Welcome to the Arena, where we put two different characters, weapons, etc. in a one-on-one, head to head fight! This week's battle: Ruby vs Blake, Who would win in a fight?

The Rules of Battle

  1. All votes must have a short reason. PLEASE keep it to a 50 word max. If your reason exceeds the limit, put it in the comment section at the bottom of the page
  2. You must sign them in some way or fashion
  3. It's a straight up, all out fight, who will win?

Contestant #1: Ruby

Ruby, the girl with the Crescent Rose. The bane of Beowolves. Ruby has demonstrated her talent in wielding her scythe, not only in simple slashes, being sexy enough to distract opponants, but also in accuracy when firing its gun unit and using the gun and blade in tandem with each other, making for a very versatile fighter!
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Contestant #2: Adam.

Adam, Blake's former partner. Expert gunman and swordsman. Not much is known about him except for the fact that he destroys, destroys destroys, not caring about the innocent. Wielding a Riflejato, this man took down several Mecha Men and the Spider Droid. Within his array of abilities are swordsman and gunmanship skills, using them in a unique combination. On top of that impressive ability is the ability to fire blasts of energy. Adam has established himself as one tough cookie. Read main article


RWBY Rumble
Red Ruby Versus Adam
Battle Ends
May 15, 2013

Battle of the Roses

The Wielder of the Crescent Rose vs Blake Belladonna's Estranged Partner


Votes for Ruby

The current vote for Adam is not the greatest. There is not enough information to prove Adam has more experience and ignores Ruby's seeing red ammunition. Anyways, I vote for Ruby because she is more agile, wields a weapon with far more power, and although Adam has seeing red ability, Ruby has ammunition that replicates that only it has a greater range. Pretty easy win for Ruby in my opinion.Utter noob (talk) 20:54, April 26, 2013 (UTC)Utter noob

Votes for Adam

I vote for Adam. I think he has more fighting experience, and "Seeing Red" would give him an advantage.


This one is pretty easily Adam's. He's shown the speed to cut bullets out of the air from miniguns, and he can suddenly materialize in other ares. The scything is also a much more unweildy weapon, far harder to use than rifle and katana. Adam likely wouldn't even need Seeing red, as his stats seem to be that much higher. Additionally, Ruby is at a lack for durability feats. She took a hit from one beowolf. Adam took that conjoined plasma cannon. Sorry, but I'm not seeing Ruby winning this. The vote for Ruby says Ruby is faster but that's entirely baseless. Ruby has no feats that even put her CLOSE to Adam. (Tsubori)


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