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Lucas Cray
Age 42
Title Trainer of Hunters
Nickname Oldman, Ass Hole, Lucas-sama
Status Active
Race Human
Born 01/01
Handedness Right, Left (Trained)
Complexion Tanned
Hair Grayed
Eyes Brown
Height 6'5 ft.
Weight 231 lbs.
Professional Status
Affiliation None
Team n/a
Partner n/a
Occupation Trainer, Hunter
Personal Status
Relatives Afon Lorem (Adopted),

Geist Morder (Adopted), Nevaeh Navajo (Adopted)

Physical Appearence

Cray wears a brown jacket over a tan button up shirt. He has black jeans held up by a plated silver belt that he got on his travels. He also wears combat boots and the occasional hat.

He almost always has KAtse on his back. Cray also believes in never being defenseless, so he always has a gun in each boot and a knife straped to the inside of his arm.


Cray is very calm and collected in a fight. After years of battles he is practiced and concentrated. While collected, he is prideful and becomes jealous when someone become better than him. He perfers to be leader and has a hard time staying in his place.


Lucas Cray was born as a lowlife in the slums of Vale. After being tormented and hurt all of his life, at the age of 15 he left Vale and the cities to train and become better. Cray was on the road with only his feet and the clothes on his back. once he reached a kingdom in the east he began doing odd jobs to  earn money. On one of those odd jobs he assisted a hunter from that area in killing a Deathstalker. Instead of giving him money however, he gave him knowledge and training.

After two years of training he left his master and began to take monster hunting jobs. For the next few years he made a lot of money and got a lot of practice killing monsters. 

He returned to Vale at the age of 24. He was rich, well trained, smart, and handsome. The only problem with returning as he did was that no one rcognized him as the scrawny weak kid that had left. His wealth and knowledge had set him too far apart from his old life. 

After resolving the fact that he could not go back to his birth home, he settled and bought a home in the residential district. One day he decided to take a walk down through the slums. On that trip he found a young boy who had been left alone to die in an alleyway.

Cray took the boy in and trained him. The boy began to grow and become stronger. After he finished his training the boy left Cray to attend a proper Combat School to get his degree.

After his protoge had left, Cray discovered that he did not like living alone and began to take more abandoned kids from the slums and training them. He has trained Geist Morder, Nevaeh Navajo, and Idarian Lorem.


Powers and Weapons

Primary Weapon: Katse (Buckler/Grenade Launcher)

-Grenade launcher folds and flatens into a lightweight shield form.

-Firing capability still availible in shield form

-Shield has razor edge on one side for slashing attacks, but is mostly used for blunt tramma.

Martial arts: Tinbe-Rochin, Guun Sui, Higo

Semblence: Unkown