We have constantly had to evolve in our bid to survive. That fact of life is a constant.
— Iva Verden

Iva Verden
Emily CG
Age 33
Nickname Iva
Status alive
Color willow green
Gender Female
Race Human
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Light tan
Hair Green
Eyes Green
Height 5'11"
Weight 132 lbs.
Professional Status
Social Rank Single
Affiliation Forge Academy
Occupation Weapons Smith/Instructor
Personal Status
Relatives Enki (Step-Father)
Additional Info
Emblem Emily Symbol
Likes Nature walks, inventing, working on her weapons, reading
Dislikes messing with her forge, making cracks about her robotic arm, jokes about her clothing.
Special Skills intelligent, good at working with chemicals and metals,
Weaknesses bulky weapons, has a small temper problem, has to pin her hair up at times



Inspiration for my character; Artwork is credited to Flora(ThanhnuFia)

Emily Alt

Iva's Alternate Outfit (Art by Flora)

Having worked as an apprentice several years before she went into formal schooling, her appearance reflects that part of her life. With long and flowing green hair, green eyes, and slightly tan skin is evident that she has the need to be mobile.

Her tan clothing would be considered skimpy in some parts of the world; but her medium length skirt--held up by a wide grey belt--,top, stockings, an elbow-length glove on her left arm and custom boots help her to stay mobile even in the worst situations.

She sometimes wears a light cloak when the weather gets cold or the location calls for it. Her cybernetic right arm is teling of the humanity that she feels she lost somewhat, after an unfortunate accident. And despite her looks, she's actually quite strong, and that's surprised quite a few people.


Dispite the fact that she looks like she couldn't put up a fight and still looks a bit shy and introverted, she is actually quite outgoing, sociable and strong willed, even though she had a soft tone to her voice that seemed to contradict that, even after she had graduated. And with what she teaches at the academy, her tone has gained a slight edge to it, having learned through experience to project her voice. However, there are some things about her that really haven't changed. 

Whenever she's not in the workshop, or drawing up ideas for weapons in her spare time, she can most often be found walking in and around the campus grounds on daily nature walks. She does this not only to clear her mind, but it also helps her to calm down as well. And given her temper, its more often been a benefit. And another thing to spring from her experience is her patience with others, having developed a reputation over the years as a very hands-on instructor with her students. However, with her colleages, her patience can --at times--be tested, her temper close to going off. 


Her weapons reflect her need to stay mobile, and the jobs she takes on from time to time. Thanks to her upbringing, she actually knows how to use her weapons quite competently. That, and the fact that she mostly learned how to use them on her own. She'll say that she's was given these weapons as a gift, but some still speculate whether or not she stole them. However one may think, she's incredibly skilled with her tools of the trade: 

  • Shield: A shield made of a unique mix of metals and materials, its light weight is incredibly misleading. It's sharp enough to cut through a half-inch of solid metal and can deflect bullets, assorted other projectiles and variable strength dust attacks. 
  • Bio-Gun: An impressivly sized gun, formally a Tactical Strike Disruption Weapon (TSDW)--she named it Viper--, that Iva can wield with impressive dexterity with her cybernetic arm, this gun shoots a highly corrosive acid that can burn through an incredible eight inches of virtually any metal, she also uses it to disrupt an opponent's attack, making them worry about their self-preservation while she makes a clean get-away.

And over years of practice, Iva has found use for her semblance not only on battlefield, but also in the heat of the forge. Called "Thermal Surge", she absorbs the heat that is around her, serving to only energize the weapons smith. Which is why in the forge, the heat doesn't seem to really phase her. And when active her Aura glows a brillant forest green in color. 

Battle Style

In the field of battle, Iva is one that is more inclined to use indirect combat whenever she is engaging the enemy. Due to what her primary weapon shoots, she will use it in a variety of ways. Most of the time, she'll use it to trap her opponets by using the acid in the gun to bring objects down them to corral them into a position that is advantageous for not only her, but also for her teammates. And most of the time, this tactic seems to work out for both her and whoever is her partner. 

But if it comes down to a fight, she can ditch her gun and use her shield as a weapon when it gets to close quarters combat. Possesing a razor sharp edge, she can not only block with it, but also use it to cut and slice with the edge. And along with her shield, she is also reasonably good with her fists if it truely comes down to that. 


Over the years, Iva's life has had it's ups and its downs, loosing her father at a very early age due an accident while working as a weapons maker. However, her mother remarried a few years later, the young girl forming a bond with her step-father Enki. From the time she was seven, she could be seen around his workshop, working for him as an apprentice. But, given the nature of the work, it wasn't without its hazards. At the age of ten, she became the victim of an unfortunate accident, losing her right arm. Her step-father managed to find her a cybernetic replacement a year later. And from then on, she'd need constant replacements as she grew up.  

And at the age of twelve, at the encouraging of her father, she decided to enter Signal. While she was there, she managed to do well, all the while coping with the phantom pains that sprung up over the years. And when it came time to make a weapon before her graduation, she decided to make a pair of unconventional weapons. 

At Beacon, she found similar success, excelling in her sudies and on the battlefield. Over her four years, she refined her tactics, becoming reasonably well versed in non-lethal solutions in combat. All the while, she continued to dabble in weapons making in her free time, often asking for advice from her father. And after she graduated, she decided to try her hand at weapons making, working for her father for a year before deciding to set up her own shop. 

For couple of years, her business does well, catering not only to hunters, but also to those that worked in law enforcement. But even with word of her business getting around, Iva has a hard time making ends meet. Often living commission to commision, she wanted a better way to make money, and also to make more a measurable difference in the world. At the age of twenty-five, she finally finds a way to do it. She overhears word from one of her customers that Forge Academy was in need of teachers, and wastes no time in applying for a job there. 

Getting the job, she wastes no time establishing her reputation there at Refuge within a year of her hiring. Many years later, she seems more content here than she was running her own business. Having labored over the forge for years on her own, she often feels satisfied that she is making a very measuable and positive difference in the world. 

Author's Notes

  • Character will be used in the Fanon Wiki, RP, and Fan Fiction
  • first name means "Willow tree" in south Slavic
  •  last name Verden comes from 'Verde',  the Italian word for green
  • personality is drawn from what I thought her appearance makes her out to be, and her curious nature is drawn from my personality.