Miles Tobias

Age: 23

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Dark Blue

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Miles is a mechanic in Techno Realm. He made a lot of machines for people and the Techno Realm military. He usually goes out adventuring most of the time, other than that he makes machines. He lost his left arm in an accident at the age of 12. He got a mechanical left arm to make up for the lost arm. He installed weapons in it when he became a mechanic. He met up with Xam during one of his travels and they became good friends. He's usually quiet unless a certain topic that interests him comes up. He tends to be careless sometimes. He's the only child in his family and he can be anti-social at times.

Strengths and weaknesses

Miles' element of choice is Wind and Electric. Like Xam, he can power his weapons using those elements. He can cause winds that can make the enemy lose his/her footing. His speed and attack power rivals that of Xam's. Unlike Xam, Miles' defensive skills are higher than Xam's. His robotic arm can transform into certain weapons like an arm cannon, various guns, etc. but it cannot transform into melee weapons. His left arm has a system where it can copy projectile attacks but there's a power limit for the system. If the attack is too strong for the system to copy it, the system will overload and will stop working for a while. Miles can use the copied attack for the duration of the battle only. After the battle, the data of the attack is erased. His robotic arm is weak to fire and if damaged heavily, it will self repair itself at a moderate pace. It will start working after it is fully repaired.