By Cyrus Arc for Twister Pendulum

Ultra-Violet "UV"
Height: 5'8

Our legend by nuriko kun-d4wk9ei-2-

UV? nuriko-kun

Eye Color: Violet
Hair Color: Brunette
Type: Spirit Kind
Abilities: As a Spirit Kind, UV's genetics were altered to give her an
array of "ghostly" powers. She was given the basic abilities of
Levitation, phasing through solid objects, and invisibility. She also
as the ability to augment the temperature around her to almost
freezing. She can also "haunt" objects. This is a form of telekinesis
that allows her to cause objects to fly in a set orbit. She can change
directions, but her control over exactly where the object goes is
limited. In high duress, she can change her body into an almost
mist-like spirit form. Her molecules separate until and so she can
escape any situation she's in. This makes her atomic structure
extremely unstable, so she is only able to hold it for a short time.
Weapon: UV wields a Bo Staff called Frozen Fear. This weapon works in
conjunction with her freezing abilities to create various weapon-heads
on the tip of her staff made of ice. She normally changes it into a
scythe, spear, trident, hammer, and mace.

Height: 6'0
Eyes: Silver
Hair: Blonde
Type: Psychic-Kind
Abilities: Lumin has psychic abilities which were mirrored off of


Closest I could find nuriko-kun

traditional psychic lore. Lumin has a minor telekinetic ability which
only allows him to move smaller objects. He does, however, possess
extreme finesse and accuracy with the telekinesis, and he only uses it
to throw or retrace objects. Lumin is also telepathic and
precognitive. He has the ability to see into the past by focusing on a
single area, where he can see the past like rewinding a tape. He can
see into far places in the present, known as "second sight" and brief
glimpses into the future.
Weapons: Lumin uses two pistol-like weapons called Silver Bullet.
These pistols do not fire actual bullets, but instead utilize Lumins
psychic abilities to fire "Mind Bullets. depending on Lumin's level of
concentration, these bullets can slightly bruise the target to causing
paralysis or even death. The level of damage depends on where the
bullets hit you, for the affect the nerves of your body rather than
your skin.

Height: 5'10
Eyes: Dark Grey
Hair: Black
Type: Shadow-Kind


Abilities: Tien's Shadow abilities depends less on fighting and more
evasion and quick-strikes to do the job. Tien's main ability is to
"move" through shadows. Anywhere there is a shadow Tien can meld into
it and appear in another shadow. Tien can also create solid shapes
that can emerge from the shadows, like tentacles or solid pillars. His
form of Telekinesis is to "Blast" objects with extreme telekinetic
force from their shadows. This can send objects or people hurtling to
whatever direction Tien is focused on.
Weapon: Tien has two Coil-firing Gauntlets called The Tendrils. These
gauntlets can fire four wires each, and the retracts quickly after
use. Since Tien does not usually like long drawn out battles, he tries
to end it quickly with his weapon. He usually uses these coils to tear
chunks of solid structures and throws them at his target. He also uses
the coils to latch onto and drag his targets into the shadows to