A little Fanfic I'm writing. I've had this idea for a while but I wanted to see all of the trailers first. I'm basing the personalities of the characters based on what I've seen, and I'm also taking a few liberties in guessing some other aspects of how they interact. I'm not making any friction between characters right now, I just want to focus on how they would act in a professional mission.

    Ruby sat in the cave, concealing her from anything that might spot her. Her Crescent Rose rested on her knee, and she was moving the other one up and down at a fast-pace rhythm.  She pressed her finger to her ear, activating her COM link. “Do you see them yet Blake?” she asked in an impatient voice. She wanted to get this mission going. Bad.

            “No Ruby. Not yet. It might be a few minutes. Please stop asking.” Blake replied. She had a perfect view of the only opening in the canyon. “A mountain base…  Surrounded by stone spires like a bowl… With only one opening so they control who comes in and out. Genius really.” Blake muttered. “I’ll say.” Ruby replied. “Their defenses are extremely good. I wish we didn’t have to go with an infiltration. It’s so boring.”

            “Wait… Ruby I think I see it!” Blake whispered loudly. “Really?” Ruby replied in a cheerier voice “About time! Do you think they are in range for the COMs?” “Probably. I’ll try to reach them. You should probably get into position.” Blake answered.

            Ruby nodded to herself and stood up. “Let’s see if this works” Ruby said. She touched the emblem on her belt. “Black the beast descends from shadows” She said. Her cloak suddenly turned black. As a matter of fact, all of the red on her outfit faded into black. A new stealth feature for their missions, it was genius really. Ruby then moved forward and laid down flat on her stomach and brought the Crescent Rose, which had also turned black, in front of her. She looked through the scope, giving her a lovely view of the facility they were soon to infiltrate.

            “Weiss. Yang. Do you two copy?” Blake spoke into the COM. Blake heard a 5 note hum from Weiss on the other end. A signal that everything was all right, bit it seemed both girls were still casually looking for bugs in their compartment. At the moment Weiss and Yang were in a flying gondola heading to the facility to infiltrate it. They planned on using Weiss’ position as a singer to get in and talk to the leader about a potential concert. This concert, as the girls knew, was actually a front to kidnap some very wealthy and powerful people, and their mission was to steal the information this group had and destroy the facility.

            Yang was posing as Weiss’ bodyguard, and was currently checking their gondola for bugs. “Alright, it’s all clear. No bugs in sight.” Yang finally announced. She flopped down in a cushy seat across from Weiss. “Alright good.” Blake replied, “Both Ruby and I are in place. You estimated time of arrival is five minutes.”

            “I still don’t like that Weiss doesn’t have her sword with her. What if we’re separated or something?” Yang huffed. “Most singers do not carry Multi Action Dust Rapiers with them. It’s more important I maintain my cover” Weiss replied to Yang. “I guess you’re right…” Yang sighed.

            “Hey guys. I know my weapon type has the word sniper in it… But uh, you do know this thing really isn’t made for long range fire right?” Ruby asked over the COM. She really didn’t like the fact that she was probably going to miss out on the action. “We know Ruby” Blake replied, “But your weapon is best equipped for cover fire… So make sure you stick you your role okay?” “Yeah yeah.” Ruby muttered.

            The Gondola was about to arrive at the peak, and Yang stood up. “Alright, let’s do this. White is cold and always yearning” Yang said. Her outfit turned white and accented in blue. Usually this would be used for Snow camouflage, but right now it was used to make her look like she would be associated with Weiss. After her clothes completed their transformation, she turned and winked at Weiss. “Let’s do this!” She exclaimed confidently, just as she did the gondola arrived and the doors opened.

            Two doors opened to reveal guards ready to escort them inside. Weiss stood tall and regal while Yang stood in a more relaxed pose. She surveyed the area, an act she felt like she could do since she was a bodyguard. Ruby watched her two teammates through her scope as they walked into the facility with their escorts. “They took the bait. T-minus fourteen minutes and thirty two seconds until distraction Blake. Do you copy?” Ruby asked. “Copy” Blake replied. And with that, Weiss and Yang entered the facility.

Weiss and Yang entered the facility, walking down the fluorescently lit hallway. “Welcome to my humble facility Ms. Schnee!” a commanding voice rand down from the hallway. A man turned the corner at the other end of the hallway and presented himself to the two girls. He was tall, slicked back blond hair. He was clean-shaven and was wearing a totally black suit with a blue tie.

            “Thank you very much Mr. Hawthorn.” Weiss replied with the utmost politeness. “This is such a well guarded facility. Very safe” “Ah yes” Hawthorn replied, leading Weiss and Yang into his office, “The Peak is a state of the art facility used for surveillance.”

“The Peak?” Yang asked with a smile on her face, “What an appropriate name Mr. Hawthorn.” Yang giggled some more, no doubt making some sort of stupid joke in her head that only she would find funny. “You must excuse my body guard, she’s a little eccentric” Weiss explained, shooting Yang a look. “Ah yes. It is a rather obvious miss…?” Hawthorn asked, extending his hand. “Yuric.” Yang replied, shaking his extended hand. “Yelena Yuric.”

“Well it’s very nice to meat you Miss Yuric. What very nice bracelets…” Hawthorn observed. “Are these what I think they are?” “Yes.” Yang replied curtly, “I hope you don’t mind. It comes with the job you know” She replied with a cheeky wink. “Er… Yes, I see. Thank you Miss Yuric. Now will you both have a seat?” Hawthorn sat them down and started to explain the charity concert he planned to put on in great detail.

“Now, as a private military partner” I finally finished,” I am very wealthy, and I plan on hosting this concert to raise money from other wealthy military patrons for a good cause.” Hawthorn explained. Though both girls knew that he was lying straight through his teeth.

He PLANNED on taking all of these patrons in one place where he would capture them and preform a brain jack to discover their secrets. Of course they needed to know how he could preform brain jacks, which is why they needed a distraction. Right. About. ‘Now’ Yang allowed a half smile to cross her lips as she heard an explosion form outside.

A few minutes before, Blake sat behind her rock and waited patiently. T-minus two minutes and four-two seconds until her part came. She looked up to the position Ruby would be and then down to multiple guards patrolling below. She felt sorry that they might have to die. Technically they were already dead, and then brain jacked into an “alive” state. This allowed Hawthorn to have an entirely obedient army that only followed orders from him. It was guessed they used some sort of device, but every time they tried open their heads to figure out the technology it fired itself right then and there. This is why Team RWBY was given the mission to find the information on the brain jack straight from the source.

Blake pondered these things as she counted down in her mind. Thirty seconds. She took the Gambol Shroud from her back and poised ready to go.  She unsheathed the sword and put the scabbard in her left hand. She held the sword in her right and waited for Ruby’s mark. “Five seconds.” Ruby spoke in her ear, and after a few seconds she heard, “Mark.”

Blake sprinted forward wither remarkable speed and jumped from the cliff she was on. On the way down, she flicked her wrist, transforming her sword into a gun with a scythe like blade on the top. She threw it at the roof at the building, and grabbed the ribbon that was attached to it.

The blade hooked to the roof of the building and Blake swung a good 5 yards before she was high enough to detach the gun. As the blade unhooked she jerked the ribbon so it pulled the trigger on the gun. The gun flew around her, slicing everything around her body. She landed on the ground and pulled the ribbon and caused it to fly into her hand. The gun transformed back into sword form. Blake turned around and faced two very large generators that had just been sliced in several places. She aimed the barrel of her sword and fired one shot.

The two generators made a huge and very flashy explosion. “How’s that for a distraction Miss Xiao Long.” She muttered herself with a smirk on her face. She then noticed guards rushing around her with automatic guns at the ready. Some of them even wielded long ruby colored swords. ‘Speaking of ruby’ Blake thought.

“Ruby?” Blake asked to her COM piece, “You ready?” “Oh you know it” Ruby answered. Blake could literally hear the smile on her face.

Two guards dropped in front of her. A pang of guilt shot through her, and she had to remind herself once more that this was humane. These guards are no better then robots, and their bodies were being used against their will. She used the combination of her sheath and her sword to cut down the guards in her way as she sprinted forward. She was to take down a couple more generators to make more explosions.

Ruby provided even more cover fire, taking out the guards that were rushing towards Blake. Suddenly she heard something and whipped her gun around and found four guards aiming their guns right back at her. “Shoot…” Ruby muttered, and then suddenly there were bullets.

Blake heard multiple guns firing over her COM; she darted behind a small crevice to catch her breath. “Ruby? Ruby do you copy?” Blake asked into her COM frantically.

Ruby vanished before the guards in a flurry of red and rose petals. The guards heard around and saw a little girl with a very large scythe. With a pull of her trigger the scythe swung once and ripped through all four of those guards. “I’m fine Blake,” she assured her friend, “But something else is wrong with these guards…”

“They aren’t bleeding I know” Blake replied, looking at many guards she had cut through. “It seems their blood is gone… I don’t know if it’s from their brain jacking or…” “I know it’s freaking creepy.” Ruby muttered.

“Hold on Blake I see where you are. My area was compromised so I’m going down there with you.” Ruby explained as she sprinted forward and jumped off the cliff.

Blake looked to where Ruby was, and saw a red-cloaked figure falling. Ruby fired her scythe so that the bursts pushed her over to Blake. She did this until she landed right beside Blake.

“Miss me?” Ruby asked, putting her back to Blake and standing in a defensive position. “Lots” Blake replied, transforming her sword into a gun-scythe. Both girls rushed forward, Blake swinging her chain scythe-like weapon around and Ruby firing off her scythe at the guards.

Yang rushed to the window to look at the explosion Blake made. She allowed another smile before turning around, switching her expression to one of anger and shock, “Ma’am” Yang spoke in an urgent tone, “It’s her. The girl in black”

Weiss stood up suddenly and backed away from the window, acting as though she feared what was outside. “She’s found me again. How is this possible?” Weiss asked to Yang. Weiss then turned to Hawthorn, who was already checking surveillance tapes for the intruder, “She has been causing random acts of terrorism wherever I go.” Weiss explained.

“We need to get to your safest, most fortified room Mister Hawthorn.” Yang demanded, already pushing Weiss to the door. “My client is in danger and I need her protected. You know as well as I do she’s just as important of a political figure as she is an entertainer.” “Uh… Yes of course. Follow me” Hawthorn stuttered.

Hawthorn led the girls down many twisting hallways that her seemingly underground. He stopped in front of a heavily armored door. Hawthorn scanned his palm and typed in an eleven-digit password before the door open. And standing other side was a man, also in a suit, wearing red sunglasses.

“Uh oh.” Yang muttered. “Sir, it seems that the intruders have destroyed generators one and- YOU!” the man exclaimed, taking off his sunglasses. “And just what are you doing here Blondie?” Junior asked. He took a large red rocket launcher that was sitting beside him and aimed it right at Yang.

Weiss turned to Yang with a surprised expression. “Friend of yours?”