This page is meant to serve as a guide on how to make a proper Grimm. Fan made Grimm do not go into Pending like characters.

Grimm Registry Form:

Grimm Classification: 

Grimm Title:

Threat Ranking:



  • Strength:
  • Weakness:

Additional Notes:

Rules and Guides:

When registering a new type of Grimm, please follow these following rules.

  • Classification: The animal your Fan Made Grimm is based off.

So far we have seen Reptile Grimm, Mammal Grimm, Arachnid Grimm, and Bird Grimm, Mythical Grimm. Any Grimm belonging in these types will be accepted.

The following types of Grimm will be debated: Aquatic Grimm, Insect Grimm and Plant Grimm.

These types of Grimm will be rejected: Human Grimm, Half-Grimm beings.

If you have a Grimm not based on any living creature, ask an Admin to check it, and we will tell you if it is allowed or not.

  • Title:

Need I explain this ?

  • Threat Ranking:

The ranking each types of Grimm based of their ability and level of danger when encountered. Ranking are subjected to be changed if the said Grimm travels alone or in group, encountered in different setting:

F: Harmless. Normal citizen level.

E: Policemen level.

D: First year Beacon students level.

C: Graduated Beacon students level.

B: Hunters level.

A: Veteran Hunters level.

S: Elite Hunters level.

SS: Superior Hunters level.

Unranked: Has not been fought or cannot be fought.

  • Appearance:

Describe how they look! Most Grimm looks just like the animal they are based off, but with noticable Grimm traits such as the White mask, Blood red eyes, White scales/bones along their spines and Black fur/skin. A provided drawing would be nice

  • Ability:

The easiest way is to take the best ability of the animal the Grimm is based off and buff them up. The same applies to their weakness. However, be very specific.

  • Additional Notes:

Any abnormal traits (Poisonous / Attacking other Grimms / Doesn't actively attack human / etc) goes here.

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