A rare silhouette of the legendary swordsman without his war armor, wielding his signature weapon, the Blauwe Kaken.

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"For peace to truely to exist in this world, one must be willing to make sacrifices. If that's means my life and my sanity...then so be it."-The MB's conscience


There was once a warrior of exceptional power, who desired but one thing in this world: peace. His name: Kurt Owens. Blessed with mighty skill, the warrior traveled the world preaching his teachings, and defeating all who challenged his thinking. Legend states that he was given a sword forged by the sky gods. This sword was said to pierce the very heavens itself, but at the cost of the user's mentality. It's name: Blauwe Kaken. Despite this overbearing weapon draining on his psyche, the orignal Kurt Owens was said to be a kind, gentle man, only turning deranged during combat. Many would run in fear, as Owens would often don his war armor in combat to cut away at the enemy's morality.

Late History and Death

It is said that Kurt defeated all and any who dared to oppose his will. After centuries of constant warfare, peace was finally brought to the world. Knowing that it would last, the warrior died a quiet and noble death by his bedside one quiet morning. It was said that the clouds covered the sky for three days straight, and lighting desceded from the heavens. It was rumored that this was the work of the Blauwe Kaken, who mourned its master's death in its own way. 

Kurt Owens in his full war armor, wielding the Blauwe Kaken.


Kurt's sword, the Blauwe Kaken, has taken material form in the shape and name of its former wielder. Where the now living weapon will do with its newfound life has yet to be seen. Still, it is speculated that the blade now walks this earth, searching for a new, worthy master.

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Author's Musings

Just some background information on the Blauwe Kaken's former wielder. Gotta love that picture...Fairy tale inspiration is King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

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