Dark secrets are called 'dark' for a reason...

Part I: Desperate Measures

Early in the war between the Black and White kingdoms, the war had reached a stalemate on multiple fronts. Both armies fought for every inch of ground they could, but whatever they gained, it was lost the following day. Both sides were looking for a way to break this stalemate. Weapons were sent out to the lines at a prodigous rate, continuing to feed the ever growing stalemate on both sides. 

Then, in one dramatic clash later on in the war, the Black Kingdom's forces were sent into a massive retreat,  and the casualties for both sides were staggering. However, the Black Kingdom could not sustain casualties of that scale for much longer. Desperate for a solution, the king of the Black Kingdom asked weaponsmiths to create a weapon that would turn the tide in their favor. The weapons makers, desperate to see their side win as much as the king did, started  research on a weapon that could inflict massive casualties upon the White Kingdom. 

The result of the research was a weapon of untold destructive power, a weapon that the researchers proclaimed would bring the White Kingdom to its knees. However, before the weapon could be unleashed, the Black Kingdom started using basic means of harnessing magic for their cause. With that, the project was abandoned and the weapon was relegated to the dustbin of history. 

Or so it was thought...

Part II: The Triumph of Good?

The prisoner transport rattled as it ran over the streets of towards the Black Kingdom's military detention facility. The people inside felt bittersweet. They had caught the terrorist resposible for the loss of many lives and a large loss of military assests at during the masked man's campaign of terror.

The prisoner, on the otherhand, remained defiant. In fact, the man was in high spirits despite the fact that he was captured. No one knew he had a plan up his sleeve, that he had wanted to be captured. He had some secrets that the Black Kingdom wanted very much kept secret, but this man was willing to do anything to let it out. 

One of the guards looked at the man, who gave a light chuckle. 

"What's so funny, you prick? You're gonna rot for what you did."

The man in the mask merely laughed again. "Really, I'm going to rot in a cell? You have no idea what your leaders will learn from me"  the man said, voice laced with quiet menace. With that, the guard kept his mouth shut, the rest of the trip going along in silence. The guards silently wondered if they had really triumphed, or was this to be another victory for the man in the mask?

Part III: A Horrible Truth

The transport pulled up to the main gate, coming to a brief halt as they checked the prisoner. The driver said "We have him. Suspect is in the transport and ready for interrogation." There was a bit of silence before the prison transport rumbled forward, the prisoner not having a care in the world. His calm dimenor made some of the guards a bit nervous, wondering if the guy was right in having planned his capture all along. 

The transport came to the main entrance, the rear door opening and the masked man coming into the detention center under heavy guard. No one was taking any chances with the man, because he was not to be trifled with. A little while later they came into the room, the man still cuffed. A guard pointed to a chair and the man sat down, looking around curiously, his tone almost nostalgic.

"Well,'s been awhile since I've been in a room like this. Of course, I wasn't the one being interrogated..." The guard gave him a glare, and the man just went quiet, waiting for the chief interrogator. A few minutes later, the interrigator entered, his face a mask of quiet triumph and curiosity. The masked man looked at the interrigator, a nostalgic tone in his voice, "Well, well, I must be high up on your wanted list to warrant the finest interrigator in the Kingdom. Nice to see you again after four years." The interrigator's eyes narrowed, his tone hard but laced with curiousity, "You do sound familiar, but that mask hides your voice from the world."

The masked man looked at his interrigator, his tone hardening as well, "If you want to know who I am, so be it." The man's tone changed to that of warning, "But I warn may not like what you see." The interrigator took note of it, but said, "Do it. Let's see who our terrorist really is." One of the guards nodded, unlatching the clamps that held the mask over the man's face. The other guard slowly took off the mask, laying it on the table. The formerly masked man lifted his head and a collective gasp went through the room. 

The interrigator's tone wavered a bit, shocked at who was behind the mask, "I-i-it can't be...y-you're..." The man laughed, "I warned you that you wouldn't like what you saw behind the mask.'s nice to see some old faces. Let's get all nostalgic, shall we?" The man continued to laugh as everyone in the room remained in stunned silence. The terrorist they had been searching for this whole time was none other than Isaac Drago, former Black Kingdom commander and the Kingdom's formost expert on psychological operations. No one in the room had expected it, and room was silent, the only sound being Isaac's laughter. 

Part IV: A Dark Secret and a Hellish Warning

(Work in Progress)

Author's Notes

  • All credit for most ideas and concepts used goes to Hope16 and Chaos379
  • Any other concepts are original creations