if this is about the broken waterjet in the engineerin departmen i can explan it wasnt me it was harisson babe i’d pay for it but ur rich and harisson needs to be stopped
— Moira, drunk out of her mind
Moira Lynwood
Moira Lynwood 200px
Age 26
Alias Sparrow
Status Alive
Color Red
Gender Female
Species Human
Handedness Right
Complexion Pale, clear skin
Hair White
Eyes Blue
Height 5'4 or 163 cm
Weight 120 lbs or 54 kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Kaiser Armaments
Team N/A
Partner N/A
Occupation Chief Engineer and Weapons Designer
Personal Status
Relatives No known relatives
Additional Info
Likes Order, extravagance
Dislikes Ethereal Kaiser, manual labor, disrespect, long hikes

"She saw in the rainbow the earth's new architecture, the old, brittle corruption of houses and factories swept away, the world built up in a living fabric of Truth, fitting to the over-arching heaven." - D.H. Lawrence

Fairy Tale Inspiration: Mary Poppins


Moira is a tiny, slender woman, with most of her muscles in her legs and core.  She dresses in loose, flowing clothing to allow for easy, fast movement and -- admittedly -- to make herself look like more intimidating.  She has medium-length white hair that is kept up in a ponytail at the back of her head, with the fringe wrapped in ribbons at the front.  She wears a skirt that's slit up both thighs and is made of loose, porous fabric that breathes very easily.  Her top is more of a maroon jacket that drapes over her chest, kept there with a sash that she hides things in.  She wears oxford heels and fingerless gloves, and she always is carrying around her umbrella -- called "Camelia" -- that is her weapon, alongside her specially crafted Dust Powered Accelerators (DPAs).  Her DPAs are controlled by small buttons built into her gloves.  She often looks bored.

Outside of combat, she dresses in a simple black suit and lab coat, befitting her profession.  Sometimes she wears glasses.

Back Story

The Chief Engineer and Designer for the prominent but shady Kaiser arms company, her goal is to free the control of Dust from the Schnee Company and make it more widely available to all.  However, that's just what she says.  In reality, she wants control over the Dust trade and the money and resources to make her invention successful and popular.

She dropped out of Atlas after she decided she wasn't given enough respect or creative freedom. Many times, she tried to get Ironwood to hire her but each time she was rejected on the grounds that she couldn't be trusted.

During her research, she designed the Dust Powered Accelerators, a device that allows a person to fly for extended distances and control their trajectory with small, controlled Dust explosions.  Her design was rejected, citing the difficulty of use and overall impracticality and that it was too wasteful with Dust consumption.

Since then, she has worked relentlessly not only to push her DPAs as a valid combat tool, but also to sabotage the Schnee Company on a public relations level and in the shadows by hiring mercenaries (sometimes leading the groups herself) to steal vast quantities of Dust.  She's starting to become recognizable to Schnee Company guards due to her unique weaponry and her signature DPAs.

As a child, her parents had trained her to be a huntress.  She attended Atlas and quietly dropped out after two years, claiming to have better things to do with her life than fighting monsters.

She was approached personally by Ethereal Kaiser around the time the company was just starting to get back on its feet.  Her masterful and innovative designs helped propel Kaiser into number one.


Moira-at-work lower res

Pulling an all-nighter

She's vicious when it comes to combat and excels in executing dirty tricks and catching her opponent off-guard.  Moira is quick to snap and won't hesitate to punish insolence with a slap.  She is a stern leader and will not tolerate misbehavior or derivating from the plan.

She loves flight more than anything else, and when soaring through the air assisted by her DPAs, she often experiences euphoria.  She's happiest in the air.

Moira finds solace in books and likes to study architecture, finding new ways to make things lighter and more structurally sound at the same time.  She's a hard worker and often pulls all-nighters at the office when she's not coordinating a strike on Schnee.  As much as Ethereal appreciates Moira's efforts to violently end Schnee's dust monopoly, Ethereal would much rather have her Engineer and pulls a lot of strings to keep Moira from getting caught.  It's a lot more trouble than it's worth.  

Having been in the employment of the Kaiser company for most of her adult life, she is very close with the Kaiser siblings, Valiant Kaiser in particular.  She's also fallen prey to Ethereal Kaiser's charms.

Her morality is a darker side of grey and she believes that the ends justify the means.


Moira Lynwood Skill Sheet

credit for stat chart to jollyjo


Her umbrella is made with sturdy, moderately light materials and the fabric between ribs is woven with titanium alloys to keep it from breaking easily.  The ribs themselves extend at the push of a button to reveal blades that she laces lightly with Dust.  The arch of Camilia is very flexible and go from being extended like a cheap, wind-blown umbrella (note: it will not do that without a button being pressed) to extending out completely straight like a spear, to fanning out like a bamboo parasol, to being like a normal umbrella.  It is mechanical for the most part and runs mostly with natural forces such as tension, but sometimes, to add a little power to the transformations there is a small reservoir of Dust that can be used if the button on the bottom of the handle is revealed from its compartment and pressed.

Camilia also functions as a sniper rifle, which Dust-laced bullets loaded into the angular, square handle of the weapon and shot down the tube and out the end, with the trigger in the crook handle.

(This character is gen 3 and was created before Neo was introduced)

Dust Powered Accelerators (DPAs)
Moira dpas

DPAs function similarly to jet packs, except they're a little more intuitive.  Even when the propeller are not being used, the device still consumes an amount of Dust to keep the device more lightweight and to keep the propeller chambers suspended (the hovering external parts are also assisted by electromagnets).  DPAs have six propeller chambers formed by two sets of three, one default at fourty-five degrees, another perpendicular, and the third at more of a one-hundred-twenty degree angle to the user.  These positions again can be controlled by the buttons built into the gloves on her hands.  In order to prevent accidentally activating them while fighting, the system will automatically detect a weapon in the user's hand and isolate controls to the opposite hand.

Propulsion is achieved with small, contained dust explosions in the propeller chambers.  Normally, this would be perfectly safe, but there is always a chance of depository Dust build-up in the propeller chamber, causing the dust residue to build up over time and eventually become unstable.  During trial runs, two testers ended up gravely injured and the device was deemed to dangerous and impractical for use in battle.  Ms. Lynwood insists that the supposed impractically is merely because they didn't bother to take the time to figure out how to suit it to their battle style, and should not limit the public from using DPAs and that the buildup issue could be easily resolved with a few more runs.  However, the issue has never been resolved and cleaning the propulsion chambers is a frequent hassle.

Eventually, the funding for the formal, commercial development of DPAs was cut completely and now any improvements made to them are by Ms. Lynwood herself, to her own prototypes.

With the assistance of DPAs, Ms. Lynwood can reach very high speeds when propelling downward.  This speed is unsafe and usually used when she's using her DPAs to put more momentum into her strike.

Moira straps camillia and dpas

Camillia and DPA details.


Ethereal Kaiser - In an open relationship.  Their business and personal relationships are vastly different and they likely wouldn't hesitate to kill each other if they could use that to their advantage.  Moira is more terrified of her in the professional environment but outside of that the belligerence becomes more friendly.  She's Ethereal's metaphorical court jester, and reminds her of her mortality and fallacies.

Valiant Kaiser - She likes his head.  He's smart and she knows he'll be a great leader for the Armaments branch of Kaiser one day.  In his own words, she's like his "weird, psychopathically violent aunt."


  • "Camilia" is a reference to Camilia Japonica , which in the language of flowers means "unpretending excellence."
  • Her weaknesses lay in how lightweight she is, and thus easy to toss around.  Her quick temper can easily be taken advantage of.