Fan Fiction:
Summer rose. Thus kindly, I scatter
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Author Heswe099
Official Characters Ruby
Fan-made Characters Zircon

Description: Yet another RWBY fanfic.

Summer rose. Thus kindly, I scatter

Chapter 1: encounter by the woods.

On a cold snowy evening a small girl donning a red cape was treading a cold dead forest. The girl seems out of place in this forest, her bright red cape dancing by the blowing wind seemed more alive than the trees and snow. Making her way through the trees and the thick snow she finally arrives at her destination.

Her destination was a grave located at the cliff at the edge of the forest. The wind blew a strong gale making her cape waltz in the wind as she slowly walks to the grave. As she stares at the grave she seems lost in thought, but sadness is the only thing that can be read in face of the little girl. she kneels down and touches the top edge of the grave wiping of snow that has accumulated on it. and here she says:

"Its been five years, ive been returning here, every year, to this place."

The wind blows again as if trying to converse with her.

"it was on a day like this right. It was cold, it was snowing, and i was alone."

She pauses for a moment she looks up on the sky and just seems lost. she sits down closer to the grave wiping off more snow. A rose can be seen engraved on the stone and there were some words that can be seen too.

"Summer rose. Thus kindly, I scatter."

"You always had a way with words, father."

On a cold snowy evening a small girl wearing tattered white clothes was running through the woods. she was running for her life. Howles can be heard from the distance and the sounds seem to be getting closer to the girl. She kept on running, running as fast as she can ignoring the cold and the snow. She kept running aimlessly but it was to no avail. the howling never stopped and she was slowly running ouot of breath. What's worse is that the cold is slowly catching up to her. She can feel her legs go num and slowly succumb to the cold. she cant keep this up forever, and she knows deep in her heart how this is all going to end. She seemed trapped in a doomed fate, There was no way for her to survive. Even if she manages to elude her persuers she would succumb to the cold and she would still die.

The girl managed to get to a clearing in the woods. What she saw there horrified her. Her persures had been waiting for her, she tries to run back but there were more behind her. Huge werewolf like beings with blood red eyes slowly approached her. Their howles and shreaks pierce the silence of the cold forest. They look intetnly at their victim. A look of satisfaction can be seen on the faces of the creatures. They have finally caught up to their prey now its just a matter of time before thei hunger is satisfied. The girl, terrified, let out a loud shriek, a desperate call for help but it seems futile. No one would hear her. She trembled as one of the creatures lunge to attack. She fell down on her back and closed her eyes and awaited her demise.


A loud sound pierced the the woods. it was the sound of a gun. at this moment the girl opened her eyes and saw her would be assailant dead on the ground. and then something strange happened, the corpse of the dead creature began to turn into rose petals that get blown by the wind. it was beautiful yet morbid sight. and then a loud voice can be heard from afar.


The creatures turned their attention to the assailant. Anger can be seen on their faces as they seem to grieve over their fallen comrade. The girl also looked at the person who said those words, and there she saw a tall pale man donning a red cape and holding a huge red gun that still has smoke coming out of its barrel.

"Hey little girl, stay where you are, im going to save you from these big bad wolves."

he let out a big proud smile as if to comfort the terrified little girl. The girl not knowing what to do simply nodded at the man.

The creatures then suddenly started running towards the caped man with killing intent. A smug smile can be seen upon the man's face as he started running towards the creatures.

"Scatter like roses!"

Chapter 2: Zirchon

“Dang nam it! I hate my job.”

A tall man wearing a red cape was moving across a cold dead forest, jumping from branch to branch hastily as if desperately searching for something. His red cape dragged behind the wind as he swiftly moves about the forest.

“Why do my targets choose very far away and remote places for their hideouts?”

He complained as he landed on a tree and began to survey his surroundings.

“Come to think of it where the hell am i?”

He reaches inside his coat trying to reach something but he could not find it. His face turned pale as  a realization dawned upon him.

“I forgot my map back at the inn! Im so stupid, how could I forget something like that?"

Frustrated he jumped down from the tree and sat down beside it. His face was full of frustration and anger. He looks to the sky and lets out a big sigh.

“I hate the cold and yet here I am in this cold dead forest looking for an escaped convict.”

He stands up and points in a random direction.

“Ok ill head up that way, I hope there’s a town nearby though. I’m hungry and I don’t want to eat wild animals it’s too much of a bo-.”

All of a sudden a loud shriek shook the stillness of the forest. The sound caught the attention of the man and he immediately ran in the direction of the sound, it sounded as if it was nearby. The man immediately recognized the sound, he knew that every second counts, he knew that the sound he heard was desperate call for help.

The man arrived at a clearing in the forest, there he saw a little girl in tattered clothes about to be attacked by werewolf like creatures.

“Shit, I didn’t know there were beowolves in this forest”

He pulled out a huge gun that was strapped on his waist. He aimed it at the creature that was about to lunge at the little girl.


He hit the creature right in the head crushing its skull. The creature’s lifeless body fell down in front of the little girl and it started turning into rose petals. The creatures were then alerted to his presence and they shifted their focus unto him.


The man screamed in a confident and taunting voice as if trying to anger the creatures.

“Hey little girl, stay where you are, I’m going to save you from these big bad wolves.”

The man showed the girl a confident smile trying to comfort her in her ordeal. He then shifted his attention to the creatures that were slowly surrounding him. And without warning the creatures started charging at him. The man started running towards the creatures and let out a smug smile.

“Scatter like roses!”

He shoots one in the head again and immediately fell to the ground. A shell came out of the gun as he pulled back on it. He fired two more shots hitting one creature in the head again and hitting one more in the leg immediately severing it. One of the creatures managed to position itself behind the man and lunged for an attack. The man evaded it with ease by jumping over the creature; he then pointed the gun at the creature’s face and shot it in point blank range. The girl can only watch in awe as she saw then man fighting off such frightening creatures effortlessly. But the creatures were relentless they kept on attacking the man again and again. The man jumps away and  somehow puts himself in between the girl and the creatures.

“You know, you guys are wasting my precious, precious time. I have to finish you guys off fast, and also im hungry.”

The man presses a button on his gun and it immediately unfolded itself revealing its true form. The gun turned into a red scythe with its tip being the barrel of the gun. The man rested his weapon on his shoulder as he taunted the creatures.

“Let’s dance”

The creatures stood no chance at all. The man cut and shot his way through the seemingly intimidating horde of monsters. He fires his gun and uses the recoil to empower his swings and easily cut through the entire body of the creatures. It was a massacre. The creatures, knowing that they stood no chance started running back to the woods. The man let out a big laugh, mocking the creatures.


The man then approached the little girl that was looking at him with frightened eyes.

“It’s ok. You’re safe now, I won’t hurt you.”

“Wh-who are you?” the girl asked. “My name is Zircon, and by the way is there a village nearby?”

This encounter would change the lives of both the man and the girl. But at this time they didn’t know it yet. It was a destined encounter.

Chapter three: a little bit of warmth


The little girl finally feeling the cold started sneezing so it could start an avalanche. She was also starting to feel numb in her toes as the effects of the adrenaline rush she had earlier started to fade away. She looked up on the man saved her as he took of his red cape. Her face was pale, but her cheeks were as red as roses. The man upon seeing her face was moved with pity.

“Man I'm such as softie.”

“I can’t stand ignoring cute things.”

He let off a sigh as he tore small pieces off his red coat.

“Sit down little girl and show me your feet”

The little girl obeyed without saying a word. She sat down on the snow and raised her left foot. The man wrapped the pieces of red on the little girl’s frostbitten foot. The man also did the same thing to the girl’s other foot.

“That should do it. And now you wear this.”

The man handed his coat to the little girl and told her to wear it. The coat had a hood on it. She placed the hood on her little head. She felt warm inside the coat. It was as if she was in front of a fireplace and drinking a warm glass of milk. She smiled and tucked herself inside the coat until she was cozy.

“Hey don’t get too full of yourself, we’re sharing that coat”

The man spoke in a joking manner as he bent down facing away from the little girl.

“Climb up my back and I will take you to your village”

The girl obeyed the man and she sat down on his shoulder. He then stood up and maneuvered the red coat so that it will also be able to envelope him.

“Ahhhh, I love this coat it's so warm, don’t you think?”

The little girl only replied with a nod.

“So where’s your village”

The girl pointed in towards the same directions as were he was supposed to go before he encountered the little girl.

“So my hunch was correct, im such an awesome person. HAHAHAHA!”

“T-thank you, for saving me.”

The girl said in a small and quiet tone.

“Don’t mention it. I just happened to pass by.”

The man replied in playful voice, trying to comfort the little girl.

“Alright let’s start moving, better hold on tight!”

The man jumped on to tree branch and started moving towards the village. He was jumping branch to branch. The little girl was caught by surprise, she had never moved that fast before. She got scared and suddenly pulled on the man’s hair.


The man’s scream was so loud that the birds around started flying away in terror. The man nearly slipped on the next branch he was going to land on. He managed to maintain his balance by holding to the tree itself.


The man said as she looked up on the girl.

“ Im sorry, but you were moving too fast and I got scared”

The little girl replied with a tearful face.

The man let out a loud sight and he jumped down from the tree.

“So I guess were walking then huh, Im hungry”

At this instant the man’s stomach grumbled, it let out a loud embarrassing sound. The girl upon hearing this started laughing. The man, a bit annoyed, mumbled to himself a few inaudible words.

“Don’t worry mister, the village is close by!”

The man had an expression of relief on his face as he kept walking through the snow.

“Hey little girl, Just call me Zircon, I don’t like being called mister.”

“Ok then Mr. Zircon”

The little girl jokingly replied.

“Ok, Now you’re just messing with me!”

The man replied as a smile formed on his face. He felt relieved that the little girl was able to bounce back from the experience she had earlier.

“Hey you haven’t told me your name yet.”

The girl suddenly had a pained expression on her face. And then she replied.

“I-I don’t have a name”

The man a slightly bothered face when he heard the response, he wanted to ask why she didn’t have a name, but he didn’t want to pry any further as the village slowly came into view.


Chapter 4: Mary

Zircon and the little girl finally arrive at the village. He lowered the little girl on to the floor but he did not take off his cape from the girl. It was a small and quiet village, the houses were small and there were very few people outside. The villagers were all wearing thick clothing and they all gave zircon an unwelcome look.


“The people here don’t seem too friendly”

He then looked down and glanced at the girl. He saw a very sad expression in her face as she tries to avoid the unwelcome stares of the villagers. Then suddenly a voice can be heard in the direction they are headed. A woman wearing a green dress was running towards them. The woman had a pale white skin, almost like the little girl, and her braided hair was brown in color.

“Little girl!”

The woman exclaimed in joy as she approached the duo.

“I was worried when you suddenly disappeared like that.”

The girl did not reply and it looks like she was quite annoyed with the woman.

“Oh who might you be? And why are you with this little girl”

The woman asked zircon as she finally shifts her attention to him.

“My name is Zircon, I saved this girl from a pack of beowolves and-.”

Zircon paused for a moment as he noticed something wrong. He looked around him and he saw the villagers looked at him with an even more unwelcoming look. He was starting to get a bit uncomfortable.

“Oh don’t mind them” the woman said to zircon.

“The people here are terrified of those creatures; many of the villagers here have lost someone dear to those creatures.”

A hint of sadness can be seen in the face of the woman. But it wasn’t just sadness, it was also anger.

“umm so, you haven’t told me your name yet.”

Zircon said nonchalantly as he was trying to lighten up the mood.

“Oh yeah, my name is Mary and thank you very much for saving this little girl right here.”

She turns to look at the little girl who now looks completely embarrassed for some reason.

“So, um, are you this little girl’s mother?”

Mary smiled at the question, but zircon knows something is wrong with that smile. He suddenly got nervous and chills started running down his spine.

“Do I really look like a mother to you?”

Mary asked in an annoyed tone while maintain her frightening smile.

“Well it just because uhh, you looked so worried about this little girl that I uhh I thought that maybe-“


The little girl let out a big laugh interrupting zircon and Mary’s conversation. Mary looked at the little girl with blank soul less eyes. And after seeing this the little girl stopped laughing entirely.


“I’m so sorry! I just thought you were her mother because you looked so relieved to see her”

“That’s rude, im a young woman in her 20’s and here you are thinking that im a mother.”


“I run an orphanage in this village and this little girl happens to be in my care and-”

Zircon’s stomach suddenly made loud and embarrassing sound, interrupting Mary in her sentence.

“Well it looks like someone’s really hungry.”

She looked at the now embarrassed zircon with pitying eyes.

“Well because you saved this little girl im allowing you to eat at our place despite your rudeness”

Zircon and did not object as she followed Behind Mary and the little girl.

“sigh, I wonder what’s going to happen to me now” Zircon whispered to himself as he looks up to the sky.

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