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SLVR Emblems
Professional Status



SilverColor Simin Megistus
LinenColor Lycan Arcadia
ViridianColor Vella Moisia
R?Color Fourth "R" member


Beacon Academy(?)

SLVR (pronounced "Silver") is an as-of-yet unfounded team of young fighters (most likely students of a Huntsman Academy such as Beacon) comprised of Simin Megistus, Lycan Arcadia, Vella Moisia, and an unrevealed fourth member, all of whom are created by animator Mark Zhang.

So far, they have only appeared in their own Trailers fighting various enemies meant to emulate the previews made by Monty Oum before the official release of RWBY, though these were preceded by another video showcasing the abilities of Brandon Charbonneau, who seems to belong with an opposing faction.


Simin Megistus is the leader of Team SLVR.
Lycan Arcadia is a member of Team SLVR.
Vella Moisia is a member of Team SLVR.
"R" will be a member of Team SLVR.

Brandon Charbonneau has an unknown
relationship to Team SLVR.


  • The members of Team SLVR and the Trailers they come from are all property of Mark Zhang.
    • Mark originally started on the "Charcoal" Trailer as an attempt to follow RWBY's style, showing great respect for Monty Oum and his work. Most commenters were mixed in their initial receptions, but the current overwhelming majority opinion is that he improves his skills with each Trailer, and he is now frequently being told by fans that his style is reminiscent of Monty's, superior to that of Volumes 4 and beyond after his passing, and he should work with Rooster Teeth Productions to both improve their fighting quality and add in his own characters.
    • Though he apparently feels his talents are not good enough to work with Rooster Teeth just yet, his work did draw the attention of many prominent figures around their community, such as RWBY animator Shane Newville and the company ScrewAttack Entertainment, who invited Mark to work for them on the DBX episodes Master Chief VS Jango Fett, Sakura VS Rin Tohsaka, Predator VS Prophet from Crysis, Genji VS Raiden, and Magneto VS Darth Vader. What he plans to do after finishing the SLVR Trailers is unknown, but whatever he does will most likely be his decision with what he feels will either use his skills best or make him happy, regardless of what viewers demand he "needs" to do.
    • He has provided information about certain details when asked and given permission to fans to "do whatever they want with my characters", though most information displayed here comes from what was seen in the SLVR Trailers or via Mark's YouTube comments and Twitter feed; he is not directly involved in the creation of these articles except as references, and any authors that create, edit, or otherwise use these pages should claim no ownership of his material.
  • Mark has confirmed that Team SLVR has a "lunar theme", as the moon is usually represented by the astrological metal silver and all of its members have allusions to figures that relate to it in some way, with their own personal emblems possessing a crescent shape in each individual design (though Simin's symbol is more reminiscent of a full moon marked by craters).
    • Simin's surname "Megistus" comes from Hermes Trismegistus, a Greek name for the Egyptian moon god Thoth, who was also known for writing, magic, and alchemy.
    • Lycan refers to a theme of werewolves given his Faunus heritage and his name referencing the Greek king and original werewolf Lyacon of Arcadia, which are known today for transforming into their beastly forms when the moon is full, as well as having an aversion to silver.
    • Vella is an allusion to Vellamo, the Finnish goddess of the sea whose name relates to the movements of billowing waves and tides (an element seen with her emblem, glyphs, and the setting of her battle), which are affected by the position of the moon.
    • The relation of the fourth member is unknown at the time, though she has been confirmed to follow her team's shared design.
    • Brandon does not have any connection with the moon, which makes sense given how he is not a member of Team SLVR, though his design includes symbols and terms used in Western alchemy that represent elements such as antimony, copper, and silver as hints to his inspiration from Nicolas Flamel.
  • The lunar theme can further be seen in the Trailers themselves, as each protagonist will leap into the air so they can have an iconic "moon shot" before coming down to finish off their enemies, a trait first established in the original RWBY Trailers.
    • Interestingly, while Brandon does perform this maneuver, the sky behind him does not show the moon; there instead appears to be a hazy, ring-like cloud above him where the moon world be, perhaps hinting at his disassociation with Team SLVR.
  • Brandon Yates announced the names of the voice actors for the characters in future content to be revealed via the RWBY Fanon Wiki itself.

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