Team J.A.D.E. member Jace


Name: Jace Cordoza

A.K.A: The Hunter


Eye color: Silver

Age: 18 years old

Hair color: Dark Blue, spiky, like that of cloud from the FF series

Height: 6ft. 2in.

Birthplace: unkown

Weapon: Sniper/Katana known as "Jaeger"

Ability: Invisibility

Likes: His weapon, friends

Dislikes: Enemies, distractions

Misc.: Wears a black mask on the lower halfof his face.


Jace wears black cargo pants holding various items including, smoke bombs, his own version of black eggs, etc. He also wears a navy blue sleeveless shirt. He wears a dark blue jacket with a white dragon on the back. 


Jace is calm and collected; a must for a hired gun. Jace's family is part of the Cordoza crime syndicate. He left after a raid which left him mentally scarred. He was then recruited into Beacon. Only he does and a select few know why.

Fighting Style

Jay works with his on version of the Japanese art of ninjitsu: a ninja technique that focuses on stealth. He likes to play with opponents who think they have the upper hand when, in fact, he does.