RWBY Fanon Official Categories

In order to provide more ease of organisation, this is a list of the categories considered

to be 'Official' by the RWBY Fanon Administrative staff:

Do remember that everything in Wikia format is cases and letters sensitive.

  • Accepted Character - Characters that have been reviewed and accepted as fitting the canon. Can only be added by a reviewer
  • Alternate Universe - Designates page to belong to an alternate universe
  • Antagonist - Designates character to be of an antagonistic nature
  • Awaiting Canon Info - For issues involving unknowns that will be revealed later in the series
  • Candidates for deletion - For use when you want a page deleted
  • Faction - A group of like-minded individuals that form an organization or group
  • Fairy Tales - A group for lore-making legends and folk tales for Remnant.
  • Fan Fiction - A story taking place in the RWBY universe
  • Fan Made Character - Designates page as a character
  • Fan Made Grimm - Designates page as a fan-created Grimm
  • Fan Made Location - Designates page as a fan-created location
  • Fan Series - A collection of pages forming a single series, often made up of Fan Fiction pages
  • Fan Team - A Team of fan-made characters
  • Fan Terminology - Specific terms or ideas used within the fandom
  • Faunus - Designates character to be of the Faunus race
  • Female - A female character
  • Fighting Style - Designates page as a fighting style
  • Grandfather Clause - Category for characters who were made before January 2014, as protection against the CNR ruling (Can only apply to pages created before January 2014)
  • Guides - Designates page as a guide for others
  • Joke OC - Designates character as a joke character
  • Male - A male character
  • Pending Character - Designates character as a Pending Character, to be reviewed. A character must be accepted before it can be roleplayed with
  • Rejected Character - Characters that have been reviewed and rejected for not properly fitting the canon. When the issues are fixed, creators should remove this category and re-add Pending
  • Service - Designates page as a service provided to the people who contribute to the site
  • Side Character - Designates character to be of secondary importance
  • Weapons - Designates page as a weapon

There are, however, certain exceptions. These types of categories are allowed without contacting an administrator:

  • Personal Categories (E.G., "Username's Stuff"). Note that a user can only have 1 personal category. No exception

For categories not listed in either of the above two sections, please contact a member of our administrative staff before creating your category, in an effort to reduce clutter.

As for having an entire category for something considers "Faction" or "Terminology", you can easily make a listing page and added it in the correct category.

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