RP rules:

Also read the main Fanon rules.

Grammar and Spelling: Please use the best grammar, punctuation, and spelling that you are capable of, including capitalization where appropriate. If you need help, type your posts in a word processor first, or use the spellcheck feature of your internet browser. Please proofread all posts before you submit them.

Style: All role-playing posts are to be written in literary prose, Using either the past or present tense. While an RPer is capable of using different devices to convey emotions in their characters, I.E. Italics to convey thoughts or Bold to convey shouting. However, it is not condoned to type in any other variant of speaking, whether it be Script, Texting, or any other way of posting. A good example would be, (Volt walked into the house, looking around for anything interesting. Pretty soon a shiny fork caught his eye. "Oh yes, mr. Fork. What fun we shall have..." ). If someone is not compliant in speaking in acceptable format, you may bring it to their attention.

Godmodding: Please portray your character's abilities appropriately for their abilities and experience. This includes randomly adding skills never mentioned prior. Godmodding is especially poor behavior in a PvP scenario.

Bunnying: Please do not control another player's character without their permission. If you have permission, indicate this in the post that you control them in.

RPing Courtesy: Do not excessively criticize other player's performances unless they've broken any other rules listed here. Do not excessively rush other players to make posts. Ask once when they will post if needed, then leave it be. Additionally, be nice to other RPers, and include new members often. In general, try to make this a nice community.

Content: Disturbingly graphic content is not allowed in the roleplay. Any material that is sexually suggestive or reasonably violent should be labeled with a warning at the start of the thread. If you have any questions as to what is or isn't acceptable, feel free to contact a moderator.

Force Shipping - Trying to force someone else’s character in a relationship with your characters. This is a huge no, not without proper dicussion and planning, and characters development time.

Player vs. Player: Players are not allowed to kill another player's character without consent, regardless of the character or player's activity. Any direct combat between player characters should be handled delicately. Players are expected to maintain open and respectful communication throughout and agree on all battle outcomes. Typically, players only assign damage to their own characters. This means a post should end mid attack, so the other character may react to it as they would.

RP Leaders: The RP Leader, unless otherwise specified, is the person who first posted the RP. This person is the one deciding the events of the RP, the NPC's actions, and the inclusion of any NPCs. If any participants in the RP wish for something to happen, talk with the RP leader. Hopefully, they'll be receptive of your ideas.

Harassing someone about replying to your thread: A gentle reminder every now and again is fine (and usually welcome), but constant bombardment of their wall complaining you aren’t getting as much attention as other thread partners is rude.

Turn Skips: It is in very bad nature to skip someone's turn after a few hours or even a day or three. After five days, if the person has not explained their lack of posting, it is fair to skip their turn. If someone will be absent for a length of time, and asks that the other players not skip them, it is best to abide by their wishes.

Interrupting someone else’s thread without prior discussion/permission: If you have an issue with the owner, talk to them in a private message about it. Do not jump into other's threads unless you were invited to do so, it is rude, unwanted, and will be dealt with.

Ignoring a roleplayers rules/about/headcanons: They make these for a reason, usually spending a lot of time and effort on them and if you take the time to read them, you can avoid getting into problems while RPing with them.

Expecting people to drop everything to answer your thread: Real life and health comes before any threads.

If any clarification is needed let me know.

Main Boards

The main roleplaying boards are for roleplays involving characters that have been deemed to be accurate to what we know of the canon by the reviewing staff. It is restricted in that if a character has not been accepted, it may not be used in a roleplay in this board. The process is as follows:

-A character will be created, and when the person deems that their character is completed and ready for approval, they will add the category to the profile "Pending Character".

-The admins will then discuss the character in private, looking for many things. These things include if the character fits in universe, if the character is a reasonable character, and if the character is extremely overpowered, among other things.

-Once the administrative staff reaches a conclusion, a comment will be made in the profile saying "Approved" or the comment will provide reasons for the rejection. In the first case, the character will be moved to the "Accepted Character" Page, where they can begin RPing as soon as they're ready. Otherwise, rejected characters will be put in the rejected characters page until the user fixes the criticisms, then may be resubmitted for approval. 

Additionally, keep character interaction with Canon characters to a very low minimum. 

As for recommended methods of Character creation, I've created a decently detailed guide here

The Reginald Clause

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