Sun down

Overveiw of Jason

Name:Jason Dawn Bucker

Color of hair:Red

Color of skin:Well Tanned


Interrests:Women and adventures


Height: 6 foot even

Weight: 180 pounds

Fighting style: Defensive until seriously injured then very agrressive

Special power: Adaptivity

Birthplace: The city

Race: Human/Robot

Birthdate: April 1

Blood type: O positive

Weapons: Fists

Treasure: Watch in his pocket

Loves: Being kind and meeting new people

Hates: Leaving his home and Fighting.

Special info: Has his own mind but his brother's heart so he has two personalities living in one body. Both can use the body as they see fit.


Simply happy go lucky. You can't bring Jason's spirits down with anything. He will be bright and smiling to his grave. Tom doesn't like everything but he will never burden anyone else with his problems or his life. He simply wishes to be as happy as he seems so he goes out meeting new people learning cultures and adsventures from people who will tell them. His envy is always empty but he does desire things he doesn't have. He would do anything anyone asked of him even if he doesn't know them. That is his best and worst quality.


Jason can do any number of things in the house but his skills as far as fighting seem to lack at times so he let's his brother fight those kinds of battles. Jason can do any manuallabor or thinking tact as easy as he can walk. His skills with cooking, sowing, marketing, crafting, building and racing go unmatched. He has a good sense of direction and good balance with himself. He has a nack for noticing holes in designs or plans but can't really fix them just tell you that they are there. Never think you can outsmart Jason cause then he has already outsmarted you

Battle Tacts and abilities

Jason doesn't fight at all when it comes to that he hands the rains to his brother Tom. Tom is a man of hand to hand mastery and quick footwork. Before there "Bonding experience" Jason let his twin brother Tom fight in his sted. they helped eachother with there weaknesses and boosted there own strengths in the process. Back to Tom's fighting. Tom is tyically level headed in a fight and quick to change his tactics when the need arises. Tom can dance around or take any kind of hits and keep his movements flowing and smooth. Tom tends to use his supirior speed and acrobatics to avoid and evade until his opponent tires then he shifts to power house to deliver the final blow if needed. you can tell his current plan by the formation of his battle arm's shape.

Battle Arms

Jason's arms seem normal from looking but under the skin there a cybornetic marvel. when Jason gives his body control of his body the arms shift into battle mode where they are obviously robotic. The arms are made of a bio organic material that can mold the plating, weight, and power for different battle tactics. In intense situations the arms begin to emit heat as Tom's heart beats faster. This is Tom's "Finally" energy building up. After enough energy is built he can shoot the energy out of the plams of his hands in the form of fire shots. this is dangerous to his heart is why he doesn't just use it nilly willy.


Jason and Tom where once seperate when they were younger. Jason was a typical smart teacher's pet kid doing everything he could do to make everyone around him happy. Tom was a punk, brat, tough guy. He didn't want help from anyone including his twin brother Jason. They tended to ignore eachother most of the time until there mom and dad died. After that they tried to be as close as they could be to take on the world as brothers. One time a man came to the foster home they where living in and adopted them. Jason thought it was a good thing but Tom always suspected the man of being a bad man. Four days later the man that adopted them got drunk and beat Tom half to death and broke both his arms in front of Jason. Jason called 911 and Tom was rushed to the hospital. the man came to his senses in a couple of hours in jail but gave the cops his banking number and told them to give it all to Tom's needs. Tom wasn't going to survive from his heart not being able to take the punishment. Jason gave his heart to ensure Tom's survivle and the doctors outfitted Tom's arms with cybernetics. Ever since then they have shared the same body truely taking the world on together.

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