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Tres malvais! Non non non non! Those performance are like a dirt that crafted into a false diamond! You must do it elegantly like a sunset submerged into the ocean!
— Philbert
Philbert Volunda de'Grande
Nickname Phil
Character Type Anti-hero
Color Platinum
Gender Male MaleIcon.png
Age 29
Design Motif Swan, Prince
Handedness Ambidextrous
Hair White to light blue gradient
Eyes Purple
Semblance Turbine Wave
Height 6'3"
Weight 68 kg
Professional Status

Saktidibrata Enterprise


Painter, Combat teacher

Personal Status
Status Alive
Additional Info
Emblem PhilbertSymbol
Likes Elegant arts, Battles, Fighting styles, White Swan
Dislikes Dirtiness, Amateurism, Lizards
Special Skills Fighting style recognition, High combat technique, Various artistic talents
Weaknesses Overwhelming pride, Hardly cooperative, Often to mess up during combat, Fear of death

Philbert Volunda de'Grande is a graduate of Beacon Academy and former member of Team GSBP. He still stick around with his teamates and working in a company his leader established namely, Saktidibrata Enterprise. He is in charge in one of the company branch known as Esprit de Gladiateur where he runs a small business selling his paintings of the battle he had seen in his experience. He also an occassional teacher of Grimm Chance at Narasimha style.


<to be added...>


<to be added... but he will be effeminate, overpoetic, narcissist, speaks 'french-like' language occasionally, and a self-proclaim genius of one generation>

Battle Prowess

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Gauth : tba...

Symin  : tba...

Brizio : tba...

Torrent : Philbert sees him as an elegant, potential gladiator who can amuse him. Torrent is one of his inspiration of what he called a true art of battle. Except Philbert thinks that Torrent is lacking sense of fashion and he wanted him to be dressed up with a royal noble warrior fashion. Unfortunately, Torrent keep true to his own origin. Philbert also often to be "rejected" by Torrent whenever he gets awkwardly flirtatious. Often ended up having Philbert looks like a fool.


  • He has allusion to the character Prince Siegfried in the Swan Princess fairy tale.
  • Philbert means "Very Bright" in French.
  • His surname Volunda is derived from Völundarkviða, a reference from The Swan Maiden legend which possibly where Swan Princess fairy tale taken inspiration from.