Gurin Sogeki
Age 22
Title Click, Click, Boom
Nickname Shotty
Color Blue
Gender Male
Race Human
Handedness Right
Hair Blonde
Eyes Green
Semblance Adrenaline Rush
Height 5' 11"
Weight 168 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Azura Defense Force
Occupation Soldier
Additional Info
Likes Firearms, Nature, Math
Dislikes Excessive industry, Pollution
Special Skills Agility, Weapon handling, Math skills, Close Combat
Weaknesses Super long range attacks


Gurin often wears his military outfit, as he finds it quite comfortable. It's a standard issue ADF uniform, although it's gone through some customizations for his personal comfort. Customizations include an overlapping (Green) cloth to increase insulation and extra pockets for ammo and Dust grenades.


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Gurin considers himself a semi-rational person. He prioritizes rational thoughts when on missions or in combat, but when not in combat, he's more social. Generally doesn't shy away from talking to people outside of combat or missions. Although not good with Faunus, due to his participation in the civil war, he trys to not let that get in the way of talking to them.


Gurin uses a Shotgun with an under barrel grenade launcher that transforms into a longsword. He also has a pistol, standard issue sidearm for ADF soldiers.

Shotgun and Pistol

Photo of a 3D printed item


Gurin's Semblance is Adrenaline Rush. When triggered, it sends Gurin into a state of accelerated perception (Reaction time) for up to 15 seconds, causing the world around him to slow down considerably. (By 60% speed. So, things are moving at 40% normal speed to him when this is on.) This allows him to fine tune his aim, think of his next step, or have enough time to arc his body into a dodge from an incoming attack. (Note: Gurin does NOT gain any running speed increase, aside from his aura boosting him, so his own body is also slowed by his perceptions.)

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