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Probablysnot Probablysnot 18 May

Where is everyone?

Did I miss something? Where is everyone? I feel like there's barely any activity on here anymore...

The homepage hasn't been updated in years, did the wiki community move somewhere else...?

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StefanNPC1 StefanNPC1 29 November 2020


  • 1 Birth
  • 2 Aura unlocking and Semblance discovery.
  • 3 Pre-Cannon
  • 4 Notes
  • 5 Semblance (Main Effects)
  • 6 Aura
  • 7 Semblance (Optional Effects)
  • 8 Limitations

The story of our character begin long before the cannon. The citi…

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Probablysnot Probablysnot 27 November 2020

Character Design Question

Hey, so I finally finished designing the character design's of my OCs, Serece and Torrence from Team GHST:

Obviously I need to clean a few things up, but that's the gist of their designs. The two's f…

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