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  • Yes. you can do whatever you want with your character. All the reviewer can do is accept or reject your character base on the guidelines. As well as the reviewer's discression. Its up to you to make the changes accordingly you can go back to the character whenever. 

    But generally if you fallow the guidelines your bound to be Aokay for the most part. Just remember to add a triva section explaining stuff like their name and how it relates to a color in a way. I speak from experince of having forgetten that.

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    • (Throwing in two cents, because I stalk the wiki feed constantly...)

      Hi, welcome to le fanon first off! Just as Jack said, owning a Dust company is perfectly fine as lots of OC's have families in that businiess; they just aren't above or on the same level as the Schnee Dust Co. as it would interfere with what we know in canon.

      I wanna say that you could in theory have a backstory where your OC's father wants Jet to marry Weiss; however, the two of them cannot be engaged (once again, due to interfering with canon). As an alternative too, you can create a similar OC to take her position as Jack suggested, so you don't have to do a bunch of revision.

      When it comes to canon/fanon interaction, best thing to do is to keep it limited. Ozpin may personally scout you out for Beacon if your skills are impressive, but you cannot be his son/nephew/favorite student. Your OC can fight against Pyrrha in a previous regional tournament and lose to her (because she's had a record of being undefeated), but it will not make them best friends/rivals afterwards. Reason for this other than not lining up with facts from the show, is so you aren't latching onto an existing character and building their personality around said character; its not very creative to say the least.

      Anywho, if you have any questions ask me also, take a look at some characters in the Accepted category if you need some examples, and look at some of the rules and guides users have put together on the wiki. :)

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    • What Taki said couldn't have put it better myself. Also remember to have fun with it. If some stuff don't work try again maybe use some stuff for another OC. No idea is ever a bad one. ^-^

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  • Hi, I'm an admin for the RWBY Fanon Wiki community. Welcome and thank you for your edit to Hello!

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