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Terra Arcanum
Age 128 (appears 21),
Status Active
Color Titanium
Species Entity
Hair White
Eyes Red
Height 1.88m
Weight 70kg
Additional Info
Likes Nothing
Dislikes Everything


Terra Arcanum has long white hair which falls down and completely covers the side of his head. His eyes are a deep red which reflect light even in the dark and have the ability to glow brighter or duller depending on his emotions. For example, bloodlust makes his eyes glow bright red. He wears a thick black singlet covered by a silver-white leather vest and long black pants which fall just below his ankle.


107 years ago, a dying man collapsed at the end of a cliff where a fierce war was raging. As the man cast his last breath, he cursed the world for its cruelty and cursed mankind itself for its hate and bias. As his body fell into the black abyss, all the hatred of the men who had died that day lifted from their souls and a body was forged from the earth and pure energy. This was to be the capsule for all that hate.

After the body was formed and it was filled with hatred, it took the form of a human and killed all the soldiers who were still fighting. However, the construct still had no intellect, so it could not comprehend what it was doing. Upon seeing the construct, a researcher decided to capture it and observe its activities. Upon inspection, the researcher discovered that the construct was earthen minerals held together and allowed motion by pure magic. At the time, the researcher could not understand the concept or even comprehend the construct's existence, so he named it as the most appropriate name he could think: Terra Arcanum, meaning Mysterious Earth in the old language. Years went by and Terra was slowly able to understand dialogue and was able to think for itself, in time it adopted a perfect human intelligence and even managed to produce its own voice and personality. Professor Aegis, the researcher, hypothesized that Terra could be trained to fight and upon testing said theory, the military decided to make Terra a weapon. And so time passed and Aegis was laid to rest by time and Terra continued to be the dog of the military. As he could not be killed by swords and guns, he was sent as a front line troop very often, however he felt pain like any other human and each bullet hurt him enough for him to want to die, but he never could. Each time he was injured, his hatred built up more and more, and or everyman he killed, yet another hatred-filled soul was absorbed. Eventually Terra became fed up with the military and deserted. Proof of his existence was erased and every entry that could not be deleted, made him out as a human. According to the military, he must have died at least 12 times. But from the amount of hatred in Terra metaphorical heart, he knew a normal human would have died at least 500 times.

Terra is currently wandering the land, searching for nothing in particular. His only goal is to find his true purpose for being born into the world.

Weapons and Abilities

Aeterna Niveus: Forged from the minerals of a thousand year old meteorite which crashed down many years ago, the Nexus Avatar Rune Saber (NARS) is the first and last of its kind. The metallic composition of the meteor, dubbed Millennium Ore, was discovered to be able to store energy. Using a mechanism installed into the hilt, that energy can then be released and shot out like a laser. The saber itself has a longer than normal hilt, and the guard is much more complex, with intertwining vines into a dragon head design. The blade is slightly thicker and longer than usual and has slightly less of a curve. The energy that is stored can vary, but they all amount to the same force when applied. The NARS is capable of absorbing kinetic energy, radiation, friction, electricity and even forms of magic. Because of this diversity, it is extremely useful against those who commonly use magic, being able to absorb almost all magics being used against the wielder. However, the stored energy is somewhat unstable. It does not leak out, but instead it rises to the very surface of the material and channels the blade with a glow which responds to the different types of energy stored. For example, storing much friction, radiation and fire based magics will result in a fiery glow, and storing electricity, static and lightning based magic will result in an electric glow, and so on. Not all energy absorbed by the NARS is stored however, by choice the wielder can avoid storing energy, which is useful for storing only specific types of energy. Before sheathing, all energy must be released which would generally be inconvenient if Terra were to be attacked randomly. To counter this, the sheath is made of a mineral which reacts when Millennium Ore is rubbed against it with a certain motion, providing a reasonable amount of both static and friction energy while unsheathing. Extra caution had to be made in the sheath's creation to make sure that the sheathing of the saber would not cause a reaction.

Terra is extremely adept at destructive magics and will usually fight from a reasonable range. However, he is also skilled in melee combat and his immense strength on top of the force Aeterna Niveus' stored energy is enough to crumble a stone wall with only a single slash. The blade itself is sharp, but since the stored energy glow completely surrounds the weapon, it becomes something like concentrated magic in the form of a sword, so that even getting a slight scratch can be painful. Terra's melee combat is predictable and follows the same pattern but speed and power wise, he is easily dominant.

Due to being born from the light of the moon, Terra cannot fight at full power in sunlight and his power increases in moonlight. Staying in the sun too long will drain Terra's power, weakening him. As his life is sustain with magic force, if he runs out of magic he may die, and if his magic is extremely low, he will be forced into a brief period of hibernation before he can move again. However, his body contains an extremely vast amount of magic, enough that simply using his own magic will not drain very quickly. He can also absorb magic and energy through the air using Aeterna Niveus and convert it to his own life force or magic power. In general, black magic types increases his strength on a larger scale.

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