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Even those who live their purpose encounter emptiness. But alone, there is no escape from your own void.
Ragora Cinarum
Ragora Cinarum

Ragora emblem






FemaleIcon Female


Unknown (Estimated 17)


Purple, White, Black


Witch's hat with flower, Scarf, armband




Pale White

Hair Color


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Professional Status

Unknown (most likely with a Huntsman Academy)



Personal Status


First Appearance

"Regalia" Trailer

Music Theme

"Drawing Down The Moon" ( by Brandon Yates)
"Witch Hunt" (by Brandon Yates)

Voice Actor

Morgan Berry

Ragora Cinarum is a character created by Mark Zhang and an apparent member of Team SLVR. She debuted in the Fanmade SLVR "Regalia" Trailer, fighting against Armors in a coordinated four-man assault on an abandoned fortress seeking an artifact known as "The Radiant." Her weapon of choice is an Arc Fire Shot Glaive (AFSG) dubbed Hexentanz.

Ragora is played by voice actress Morgan Berry, most recently known for her role as Tokaku Azuma from Akuma no Riddle (The Devil's Riddle), Glass from Rising of the Shield Hero, and the hero Thirteen from My Hero Academia.


Ragora is a young woman with violet eyes with matching straight-cut fringe hair in a bob. Wearing a purple and black sweater that extends to her knees, it is emblazoned with a black, wavy sigil. She complements her outfit with a white armband and a white scarf that bears her symbol, along with gray leggings and white heeled boots. The sweater contains a pouch for ammunition mounted on a black belt and a hardpoint at the back to store Hexentanz.


Ragora is a stoic, snarky, cynical woman and is knowledgeable about common cliches, to the point where she would point out the obvious. That said, she is a calm, creative and analytical fighter, and maintains a good relationship with her team, besides her sarcastic complaints every time a situation proved to be inconvenient for her (in this case, being temporary exhaustion).

Abilities and Powers

Ragora fashions herself as a close to medium range combatant that relies on dealing high amounts of damage through her shotgun blasts, and the large powerful swings and wide sweeps of her glaive. She is creative enough to use the recoil as a means of propulsion, along with the butt of Hexentanz for attacking, showing a creative knowledge on improvising methods of attack.

She relies on the reach of her glaive and her shotgun should she need to create some distance. Additionally, she appears to be skilled in the art of gun kata, landing quick, precise shots from different angles against enemies at close range. Given the weight of wielding a shotgun-glaive hybrid, she also possesses excellent upper-body strength and the necessary skill in using polearms in her advantage.

The fact that she was able to get the upper hand through the use of her Semblance and by countering Lysette's fighting style shows that she is analytical and pragmatic to some degree.

Her Aura levels are tough enough to survive getting frozen in ice, before dealing a self-inflicted wound from her familiar to break herself free. It is also plentiful enough to generate a very powerful final blow after being damaged by the above and having her familiar already summoned and blasting her opponent and herself with energy.



Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at 3.18.23 PM

Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at 3.18.45 PM


Ragora Cinarum


Shotgun, Glaive, (Scythe)?


Melee, Ranged

Weapon Derivation

Arc Fire Shot Glaive

Ragora's weapon of choice is an Arc Fire Shot Glaive (AFSG) officially named Hexentanz according to the "Regalia" Trailer's description.

In its inactive form, it serves as a shotgun fed by a black drum magazine. The blades of the glaive are mounted at the front, surrounding the barrel, which can serve to block attacks and deal damage.

During the transformation, the grip retracts back into the buttstock, while the drum feed swivels 90 degrees horizontally, along with the barrel and handguard connecting to the drum, before unfolding outwards into a glaive. This ensures that the weapon can still be fired even when transformed. The blade itself can be rotated 90 degrees outwards, lending the impression that a possible scythe mode can be utilized.


  • Ragora's familiar

Ragora's Semblance was confirmed in the video description to be "familiar". Not much is required to summon it, which takes the form of a purple physical floating head sporting the horns of a ram and a jaw lined with jagged teeth. It can see and detect enemies in spite of a black and white sigil obscuring where its eyes should be, assuming it even has eyes at all. It appears to share a great bond with Ragora, and is semi-autonomous, if not fully operating on its own.

The familiar possesses tremendous speed, strength, and is capable of flight, to the point where it can act as a mount for Ragora. It also is intelligent enough to disarm and ram enemies and can fire purple energy blasts, even at her master to break her free. Additionally, it serves to maintain a numerical advantage should Ragora call for it. It also lends its power to Ragora, whereupon she can generate a final blow after using the familiar as a springboard, which generated purple explosions once the enemy falls to the ground on impact.

The familiar itself is friendly with all the other members, licking Simin akin to a puppy.


Ragora's flaws stem from her weapon loadout and fighting style - namely that she has trouble dealing with faster, more agile opponents. While not slow by any means of the word, her fighting style relies on slower, more powerful hits as opposed to a multitude of less powerful but faster attacks. She is only marginally slower, and relies more on power and strength behind her attacks, as shown behind her most damaging hits to her opponent.

She also appears to rely heavily on her Semblance to gain the upper hand both in terms of firepower and to maintain a numerical advantage. Should her Aura levels prove to be insufficient, she likely cannot maintain summoning the familiar for long, which is a massive detriment to her chances of winning should she be otherwise at a massive disadvantage without it.


Ragora was first tasked with scouting the abandoned fortress, and keeping watch on the location while buying time for her teammates to arrive. After dispatching the sentries overlooking the cliffside, she proceeded to dismantle the garrison of Armors before facing off against the local commander, Lysette Atratus. After refusing the latter's demand to surrender, she was initially at a disadvantage against Lysette's agility, requiring her to summon a familiar to maintain a numerical advantage, before countering her fighting style and slowly overwhelming Lysette.

However, given that Lysette was willing to sacrifice her shield, Ragora was caught off guard when she was frozen in ice, requiring the familiar to break her free through an energy blast.

As the two prepared a final charge in midair, Ragora knocked out Lysette as her swing sent her into the ground before detonating the area.

Temporarily exhausted, she was carried back to ground level by her familiar as the remainder of her team arrived to handle reinforcements. She then received a call from her Scroll that signalled Vella's arrival to the area, before the four proceeded to engage any remaining enemy emerging from the airship, let alone the entire fortress...



As part of the team, Ragora is a trusted member to the point where she serves as the spearhead for the Radiant Retrieval mission, dispatching any scouts and defenses Pandora has at hand, as part of their coordinated strategy together. She was also tasked to buy as much time as necessary for her other teammates to arrive at the area of operations.

That said, while she is quite sarcastic and not above complaints, she still maintains a good relationship with her team in order to coordinate a four-member assault on the area.


As part of her mission to obtain the "Radiant" with her team, Ragora was tasked with softening up the defenses of Pandora's abandoned fortress, by eliminating the automatons that were part of its garrison. Being robotic foot soldiers, Ragora wasted no time in disposing of these androids.

Lysette Atratus

As part of her mission to obtain the "Radiant" with her team, Ragora was tasked with confronting Lysette after disposing of the Armors beforehand. The latter offered her a chance to surrender without any injury, though this was obviously refused. After their battle, Ragora emerged victorious, with Simin handing Lysette's unconscious body back to the Armors, allowing her to escape in order to prioritize securing the Radiant.


  • According to Mark, Ragora Cinarum is a shortened derivative of the Mandragora Offcinarum, aka the purple-colored mandrake flower.
  • In the past, the mandrake root was used in witchcraft as a medium for spiritual familiars to reside in, due to the unique, man-shaped appearance of the root itself. This ties into Ragora's witch motif, along with her Semblance, with herself, the mandrake, being a medium to summon said familiar into battle.
  • Hexentanz is German for "witches' dance".

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