Near Death
Age 16
Status Active
Gender Female
Species Human
Hair Black
Eyes Light Blue
Height 1.72m
Weight 48kg


Near is of a light build and has dark black hair and light blue eyes which shine in even the darkest of settings. She wears a black singlet and soft, gray jeans. Her hair is tied up in a pig tail at the back and from her jeans pockets dangles short chains. She wears a necklace with crossing kodachis over a shuriken decoration.


Untrusting, explicit and arrogant. As a street rat, she steals, swears and fights without remorse. However, when it comes to serious fighting (with money put on it), she is calm and fluid, though this is overshadowed during the climax of the fights where her viciousness takes control. As a result of her close encounter with the sex industry, she is very uncomfortable around men and will gladly hit any man that tries to flirt with her.


Near is adept in any form of martial art. Her most prominent ability lies in her speed. She has superior reflexes and is extremely agile, easily weaving in and out of crowds. She is fleet of foot and can easily run up short walls to escape danger. In more tense situations, she uses magical energy to enhance herself, increasing the power of strikes and jumps and the speed of movement. However, if overused, this can take a reasonable toll on her. This energy is physical and can affect the terrain as well, not just enhancing her own body. She calls this energy "Deluminescence" for the light that is produced somehow seems to "absorb" other light sources. Although Near has no physical weapons she can use the Deluminescence to create temporary throwing weapons, including kunai, shuriken and senbon.


Near Death, real name Olivia Maine, was born into a poor family and was the 5th of 6 children. She was never granted the opportunity to attend school and was told to work in town during school hours, doing whatever to get enough money. Her parents even almost sold her to a brothel once, but she said if she was force to go she would bite and scratch whoever touched her. When she was 14, she ran away from her abusive parents and lived on the streets, earning her living from the nightly street fights. She also is a bounty hunter, though her skills are in much need of tuning and she does not get much work. She operates under the non de plume of Near Death, representing her constant battle with her fate.