•, here's the thing...I'm in a bit of a predicament - that being: I SUCK''' at coloring digitaly...  

    And so, I was kind of wondering if there would happen to be any one of you other glorious artists out there whom would be able to help me. I have the lineart done, I just need someone with some better digital coloring/painting skills than what I have in order to bring it to life. (also so it can qualify for Winter's yearbook project she's doing.)

    So what I'm putting up on the table in offering, is an art trade, until I am able to pay for the work/effort that you would be putting into it. (long story short, I do not and am not allowed to have a paypal at the moment.)

    I know it's not much, and I'm very sorry... I wish I could do more than that but until I can get my paypal, that's all I can really offer. >~<

    oh, btw, I guess it would help to see the art at hand/in question huh?

    So here's that:

    But anyways, if anyone is willing, bless you. msg me and I can send you the PDF file. 

    Thank you

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