Guerilla Tactics is a fighting style developed for Hunters who prefer indirect methods of defeating their opponents.


First officialy used by Bergen Blunt, Guerilla Tactics changes from person to person, based on their preferences and fighting style. For example, a Hunter with a firearm-type weapon who is tasked with eliminating a physically superior foe would try to set traps, or create a distraction, so that the opponent leaves himself wide open to easy shots. Guerilla Tactics is not common in Hunters who have superior melee capabilities. It is, however, designed to take them down.

Notable Examples

Bergen specializes in tunneling to avoid confrontation. By quickly digging multiple tunnels in an area, he can confuse his opponent as to his whereabouts. His favorite tactic is to set Dust Charges at certain points in his tunnels, allowing him to distract opponents. He often attempts to make the terrain unstable, to throw off his opponent's footing. Bergen has developed all of these abilities in order to defeat foes much more powerful than himself.

Teyal Hakuu uses his tactical abilities to lure opponents into ambushes, and relies on his Semblance, his hiding skills, and his knowledge of the location to surprise his enemies.

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