"It's so hard to forget any pain you get, but even harder to remember happiness. You don't get a scar to show for happiness. The worst is that we learn so little from peace..." ~Terralyn Jiana (Age 11)


Name: Terralyn Jiana

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Height: 6'3"

Weight: "170 lbs. But I swear to god, I'll circumsize you with a pickaxe if you tell anyone."

Hair: Black.


Terra is a pretty girl, if a bit unkempt. Her thin stature is a show of the meals she's forgone to keep up her research, and her sleepy eyes definitely stand out. She is afflicted by central heterochromia in both eyes, with silver pupils, blue piercing out from the centers. Shoulder length black hair shaggily waves around her head, about as well kept as the rest of her. When she actually attempts to do anything with it, though, she ties it in a brown ribbon, giving her a nice ponytail.

When it comes to her body, two decades of not so much activity have left her a tad unathletic, but by no means incapable. Lots of movement between places and carrying have actually given her a bit of arm and leg strength, but she surely doesn't have the cardio to keep any of that up. Apart from this, she has a relatively large chest, which much to her annoyance, gets her attention sometimes when she doesn't want it. Normally Terra can be seen slouching or leaning, a credit to the amount of care she has in her usual appearance. 

The two outfits for Terra are fairly basic. The first is her Archeology outfit. It's a beige button up shirt with somewhat shorter sleeves, and tight, light pants of the same colour, ending at halfway down her shins. To top it off she has a red bandana to keep her hair away from her eyes even more and beige leather boots. She mainly does her teaching in this outfit.

Her casual clothes are just that: casual. All it is is a white tank top, grey cargo pants and sandals. This is mostly for if she's around her house, but she certainly doesn't care if she's like that outside her house as long as it won't hinder her work. 


Terra is an odd breed of girl, where instead of any type of personal gain, all she desires is to uncover the secrets of the ancient world and reveal them to the current one. This is all in the wish of being like her father, who's been missing for the past ten years. The main thing her father gave her was a love for ruins and temples, anything ancient and explorable, really. This means that she's very daring and headstrong when exploring, even when in great danger. When inside or around her fascination, she becomes oblivious to almost everything else. She'll rant to no end, and go into a fangirl mindset, announcing everything regardless of whether the people around her actually give a damn.

When dealing with people normally, Terra is a sarcastic, socially awkward person, but that's not to say she doesn't try to talk to people. She just sucks at it. Her mood is usually pretty good, especially if she's on route to or through ruins or anything. One problem with her is that she normally seems very tired or sleepy, due to her extreme diligence in study and research. She considers herself to be quite the optimist, able to see the silver lining in any situation, though her delivery in explaining it is likely to get botched.

In class, however, she is a.... Rather interesting teacher. She cares little for the emotions of her students, and has a tally of students she can make cry per week. If she hits ten, she treats herself to a nice steak dinner! Terra also adopts a very... Drill sarge approach to class, and enjoys taking students on field trips to show them things first hand.


-Red Dust: A crystal she normally uses to light fires in ruins, Terra has little combat experience with this.

-Blue Dust: Identical to the red dust, but she uses it to freeze things.

(Semblance) Archaeologist's pathfinder: A Semblance she shares with her father, when Terra focuses her semblance, she gains a better feel for the location she's in, though it takes energy based on the size of the area. While it doesn't help her detect people or objects, she is unlikely to be caught by dead ends.

-The Excavicerator: A medium sized pickaxe containing a special hydraulic system. On the handle is a slider that increases and decreases the power of her strikes. At its lowest end, it's capable of reducing any swing she makes to a single joule of force. At the highest, Terra has recorded a maximum of 755 megajoules. She's researching how to increase this number, though at the current moment the system itself can't handle such force. This weapon was left behind by her father when he vanished.


Terralyn was born to a family in Vale where she lived for most of her life. Her mother stayed at home, watching over her, and her father was an explorer. He had a passion for ruins and temples, and Terra looked up to him. He taught her about ruins, and how they all seemed connected. From his research and explorations, everything he'd found led to a single place. The Labyrinth of the Hunter. Terra was fascinated with his tales, and all of the things he did, so she idolized the man. Her mother taught her the fundamentals of dust, and she picked it up alarmingly fast, given her father's genes.

This brought on massive confusion when one day he never came home. Terra was devastated, but her mother tried to coddle her. Instead, the girl went to her father's study, looking at everything. And it was there that she found a map leading her to the nearby woods with a key underneath it. She took all of her father's research and a backpack for his notes. She then ran away from home, striving for where the map led her. 

Eventually she found it, a small cabin less than a kilometer from the red forest. Using her key, this girl of no more than fourteen years walked into her father's hideaway. There she found things beyond her wildest dreams. Proofs of all his stories, including trophies from his victories. 

So there Terra lived, looking over every scrap of paper her father had placed in the cabin, and she also discovered his tool kit and Excavicerator. Using his research, she continued where he left off, exploring every various ruin and ruin she could find. Her hope was not only that she would finish what he started, but maybe that of she continued searching, she would find out where he was and what had happened to him. These were her goals, and she was undeterable.

After recovering and selling several priceless artifacts, Terra had more money than she ever knew what to do with, buying a large house in Vale and continuing her research from there. She has been constantly plagued by letters from a group known only as the Uncoverers. They have sent her many a letter threatening death upon her should she not cease her explorations. Overall though, Terra didn't really care. 

During a particularly interesting adventure, Terra went into a set of ruins underneath Vale with her now girlfriend, Sora. She found a hint pointing her in direction needed, yet the trail didn't lead much further. A month later, Terra contacted Beacon, requesting permission to browse the archives. She had always been an investor in Beacon, but Ozpin requested she start teaching in exchange for access to the archives. Her only question: ".....I don't have to be nice or anything, do I?"