Luna Asimi
Age 19
Title The Moon Godess
Nickname None
Status Alive
Gender Female
Race Human
Handedness Right
Hair Blue
Eyes Blue
Height 175 cm
Weight 60kg

Luna Asimi was created by AquaFlare for Court Royale, she was also adapted into the Fanfiction Twister Pendulum by Last Zephyr.


Luna has a very angelic face, her eyes are a deep blue, and she has midnight blue hair that sparkles in the moonlight and she just lets it hang behind her back. It is slightly curly at the tips. Luna has boots that are knee high. She wears navy blue jeans . She wears a coat, with a belt at her waist that goes over her coat, she also has leather gloves. Underneath the coat Luna wears a plain white t-shirt.

Before her transformation, she had brown eyes and brown hair.


Luna wasn't always called Luna. Luna lived in a small village outside of a forest. One day when Luna was 16, a band of bandits came and ransacked her village, killing almost everyone and looting. Luna was able to get away and hid in the forest. As she was running away she tripped over a root and hit her head, which gave her a concussion. The next morning when she woke up she had amnesia. Unsure on what to do she came upon a cave and went inside. Inside the cave, there was a shrine to the moon. Upon touching the shrine, she was given supernatural abilities by the Moon Godess and her named was changed to Luna. Wanting to recover her memories, she started to travel the land, in the hope that she could regain the memories of her former life.


Luna primarily uses magic that was bestowed upon her by the moon goddess. The magic is drawn from the stars and the moon so she is more powerful on a night where the moon is out. Her primary weapon is called the Moonsilver Blade. She can also fire small bolts of magical energy towards her opponent, and though they aren't very powerful, they can be fired off quickly and at no cost to her magical energy.

Her last resort ability is called Lunar Dance and restores all of her injuries, but causes her to run out of her magical energy. This means she has to use her two M1911, nicknamed Mustang and Sally.


Luna is a relaxed girl that doesn't get surprised much. She is pretty hard hitting when it comes to getting possible info out of someone who might know something about her past. On that note, she can also be naive and guillible, for example, if someone was to say that they knew of her past, then she would follow them, which has cause issues in the past. She feels like royalty because she believes the Moon Goddess picked her out personally; however, she doesn't act snobbish or rude, and is pretty kind to those who have shown to be kind to her. When ever she meets anyone in trouble, she drops whatever she is doing and helps them.