I am a lady thank you very fucking much
— Pearl Alloy

Pearl Alloy is a second year student at Beacon Academy and a member of Team OPAL. She fulfills the roles of mid-to-long range fighter and 'bait' on her team. Her inspiration comes from the baby from the rhyme 'Hush Little Baby.'.



Pearl has a voluptuous and shapely figure, with a broad chest, small waist and wide hips with long legs. Her skin is dark brown and her eyes are a very dark shade of green. Her hair, which is a bright platinum blonde with lavender streaks is rather long, reaching her waist, and most of it is gathered at the back form a slight 'bump' which is separated from her bangs by a white headband inlaid with pearls. Pearl is the second curviest member of the team behind Lapis and she is rather jealous of Lapis because of that. She is also the member with the second least amount of muscle and the shortest.

When not in uniform Pearl has a very feminine, and alluring sense of style; she favours tight and short dresses and skirts, and often leaves enough of her blouse buttons undone to show some cleavage. She is also fond of thigh high socks and tights and wears very high heels. Her only consistent accessories are her headband and three silver chains of varying lengths that she wears as necklaces. Her colour palette tends to be pastels and soft whites. Her make up is simple but noticeable and is usually black winged eyeliner and light pink lipstick, and it is occasionally covered in two layers of pink lipgloss.

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Her battle attire is similar to her casual wear. She wears a tight pastel pink playsuit along with ankle boots that have a slight heel in the same shade. She also wears white tights and keeps her headband and necklaces and adds arm chains that extend from her shoulders to her elbows

on both arms and ring chains on each hand.


The only daughter of a wealthy, new money business man who acquired his fortune through the mining, refinement, and selling of metal to create weapons and other such useful things in Remnant, Pearl had a very illustrious upbringing. Although the Alloy family didn't have the same wealth, power, and influence as the Schnees they were still among the very upper class. Pearl was doted on by her mother and father who after five sons had been waiting for a daughter. Her older brothers loved her as well so Pearl enjoyed a childhood that was fulfilling materialistically and emotionally.

However unlike other girls in her position, Pearl was not coddled or spoiled. Her father constantly reminded his children how he had come from nothing and it had taken hard work for him to get to where he was today and he wasn't going to let any of his kids slack off. At the age of ten Pearl became involved with the company like her brothers did at that age. Having a talent for numbers and mathematics, Pearl become involved in the financing department which was headed by her mother, and often helped make sure everything was paid for on time and not a single cent went unaccounted. Her mother was so impressed, she had Pearl help her handle the finances of the Alloy Foundation, a charity her mother had recently created in order to help poverty stricken families access higher education and better healthcare so could achieve great things like she and her husband had. Pearl was delighted at this added responsibility and worked diligently with her mother.

Like her brothers before her, Pearl went to Signal Academy to receive elementary huntress training. While she was by no means obligated to attend Beacon, Pearl loved Signal and the idea of being a huntress so much that she immediately enrolled in Beacon after her graduation. The only other Alloy child who had attended Beacon was her eldest brother, Bone, and the only child not involved in the day-to-day running and maintenance of the family company. Before leaving to attend Beacon, Pearl promised her parents that once she graduated she would find a way to balance out being a huntress and working in the finance department.

During the initiation, Pearl met Ochre Panthera. Having never met a faunus before, Pearl was very curious and tagged along with Ochre as the rules said. Despite not knowing each other and coming from very different backgrounds, the two of them hit it off and got on well enough to retrieve a relic with the help of Amethyst Aurochs and Lapis Stuzka. After the initiation, they were placed into a team together called Team OPAL with Ochre as the leader.


In contrast to her partner, Pearl is a very lively, optimistic, and friendly person. She is incredibly enthusiastic and likes to tackle new challenges head on, claiming that gumption was a trait that was encouraged in her and her siblings. While she can be a little obnoxious and a lot to take in at once, once you get used to her playfulness, you will also see Pearl's sweet nature. A naturally compassionate soul with an abundance of patience and an apparent inability to dislike anyone, Pearl is generally well liked amongst her peers. Her determination and stellar work ethic has also earned the favour of many teachers at Beacon.

But like everyone else, Pearl has her flaws. She often forgets that just because she's intelligence and that things of an academic nature come easily to her, this is not the case for everyone. This results in her coming off as insensitive and tactless when discussing topics that other students find hard to understand. Her offers to help often come off as patronizing as well, which often ends up making things worse. This has happened many times between her and other students, as well as her teammate Lapis, causing embarrassment and distress for everyone involved. Once she realizes what she has done wrong Pearl is quick to apologize and does her best to not repeat her behaviour. She is also very vulgar, which surprises many as they expect someone with her background to have more manners. However Pearl's parents raised her to never get too haughty and full of herself because of her position in life and this lack of an ego showcases itself as vulgarity as well as the occasional prank. To the surprise of many, Pearl is a big procrastinator, often leaving assignments aside until the day before they are due. Pearl blames this on her short attention span and doesn't see the problem as she always gets the work done to a very high standard. Her friends have tried to get her to be more organized but thus far every attempt has been met with failure.



While Pearl isn't as strong or muscular as Ochre, she can still hold her own in a fight. Her incredibly agility, speed, reflexes, and stamina make her a hard person to fight, as she can go for a long time without getting tired. Because of this once the opponent with low stamina has been identified, Pearl is the one who takes them on, dragging out the fight until they get tired which is when she attacks. Pearl uses her agility to her advantage, avoiding attacks by cartwheeling away and kicking her enemy under the chin or in the jaw in the process. She is also fond of wrapping her thighs around her opponents head and bringing them down, often as a finishing move.


Pearl's weapon is a bow and arrows which can be dismantled to become carbines. The arrows are made of metal mined and refined by her company, same with the carbines. While she does use regular bullets a lot of the time, she can also bullets infused with Dust that can change the effect of the bullets. For instance if she uses Fire Dust, the bullets will explode and cause a fire on impact. If she uses Ice Dust then the area the bullet hits will grow ice and if it hits her opponent, it can prevent them from using the body part that was hit.

Her weapon is called Steel Beauty


Pearl's semblance is being able to leech a portion of someone's Aura. Once she has physical contact with them, she leech their Aura, depleting their reserves and adding to her own so that she can go on longer. The more Aura she leeches, the stronger she becomes. However the physical contact has to last for at least five seconds so if Pearl is thrown off her opponent or loses physical contact with them, the leeching process will be disrupted.

She calls her semblance Leech.

Fan fiction

A fan fiction featuring Team OPAL and other fanmade characters is currently in the works and updates will be posted.


  • Pearl's fighting style was inspired by Catwoman's fighting style from the Arkham games.