This is a template page detailing the most common setup for characters on this Wiki. The purpose is to give newcomers who may not be familiar with Wikia a way to get started quickly and easily. This will detail how most OCs are set up on the Wiki, as well as detail what to put in each section.

This is a guide. Please do not edit this page.

The Character Page - This line should be considered the top of the page.

If there is anything you need to know not included here, you can simply ask about it.
— Alex Wingace
FanCharBox Info Template
Age -
Alias -
Nickname -
Status -
Race -
Species -
Born -
Handedness -
Complexion -
Hair -
Eyes -
Semblance -
Height -
Weight -
Professional Status
Affiliation -
Team -
Partner -
Occupation -
Additional Info
Likes -
Dislikes -
Special Skills -
Weaknesses -
(To get the FanCharBox, simply click "Insert" at the top of the editor, then "Template". The FanCharBox (shown on the right) should be at the top. If you would like to indicate the character is still a Work In Progress, a template can be added for that as well by clicking the "Under Construction" tab under the same menu. Be sure to include both of these at the top of the page. You can also include a short blurb about the character or a quote (also shown above, included the same way as the FanCharBox and WIP templates) at the top of the page to start it out and make it look nice.)


(It's always good to start off your character by describing how they will look. Here, you should describe their outfit(s) and what they look like physically. If you would like help making their design, feel free to jump into the Chat and discuss it, or see one of our many Character Creation guides around the Wiki.)


(Here you should describe how your character acts. You should remain consistent between here, the way they look, and the backstory. A character should not be a pristine uptight neat-freak, yet dress like an absolute slob and be "super friendly to anyone". Include how they act by themselves, when they're with friends, and when they're with strangers, just as a basis for how they compose themselves to give the reader a good idea of what they're like.)


(Next, you'll want to give your characters backstory and how they got to where they are now. You don't have to go over EVERY tiny detail or line of dialogue, just give a brief overview of all the important bits that influenced their life. You don't have to, and probably shouldn't, write a full fanfic piece within this section.)

Weapons & Combat

(Now you should write what this character's weapons and what they are capable of in combat, such as fighting styles and feats they are regularly capable of pulling off. Be sure to refer to the Guidelines when doing so. A Semblance should also be included in here, though as Semblances are not particularly easy to come up with, they are not required for a complete character. If the Semblance is long enough, feel free to add it to its own section in the page.)


  • (Here is where you can include any little tidbits about the character in the meta)
  • (This includes things like what they are based on (if they are a reference to a folk lore legend or something else in particular) or any notes about their design.)
  • (It is required that you cover what the CNR (Color Name Relation) is for this character down here. Even if it is fairly obvious, it should still be listed what it refers to.)

This page can be used as reference for setting up your own character page. This is not a definite "You need to do it like this!" guide, just a template to get you started if you have no idea where to start with a page. You can swap these sections around any way you like.

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