The Blue Rose

Chapter One:   

   A girl was looking out a window, like she was trying to find something. She was in a cottage, a small one, in the Snowy Forest. It always snowed there, no matter what season. It was always cold and no other color except the black bark of the trees and the white of the snow. And that’s all the girl could see, white and black outside her frosty window.       

   She just stood there in her blue dress and white stockings. Her black boots on her feet that reached up to her knees looked like they have been very worn out. The girl was thinking, just thinking. She wasn’t thinking of anything specific, just thinking. The little girl’s uncle, Summer, had just died, but she didn’t know him that well.   

   A voice from the kitchen was heard.   

   “Sapphire Rose, do you have your cloak on?”   

   Sapphire looked away from the window to look at her ocean blue cloak hanging on the wall. She knew it was time.   

   She grabbed the cloak and put it on.   

   “Alright mother, I have it on”, Sapphire said as she grabbed something that was also hanging on the wall.   

   This object was a weapon to help protect her during this long journey. It was a blade with the words Petal Rose engraved on the side of the handle. Petal Rose was her mother.   

   Petal came in and went over to her daughter.   

   “Oh my darling, I do hope you’ll be safe.”   

   “Of course mother”, Sapphire assured Petal.   

   “Now,” Petal started to say, “Do you know what to do and where to go?”   

   “Yes mother. I go through the Snowy Forest, past White Castle, through the Red Forest, past the cargo train’s train-tracks, all the way to the King Mountains. And I’m doing this to tell Mr. Case we need supplies for the rest of the year.”   

   Petal looked at her daughters shining blue eyes and smiled. She didn’t know if she would see her precious Sapphire again.   

   Sapphire hugged her mother tightly and went out the door. But before she kept going, she looked back and saw her mother waving. Sapphire was also worried. She had a feeling there was going to be something very dangerous blocking her path.   

   Sapphire turned back towards her destination, put on her hood, and walked into the black and white colors surronding her.