There's a special place in Hell for people like you!
— Tana Bunsen
Tana Bunsen
Tana Bust
Age 18
Title Jailbait
Nickname Pomf Girl
Status Active
Color Flame Red
Gender Female
Species Taurus Faunus
Handedness Right
Complexion Kawaii as fuck
Hair Crimson
Eyes Red
Semblance Camael's Wrath
Height 5'5"
Weight 100 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Heart à la Mode Café
Partner Rayne Annarosé
Occupation Huntress,Lolita
Jobs Professional loli
Additional Info
Emblem Tana Bunsen Emblem
Likes Lollipops, beef
Dislikes Vegetables
Character Theme

Fireproof by Against The Current


Post - Fall of Beacon


Post-Fall Tana Bunsen (ekalos)

Tana's appearance has drastically changed since the Battle of Beacon after sustaining a life-threatening injury and causing her Semblance to continiously work on overdrive to seal her wounds. At the same time, it caused a rapid growth in Tana, allowing her to gain 8 inches in height over 6 months and develop a more appropriate body type for her age.

After being nursed back to health by Maroon Rockbell, she started working as a waitress at the Heart à la Mode Café and, having grown out of all her old clothes, consistently wears the café uniform namely a black-striped, white dress-shirt accessorized with a black ribbon tie, a sotmach covering skirt decorated with ornate buttons, and grey, thigh-high ribbon stockings. Tana's light pink hair have been burned a fire red, along with her eyes, and are tied into twin tails. In addition, her horns have grown significantly to the point where they point straight up, giving an additional 2 inches in height. She also seemed to have picked up a smoking habit.

The most significant change however, are the ever present, demonic metal boots and gauntlets. Crafted by Maroon, each are black in colour and made from a heat resistant tungstem alloy and sports vents where a constant streat of heat rushes out from. Underneath the equipment is the evidence of ehr overloaded Semblance which causes portions of her body ranging from her hands to forearms and feet to calves to be in a constant molten state. Thus, the gauntlets and boots allow her to function normally without melting everything she touches.

Pre - Fall of Beacon

Short, cute, and flat chested is the first thing that comes to mind when describing Tana Bunsen’s appearance. She appeared to be a 13 year old female, with burning pink hair and charming red eyes. Tana had a warm complexion and is extremely huggable. She sported a black blouse trimmed in red covered with a light pink hoodie trimmed in red and a red plaid skirt. In addition, she also wore a pair of black stockings with a red line close to the top as well as a pair of tanned hide shoes and a red gemmed necklace hangs by her neck. Her wardrobe was acquired shortly after meeting Asher C. Stahl, using his savings.

As she was orphaned at an early age in the Forever Fall Forest, the lack of food available in the forest resulted in her underdevelopment and stunted growth during the key moments of puberty. She is also a haemophiliac, meaning that she has a genetic disorder which prevents her blood from clotting or coagulating normally.

Because of her child-like appearance, many men are often arrested for appearing to be pedophiles.

MKUchima's Tana

Post-Fall Tana Bunsen drawn by MKUchima


Post - Fall of Beacon

A complete 180 from the Tana of pre-Fall of Beacon, the current Tana Bunsen is explosively ill-tempered, rude, and more importantly, psychotically sarcastic. While customers at the café who respect hostpitality workers et away with their orders and a powder keg atmosphere, rude customers generally "get their shit kicked in" for a lack of a better term.

In the presence of Asher, however, she becomes incredibly submissive as if reverting back to the original pre-Fall personality.

Pre - Fall of Beacon

Appearing to be a 13 year old, Tana was more closely akin to a 10 year old child in terms of her behaviour. Clingy, hyperactive, and easy to amuse, Tana is the very definition of Jailbait. She is also rather simplistic, dense and blunt as well. Her rather underdeveloped and immature personality and nature is the result of lack of a role-model in her life.

Tana herself, still displays a smidgen of her parents’ habits. Coming from a rich family, Tana can be spoiled and a cry baby at times if she does not get her way. More often than not, she does, considering it is not difficult for her utilise her childlike charm. She does things begging, pouting or biting fingers to get what she wants.

However, living in Forever Fall has taught her much of the hardships in life such as the scarcity in food and the importance of respecting the people you hold dear. One might never know when they will suddenly disappear. Due to Tana's convincing personality, many men are often arrested for appearing to be pedophiles.

Tana sometimes speaks in Japanese, a language that may more may not exist in the RWBY universe.


Dante's Inferno

Stylisterally named and crafted after a poem by Maroon Rockbell using the remains of a broken Pomf, Inferno is a set of heavy-set boots and gauntlets with a scaly-demonic design. They are mainly forged out of a heat resistant tungsten alloy, a metal known for conduction, as well as layers of heat-resistant synthetic layers lining the interior. It sports many vents which hot gas spew forth which can be controlled by cracking the knuckles. Doing so will open the vents temporarily, releasing the built up hot air and flames all at once.

The gauntlets themselves are more protection for other pople more than they are protection for Tana, however, due to tungstem being a rather dense material, any punch or kick from Tana carries devestating power and momentum.

Pomf (Destroyed/Salvaged)


Pomf, the axe drawn by DustpeltX

Tana primarily used her Taurus horns and small stature to fight using a primitive and almost childlike tactic of head butting, however Tana still wields a physical weapon.

Pomf, as Tana named it, was a large and heavy double-bladed axe roughly 182 cm in length and 100 cm in width (at its blades). It was carbon black in colour except for the blades, which were in a fiery red. The axe was ludicrously heavy and was obviously not made to be used by a girl of Tana’s stature. However, due to her unnaturally immense strength, which she cultivated after years of surviving in Forever Fall with little assistance, she was able to wield it effectively.

The origin of the axe came from a small bandit group who previously resided in the Forest. They were ultimately killed, having attracted a pack of Boarbatusks to their camp with their negative emotions.

A great-axe itself is a powerful and simple weapon, its strength lies in its immense weight. Any attack made by this weapon is extremely hard to block due to this but is also very slow. The key to facing this weapon is to make use of its slow attacks to dodge or if one is feeling lucky, time an accurate parry and counter. 

Fighting Style and Abilities

Post - Fall of Beacon

Tana still retains her hard hitting style of fighting barehanded and with her horns for the majority of her fights but has lost her greataxe, Pomf. Furthermore, her increased mass and size enables her to hold her ground in fights now meaning she is left prone to being thrown around deflected in fights.

The Inferno sports the same weight as the greataxe except now it is focused on the legs and arms, Tana is able to deal catastrophic strikes and kicks. Coupled with the unchecked heat emanating from ehr Semblance, almost any situation can be burned away.

Tana Bunsen

A younger and more hopeful Tana Bunsen by DustpeltX

Pre - Fall of Beacon

Tana's fighting style mostly focused on using her small and more mobile stature to out manoevre her opponents and landing one critical hit by charging head first into her target.

However, as most opponents are larger than her, she tends to pin-ball around the battlefield using the collision of an opponent to her advantage to attack the next target.

Of course, the weakness here was that anyone can stop this type of attack by simply knowing how to catch a fast moving ball. Once immoblized, she cannot attack further.

Her axe was mostly used as a fight opening as it was realistically too slow to hit anyone willing to dodge; but for those who think they can block an attack from a massive axe, they most definitly lose the fight immediately.

Semblance: Camael's Wrath (Formerly Camael's Blessing)

Camael's Blessing is a fire based ability that passively assists Tana during battle should she receive a wound. A haemophiliac, Tana's blood cannot clot or coagulate properly on open wounds and in any normal circumstances, she would bleed out if not treated. However, her Semblance produces a flame from a wound anytime one is inflicted upon her, immediately treating her via cauterization. The size of the flame itself is depends on the severity of the wound and is only red in colour. Quick deduction suggests a temperature of 800 °C. She does not feel pain from self cauterization and has slight resistance to heat and flame compared to an average person.

After the Battle of Beacon, her arms and legs have been affected by the Semblance, causing them to be permanently molten. If it were not for her new gauntlets and boots, she would be setting everything she touched on fire. This aspect of the Semblance does not drain Aura but is constitutive (always on).

While defensive use of this ability is certainly obvious, it can be used offensively as well. For Tana, it compliments her mainly charging style that puts her in danger more than any one else on her team. In essence, the more injuries she sustains, the harder it is to touch her without setting themselves ablaze. It cannot light anything on fire unless Tana is in physical contact with the object for person in question and only usually leaves minor burns. The speed of the cauterization also depends on the severity of the wound, larger wounds would take longer to cauterize than smaller ones but both will create equal amounts of pain.

This Semblance still drains Aura at a steady rate and will kill her by using it all up trying to prevent bleeding. In normal cases if one had to choose between bleeding to death slowly or enduring some pain for short while to save one's life, the latter would normally be the better choice.

The Semblance also causes her blood to have some sort of healing affect, being able to heal wounds much like the tears of a phoenix.


The only daughter of nouveau riche parents, Joanne Wayne and Dante Bunsen, Tana Bunsen was a child of high privilege. Both of her parents were Taurus Faunus; her father owned a company that produces gas burners and stoves while her mother is a successful real-estate

When Tana was ten years of age, her parents, assuming it was safe, took her on a walk through the Forever Fall Forest after a family dinner in the city. Little did they know, a pair of assailants were waiting for them to step foot inside the flora and fauna. The assailants quickly dispatched of Tana’s parents but Tana was spared by one of the assailants, a white haired woman wearing a porcelain mask. Tana did not remember much of that day but the image of a white coat laced in red was forever burned in her mind.

Alone and defenseless in the Grimm filled Forever Fall, chance happened to smile favorably on this young Faunus as she was soon discovered by a local village hunter, by the name of Dante, who was out for game. She would live her life with him but the hunter would not alloe her to stay unless she carried her own weight.

Year after year, she was froced back into Forever Fall with nothing but basic supplies and her own two hands to gather food for herself. It was during these trips that she learned to curvive on her own; she knew of the palatable flora and fauna of teh forest as well as the territories of Grimm. In those time, the forest life made her unnaturally strong despite being minute in size and it gifted her a spectacular battle between s group of bandits and a pack of Boarbatusk. Inspired, she would learn to fight after the Boarbatusk and take up a towering greataxe, which she named Pomf, from one of the dead bandits

During one of her trips through the forest to pay respects to her parents, she came upon a boy, by the name of Asher Stahl, and a girl, called Rayne Annarosé, under threat from a King Taijitu. Thinking it would be fun to have new friends to play with, she aided the two and quickly slayed the beast, only to discover that the girl was wearing the same red trimmed white coat as the one she saw the night of her parent’s murder.

She immediately attacked Rayne, forcing Asher to come to her defence although he was no match. The fight was both physical and verbal, with Tana revealing that Rayne had killed her parents at a young age to the pair.

Rayne, at the mercy of Tana, provided a simply apology forcing Tana to spare her. Tana promptly left the pair, but promised to stay in touch.

The next day, she decided to apologize to the boy who had fought so valiantly to protect her parent’s killer and wandered into Vale resulting in a lrage fight at Asher's school with the White Truth. The first spark of Team HART started then and all four were later offered the chance to enter Beacon which all four accepted.

Fall of Beacon

Tana defended a student shopping district during the Grimm invasion of Vale but was seriously injured when Selena Schiess and a squad of White Truth operatives enterd the fray.

She stayed unconscious for 2 weeks while her Semblance mended her wounds but due to their severity, her body and Semblance overloaded, causing rapid growth and turned her hands and feet irreversibly molten.

At the time, her team was fragmented; Heart had left for her home in teh mountains to train and recurperate, Rayne had been taken by the White Truth, and Asher was assumed dead after attempting to rescue Rayne. Only Maroon, the owner of a café in the shopping district and a close friends to the team took Tana in. She would later foge a set of protective equipment for her new condition and employed her in the café for the 6 months where she quitely resented the individuals who broker her family apart.


Dante Bunsen (Deceased)

Tana's deceased father, successful bussinessman and assassinated by Rayne Annarosé. Tana is very attached to her father like most daughters at her age. He loved her just as much and occasionally spoils her with treats and presents.

Joanne Wayne (Deceased)

Tana's deceased mother, successful house broker and assassinated by Rayne Annarosé. Tana loves her mother as much as her father. She loved her just as much and makes sure that she allocates enough time in her schedule to spend time with her daughter.

Asher C. Stahl

The boy she had fought on her first encounter with him, Asher is someone she respects as a good person who protects anyone in danger no matter their history nor intentions. Tana looks up to him as a big brother and a role model. She is often clingy towards him, much to Asher's delight.


A girl she first met fighting beside her. Tana knows of her blood thirsty fighting style and dangerous fighting prowress. However, Tana still treats her as a big sister. She is also the only one capable of bring out some fond and caring emotions from Heart.

Rayne Annarosé

The girl who killed her parents, Rayne and Tana have little to talk about. Tana however, has accepted her apology and seen her change of heart defending Asher.


  • Animated tana 60 by porforever-das8db7

    Post-Fall Chibi Tana - (porforever)

    Tana's name is short for Tania with a Greek origin which means "fire or star goddess"
  • Tana was modeled and based after Kotori Itsuka of the Date a Live! series
  • The last name of Bunsen is a reference to German chemist Robert Bunsen who developed and perfected the bunsen burners still being used in chemistry labs today
  • Tana had a conflict with Tianee Musk of team C.I.S.T. as to who has the honourable title of "Resident Loli". Tana graciously stepped down to take the other title of "Jailbait"
  • The song is also widely accepted as a right of passage ceremony for any new RWBY Fanon members. 
  • Tana's mother's last name of Wayne is a reference to Batman/Bruce Wayne. (Because dead parents be a thing in Vale)
  • Tana was the thought process of how to incorporate my innocence and maturity as a theme in a character