"As cool as a tree, as scary as a sea, as warm as the sun, as silly as fun."

-All I Wanna Be

Robin "Green" Pan is a fan made character by JesterEXtrem3. His name originated from Robin Hood and Peter Pan, for they both wear green. The abilities and powers of Robin Pan is the same as of Robin's Archery and sharpshooting and Peter Pan's flying maneuvaribility and swordsmanship. Like Weiss Shnee, he uses magic. He is sometimes preferably known as "Green".


Robin appears as a teenager with blonde hair with bits of green hair extenders and brown eyes. He wears feathered continental cocked hat (same as what Peter Pan is wearing), white shirt, green coat, black pants, and black leather shoes. There is also a sword sheath behind him, with a wierd looking sword. It is called as Multi-Tool Ranged Sword (MTRS).

He also wears a green hooded cape with gold trimmings, which he rarely takes off.  MTRS can't be seen when he is wearing the hooded cape, as it covers his back. He wears a brown belt with cartriges which seems to be what MTRS uses.

Abilities & Powers

Robin seems to be adept at both melee and ranged combat. He preferably uses the Multi-Tool Ranged Sword (MTRS) as his weapon. He removes his hooded cape during the battle, and unsheathes his MTRS. The MTRS is large enough to ricochet each bullet and strong enough to break ordinary metals. When he is far away from enemies, he tends to turn it into which seemed to be a bow (the blades rotate clockwise/counter-clockwise), without a string. It has what seemed to be a trigger that needs to be pulled outward and releas it to shoot arrows. He can hold the trigger long enough to create a giant magic ball and launch it.

He has the ablity to fly just by creating a green magic circle below him and jumping. He also appears to have some abilities that Weiss Shnee has. He can create a tangible magic circle in mid-air used for stepping. It is most useful as a sniping post, except with the MTRS as his sniper rifle, but a bow.

He can turn the MTRS into double blades, disassembling the sword handle, and a new sword handle will be added to the two blades. His eyes turn green, which indicates that things are getting serious. His speed becomes unmatched and his swordsmanship becomes perfect, striking many blows.

When he waves his hand in mid-air while his eyes are green, he creates a tangible magic circle behind him, standing. He appears to be jumping on it vertically towards his opponent. While launched, he spins around, appearing like a drill, and drills through his opponent. This is his final attack.