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What is a Semblance?

Semblances are powers exhibited by Hunters and Huntresses in the world of RWBY, much like Aura. Though while Aura seems to posses a stock set of effects for every person, Semblances are unique and individualized. Some, like Blake's, refer to her personality in which she always runs away from things.

Currently, semblance is inferred to by a byproduct of one's aura. Thus, one's semblance cannot be discovered until they have discovered their aura, and discovering one's semblance takes a certain amount of time depending on the individual. Jaune only discovered his semblance after several seasons of the show had passed.

Overusing both Aura, and Semblances have led characters shown in canon to experience fatigue. The best example of this is Weiss who collapsed after using a barebones summon.

What a semblance can and cannot do is based on what the semblance is.

What Can a Semblance Be?

Well, that's completely up to you, not wholly, there are rejectable semblances which will be listed in the next section, however, semblances can include, but are not limited to:

  • Barebone basic elemental manipulation.
  • Perception based semblances.
  • Semblances that act as a stat boost, i.e., speed.
  • Enhanced sense i.e., hearing.

These are just basic examples, semblances can be more than just this. However, there are basic things which one cannot have as a semblance.

What Can't a Semblance Be?

There are basic things which a semblance cannot be. While the majority of semblances are generally left up to reviewer discretion, there are a basic few things in this list which include, but are not limited to:

  • Glyphs: Dear God, Schnee Glyphs, Swiss Army Glyphs, whatever you want to call them, have been deemed to be a Schnee only thing and thus are rejectable on sight. But this only counts for Schnee-esque abilities, however, the name glyphs is being removed as an acceptable thing.
  • Summoning: We don't know enough and frankly, is currently a Schnee-only thing so don't trespass on this.
  • Selective Semblances: What do I mean by this? Things like sound waves that affect only certain people who the user chooses. Nu-uh, sound affects everyone and everything, same with light, semblances that deal with light, sound or whatever in a certain range affect everyone sans the user, waves cannot pick and choose who and who not to affect.
  • Mind Fuckery: Say all you want about Emerald, in an RP scenario, it's not fun to have someone who can make you think your head's been replaced by your ass. However, the reviewer squad is putting in a trial phase to see whether this can be acceptable or not.
  • Incorporeal substances becoming corporeal: You can solidify sound waves, shadows cannot be used to hold and punch people, light cannot bind and hold someone.
  • Chain Semblances: This is more of a reviewer discretion thing than anything, so don't take this at face value, but things like unbreakable chains that can bind people and whatnot and come in ridiculous amounts. Again, once again left to reviewer discretion for the most part. I'm just pointing it out because people have been making characters that use this as a semblance so much lately it's ridiculous.
  • Auto-Hit/Auto-Dodge: Anything which allows a character a basic automatic hit or an automatic dodge, which includes, but is not limited to: becoming intangible, heat-seeking abilities which cannot be thrown off tack, etc.
  • Transformation semblances are remaining off the books until canonical evidence is given.
  • Time Semblances: Timelords are not our lords.

This list is subject to update at any time.

But my Semblance idea got rejected! What gives?

This guide isn't perfect. As I said above, there is VERY little we have in terms of canonical information.

If your idea gets Rejected, despite following this Guide, listen to the Review and adjust it as needed.

If all else fails, Characters at this time, do NOT need a Semblance to be known, or included to be Accepted.

You can Omit a Semblance, and not bring up the ability, and still be easily accepted.


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