Lemony Fiacre Coffin back story

Lemony was born in a lemon orchard hence her unusual name. The Coffin family formerly was known for it's top of the line funeral services but were forced into isolation after the death of her mother. Forcing Lemony to spend all her time with her scholary and grim father. After years of living in grief her father succumbed to his broken heart. With no one to watch her she decided to use her limited skills in magic to watch over the chaos currently going on in the  world around her. But unfortunately her father's sardonicism rubebd off.


Lemony is a ditzy day dreamer who will do anything to keep from being bored. Unfortunately this make sher untrustworthy. But  if you proove yourself entertaining or cryptic enough you will be rewarded kindly. Though be warned she will analyze you and press your buttons. Taunting people accidentally and  pushing boundraies under the guise of politeness is her specailty.She does not fear death and this makes her highly unpredictable. Her morbidness distances herself form those around her. Which tends to activate her love of violence and/or temper.

Physical description

Lemony is six feet tall and a rather plus sized figure. Pale with a few freckles. Amethysty eyes. Lilac colored hair formed into two horn like buns. Thin pink lips that are cracked from biting down on them. She wears a dark blue hood. With only a pair of striped stocking and combat boots to be seen.