Age 17
Title Student at Beacon
Nickname Peaches
Status Alive
Color Pink
Gender Female
Race Faunus
Species Cat Faunus
Handedness Left handed
Hair Pink
Eyes Teal and white
Semblance Seeing the future to up to 1 minute in a 5 yard radius, called Sightseeing. It is used for battle, mainly.
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy,
Team None (Yet)
Partner Amethyst Archer
Personal Status
Relatives They are all dead or she doesn't know about them.


Physical appearance

Peach is a tall girl, with an average sized figure, although she still looks like a child. She has one white eye which normally glows when activating her semblance, although it doesn't effect her normal vision. She has pink ears that she shows off quite often by putting her hair in a ponytail. She has bright pink hair that when let down goes to about her elbows, which is why it's almost always in a ponytail or a bun. Peach just recently started growing out her bangs, so they almost always come out of her ponytail in the day. Her complexion is pale, although she tans fairly easily, which leads to her getting a huge tan in the summer.


Peach always wears a blue scarf around her neck. It has sentimental value due to her mother giving it to her. Underneath the pink jacket she wears, she wears a red t-shirt. Normally, she wears leggings for extra mobility when fighting, which is a good idea on her part. The shoes she wears are modified fashion boots with added traction on them because fashion must remain intact. Her pistols are put inside of her jacket, strapped to the edges so she doesn't accidentally fire them.


Peach is relatively cheerful, but her mood can go sour whenever people do something rude to her based on her faunus heritage. She normally shrugs off insults, but gets very defensive of friends getting bullied. She's very shy most of the time, with the exception of getting defensive or just talking to her good friends or team. She loves to learn, choosing to not go on optional combat trips (and keeping her team behind) to study. When she does fight, she gets energetic and excited externally.

Weapons and abilities

Peach has two pistols, with places for one dust container in each. Normally, she has fire dust in one and ice dust in another, but she has extra dust containers for lava, lightning, and wind stored in her pocket in her jacket. The guns are silver in appearance and they are both small, but they look like normal pistols besides that. She is currently unable to change it's base form to unfold, but she doesn't care.

Peach's semblance is something like a scope. Her white eye glows when she activates it, and she calls it Sure Aim. This doesn't mean that it's a sure chance of hitting, though. It's just a scope that's always with her.