very threatingly at the girls with her cat eyes also hisses at them angerly.

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    • That should help a lot with creature design! :3

      I'm sure you can do it! :D I believe in you!

      Ambra nuzzles and cuddles Adrianna before helping feed her some sausages.

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    • Mmmhmm..OwO Something RT could learn with the grimm. X3 An like giving us some creatures aside from grimms too. X3

      OwO Thanks for the support; But oh boy..Is this gonna be a difficult one cause I want to be respectful and not glorify any of the abusiviness that the poor girl went through. But I want it to be entertaining too. O.O;;;;

      Adrianna akin to a squirell getting nut from someone; She takes the sausages and finds a safer place to nom on them away from everyone. Even going as far as to leave the brothel entirely to do so.

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    • Say, thought for Ignis. owo Being always someone who's had to deal with uphill battles and being pushed around, he seeks power of his own to match his tactics and willpower. To use the cult to become godlike. Literally wanting to say the line; "I see no gods here.... Except for me!" Perhaps maybe seeking to use a sort of, aura transfer device, but more to absorb another person's aura and make himself stronger. I can see the cult using that sort of device to make their leaders stronger.

      Then try to go for the way, A series of unfortunate events handled dark humour :3

      True o.o Most of the grimms are just pretty much animals painted black and scaled up with bone armour. seen one you've almost seen them all.

      Ambra pouts as her friend left, now curling up sadly in the corner.

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    • OwO Oh, I like that idea though I would like to add in; That before that happens the person that is going to go through that process. They like go through a trail run to sort of get judge on how they do through certaint senariors both in and out of combat. Cause they want a leader not some brute.

      An I can see them boosting some of their guards though not as much as their leader; Just enough to make them good guards that can take hits and keep on truckin. ^-^

      O.O..Hmm..I don't know if I can do that well. Maybe give me a example of that kind of humor? Cause I've seen the Movie but not the show series and those are two vary different things.

      Yeah and I think the only grimms that; I've thought were interesting was the Knuckleeve and Ampathy grimm..which the last one was kinda terrorfying. O.O Kinda wish they made the grimm terrorfying not so much in apperance but in action. You know what I mean?

      Adrianna doesn't come back for a while; Only coming back after night once everyone at the brothel is asleep. To which she starts chucking rocks at Ambra's window.

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    • Makes sense and also gives them a bit of a more ominous edge. owo Like the fate of those who get their aura's leached and how the leaders insist that they're 'perfectly fine and will most definetely be treated humainly.' ;)

      Ok.... Word of advice. If you like the first few minutes of this, watch the show.

      Pffffffffft.... That Ampathy is nothing, NOTHING compared to the stuff in SCP! you want some of the most terrifying monsters that affect the mind and body. Hell, just listen to this one The worst part is, it won't let you die.

      Ambra slumps out of bed with her gun, half dressed as she then looks outside, opening the window quickly before tiredly looking around with her gun.

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      • looks at Koray,Margrit,Rasuk and Onxy's backstory. When they faced the group.*..Mmm..I a point..

      "Could you please, pass-"-eats the whole things.- X3 I love it..This is a show that knows what it is! An I love it.X3

      I mean..yeah but the SCPs are HORROR monsters. While the grimm are more for action,adventure..though that doesn't mean there can't be horror in a action show..OwO I mean look at adventure time with the Lich king! That dude was poop your pants scary with how he talked.

      Adrainna accidently chucks another rock right at Ambra's face and can do nothing; But look on in horror at the rock flying right for her new friend. O.O;;;

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    • Exactly owo Where as some call it cruel, they call it a neccesary evil or even a right of passage to a peaceful slumber.

      Yup! And it is dark. Believe me.  The events are unfortunate but it's mix between the dread, messages and grim tone are always next to that type of comedy. :D

      Ok here's one that's so adept to action and fighting that he's been even called Kratos by one of the scientists. And don't even get me started on the Samsaura team mission. Able's battle with the great Tarasque.... Dang that fight was incredible and metal levels of brutal OAO

      Ambra shoots down the rock but then puts her hands on her ears due to the ringing from the gun.

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    • Most likely the latter..Rather than the former cause they're bunch of Nihilist that have given up on humanity and seek only oblivion. Something something; We made this world bad or something like that.

      Hmm..Alright..though I'm having a hard time figuring that out for Adrianna's backstory. :v

      OwO Oh nice.

      Adrianna cover's her ears and then shushs Ambra. "Shhhh! Not so loud; You dignus..Hey come on out. I wanna hang please.".

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    • Yee. owo That would be a good choice.

      Then I recomend watching a few episodes of Unfortunate events. :3 You'll get the hang of the comedy if you watch it and then say, Ok.... How would Adrianna react to these situations? :)

      Yee uwu Most are horror related but others have pretty good fights :3

      Ambra was then sighing as she then goes down stairs, then back upstairs to get her clothes before opening the door, letting her inside while the others slept. "Just be quiet. Believe me when I say we had a long day."

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    • OwO Indeed.

      I would if I could; If its on a streaming platform that requires me to login and make account and put in my credit card info..I'm just gonna have to say sorry cause I got no credit card. O.O

      She would have yanked that rediculous beard off of that one costume; The one with the long beard and she would probably trip the dude with the peg leg. An she would tell the folks. "You are stupid if you can't see through those disguises. This guy is like my friend Reynardo a hack of a cosplayer."

      OwO Oh heck yeah; If I wasn't scared of horror movies so much. I would watch some fight scenes. I know one thriller movie..Upgrade has some great fight scenes if a bit on the gory side of things. O.O

      "I'm not going back inside there; Those girls are nothing but buttholes. They reminded me of my adoptive brothers..bunch of buttholes. Use to hold me down and shave my head bald.". Adrianna explains while refusing to go inside.

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    • Get one when you can. It'll save you a lot of hassle in the future.

      "Why you li-..... Ow! Ow! You see that?! This crazy lady just yanked off my beard! Clearly she's a dangerous person to be let about in public!" He'd probably say, trying to make her look crazy for her actions. X3 Then again, you'll see what happens whenever his disguises are foiled in the series. Perhaps they'll soon put it out on DVD or maybe you can find episodes online.

      Never really been into gore. Horror is something I only really look into if it grasps my curiosity. o.o

      "They're nothing like that. A bit of a pain? Sure. But what group of friends isn't?" Ambra smiled and shook her head before leaving the mobile home and place of business, making sure to pick up some food before heading outside with her friend.

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    • Alright. :v I just hate having to remember all of these different websitesciptions services.. >.< So annoying why can't they have one big company that does it or something. I know it would be a monoploy but still.

      Lol, to which she'll be like. " its gonna be like Alright Count~..You like playing games?..Then lets play. ". To which she'll process to go home alone on the guy and just rig up a death trap for the poor man and if that doesn't kill him..Then well she'll just have to take pleasure in hurting him. X3.

      I'm not big into horror myself; Unless its a paradoy of the genere or if its more of a thriller. With some minor to major spoops as well as they don't go showing off the gore in too much detail too.

      Gore is a big turn off for me too; But when it comes to monsters and certaint effects; I prefer looking behind the scene content on how its made. Cause there is a art to the scare that I do a degree. But I'm more interested in the monsters and their designs. Plus the monster actors are interesting folks too. OwO

      "Well, they could of fooled me. I nearly wet myself back there. The none buttholish ones that is what..Then again you'd probably wouldn't like the crowd. I hanged out with Even steven?". Leads the way to some night club for them to hang out in.

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    • Was also thinking that maybe Ignis could have had a rough time in the field with those bikers who were drafted with him.becoming frienimies with them and losing some along the way. After that, whenever he activated his semblance, shadowy figures could be seen in the fog. The same number as the friends he lost.

      That's exactly the reason why. o.o Put it this way. If Disney bout a lot of cinemas, theyd be able to promote their media and get a lot more money. But that also would mean they'd be able to charge other companies to have their movies shown and refuse to show films from rival companies. The same can be said for streaming services and the shows they get.

      Kekekekek X3 Now you're getting the sense of humour!

      True. For me it's more how they work. owo I guess that's why I prefer to look at SCPs. The mystery is quite captivating.

      "Alright. But first tell me where we're going and please tell me it's quietish." Ambra yawned as she followed along, keeping an eye on the area to make sure no one was going to try any funny business with them.

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    • OwO An those fog folks are actaully just his evil teammates..Right?

      Oh right dang..


      Yeah some monsters are pretty cool.OwO

      "Its quite..Its to meet a friend of mine.". As they get into the bar and to a quite place; Adrianna introduces Ambra to her friend Reynardo. Who is drinking some whiskey with a robotic arm.

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    • Nobody knows. And Ignis won't tell. He says he can't see them but, ocassionally he'll flash a smile when looking in their direction. Always quiet, silent, just watching.

      Yup o.o That's why the variety is good.

      Don't worry. Just think, have the dark moments but have fun with them. owo

      ".... This guy?... I dunno. You can do better." She smiled slightly  to Adrianna, tired but easily able to see that this guy was dangerous. Big question was, would that be a benefit or a downfall?

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    • OwO Kinda like with Rock Aka Teal's boy he is mute and can't say much about what is really going on. Even if he wanted to.. O.O But that is creepy af.

      Mmmhmm OwO

      Alright.. :v Well I still want to be respectful and not glorify adrianna's abuse. O.O

      "Hurtful~ I'm right here you know.". Reynardo replied to Ambra's comment about him if; He was annoyed or mad about the comment he didn't show instead. He just smiled his typical michvious smile before patting the seat next to him as he moved over for Adrianna to sit down.

      To which she did and as she did she introduced both folks to each other. "Reynardo,Ambra. Ambra, Reynardo..He is a old work buddy of mine. Back when I worked in the service industry..". To which Reynardo waved at Ambra before taking another sip of whiskey.

      "I was in the area and well. I heard about a certaint little kitten~ Causing trouble around these parts and well. I knew I'd find you eventually. Soo~ Is she your girlfriend..You two did make for a cute little couple as you came in.".

      Reynardo playfully teased the two women; Eyeing them both playfully before laughing as he got swatted on the arm by Adrianna as she blushed. "Reynardo!.". Was all Adrianna could hiss out at him. With him just blocking her slaps with one arm. So far they seemed like good friends for the most part.

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    • Was hoping to make him an intimidating fighter.  :3 Someone who you can beat but the next time you face him, he's likely to crush you. Unsettlingly stratigic and brutal with an ominous sense of dread.

      Then don't dumb it down. owo One of the main things about the story is that, while everyone does act like idiots accept for a few people, it's a caricature for how the world is. A banker who's oblivious and only interested in his career, a lumbermill owner who tries to be as oblivious to his workers suffering so that he can say he's innocent of all wrongdoings. And the biggest one of them all. The Baudelaires. 'No one listens to children'. 'They're just orphans'. 'What does a child know about life and grown up things?'

      They're smart kids in a world that doesn't listen. Where foolish people life and make foolish choices and rules. Heck almost the only one who ever achknowledges their skill is Olaf. He knows they're smart, he knows they're always onto him and even he is often vastly surprised by how stupid the people they meet can be.  Eventually it ends up with the kids realizing they'll have to do quite a few morally gray things to try to beat him.

      ".... Causing trouble? Dunno what you're talking about." She replied before ordering a drink. One without alcohol, sitting down next to Adrianna but away from Reynardo.

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    • O.O Huh, how you gonna do that?

      Yeah, but that is just it. I'm not totally sure I can do that without leaving some stuff vague. Which is something I don't want but I don't want to go into a indepth description as to what they did to the poor girl. Cause their abuse wasn't physical it was more mental with some emotional manipulation with some physical abuse.

      "I was talking about this one.". Reynardo retorted back to Ambra as he pointed to Adrianna to which Adrianna rolled her eyes. "Mmmhmm..Me causing trouble suure. Where?". She asked Reynardo to which he just smiled at her and pointed to Ambra. "Oh, I was roaming around and well. I heard some commotion and well..". Reynardo explained before taking a sip of his whiskey.

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