Isabelle, Huntress
Age 19
Gender Female
Race Caucasian
Species Human
Hair Brown
Eyes Silver
Height 1.62 metres
Professional Status
Occupation Huntress
Additional Info
Likes Outdoors,
Being alone
Dislikes Grimms, Heart

Character by Nederlanderz, permission by author to use the picture

Isabelle, Huntress


Born in the forest, trained to be a huntress by her father. Her mother was killed by an Ursa, and she is still looking for this creature after many years, with little success. She is good at setting traps and very accurate with rifles, but bad with close quarter combat. She sometimes uses camouflage, like mud. She can climb in trees, knows the forest very well, and is very intelligent and calculating.


At the age of 15, she went hunting for the Ursa that killed her mother. She left home for 3 days, in order to find that single Grimm. After 3 days, she gave up, and went back to their little hut in the forest. The hut was demolished, her whole world collapsed.... When she approached the hut, she saw blood tracks on the wooden boards. She yelled "FATHER!!!" , no answer, she yelled again, "FATHER!!!!" still no answer. She cried for many days. She had no one anymore. First her mother, now her father. She vowed to one day find that Ursa.


  • Remington 700 hunting rifle (bolt-action, Dust powered)
  • Machete
  • Apache scalping knife

Remington 700

Her Remington 700 bolt-action hunting rifle, is a Dust powered firearm with internal magazines that consists of 5 rounds with a floor-plate for quick-unloading. It is a manually operated bolt-action with 2 forward dual-opposed lugs. She can equip her rifle with a variable telescopic sight and/or a suppressor.