You look a bit hot there, mind if i COOL you off?
— Sneg Natura
Sneg Natura
Age 38
Title Spirit of Ice
Status Active
Gender Male
Race Human
Species Half Spirit
Born December 1st.
Handedness Ambidexterous
Complexion Pale
Hair Blue
Eyes Blue
Semblance Blizzard Mode
Height 6'6
Weight 160 lbs.
Professional Status
Partner Calore Natura
Personal Status
Relatives Calore Natura (Brother)

Rosario Natura (Mother)

Additional Info
Likes Cold




Dislikes Heat

Anything hot

Things over 40 Degrees

Special Skills See below
Weaknesses Heat


He is very pale, with white hair, blue eyes, a very prominent chin and jawline, long nose, and a 50s straw hat. He also wears a blue sweater, Ice and deep blue color scarf, a pair of blue gloves, and white dress pants.


He has somewhat of a narcissistic personality, claiming he makes winter snow, and hates his brother. He enjoys anything cold, and respects anyone who uses ice dust as he thinks it's the best.

Sneg is more of the brains behind the 2, actually thinking and is cool under pressure(expect about 30 of these shitty puns in this), he is the one who pays and works their money, buying ammunition, food, etc. for them and defusing most of the situations they get in.


Not much is known about his early life, other than he lived with his mother and brother, Calore.

Once they were old enough, they gained one half of the Elemental Amulet, gifted to her by an old friend. Setting off with each of their halves, they went to Signal Academy and created their weapons, and then went to Beacon Academy, finishing with honors. After this, they decided to stick together and go around the Globe, bringing snow and heat to the towns. As such, they do have fights, usually ending in half a forest burnt and the other half frozen solid.

Weapon: Frostbite and Natura Amulet

His weapons of choice are his personal Tommy Gun/Staff Mace combination, named Frostbite, and his half of the Natura Amulet.

Frostbite looks like a Russian PPSH Sub machine gun, but bulkier and with an icy blue and white paint job, with ice covering it. It fires off ice dust bullets at a fast rate, and has a special modification to create a charging shot that when fired will act as a large ball of ice, making it effectively a cannonball. The drum itself is actually a large Ice Dust container, allowing large amount of firepower in a small package. It has no casings, as its is firing in an essence bullet sized icicles. This can also use ice and snow as ammunition, but is somewhat less effective.

The weapon can also swap around, turning into a large staff/mace, able to open up ports on the drum, situated at the top of the staff, and using his Spirit powers, he can use the ice dust to create a hardened shape. This includes making a mace, axe, hammer, spear, and a cooler looking Staff, which somehow amplifies and focuses the dusts power and can allows it to spray it out,


He always carries a large amount of ice dust with him, as well as his half of the Elemental Locket, the Snow half. This allows him to use his spirit powers and enter it at will. This requires cold anything to refuel, so he uses ice dust to act as a fuel source.


  • He is known to be able to withstand sub zero temperatures, as well as not be affected by the cold. He can absorb ice dust and cold based attacks, making heat his one weakness.
  • He is known to use the Elemental styles Aqus and Cryus, using dust to keep enemies a bay with defenses, while he fires at a range.
  • His Spirit power, which is amplified by his dust infused body and spirit capabilities, is the ability to use ice dust as well as anything cold, to freeze his enemies, and is able to hold a amount of cold inside him, used to freeze anything he comes into contact with. He requires after using for a prolonged time to find something cold to refuel his powers, which is why he always carries a plethora of ice dust with him at all times.

Semblance: Blizzard Mode

His semblance, titled “Blizzard Mode”, is his ability to control ice and snow, and the amulet ampliefies this and allows him to create snow and ice out of nowhere, useful as his weapon can use ice and snow as ammunition.


  • Of course, he is Snow Miser from the old film “Year without a Santa Claus.”(Cue the catchy 50 dance song. I'm Mr. White Christmas, I'm Mr. Snow.)
  • He is inspired by Snow Miser, the frozen counterpart to his brother.
  • His name translates from Russian, as it's always freezing there, to Snow.
  • His last name translates from Italian to “Nature” referring to their mother, Mother Nature.