Grimm Chance is a martial art developed over hundreds of years through the observation of Grimm. It was originally practiced by a reclusive group of nomads, known as Vita. They traveled over the world following Grimm, so as to learn more about how they fight. They were wiped out long ago by the Divas tribe, but one survived long enough to teach the style to another. It was passed on through a method involving Aura, connecting with the other to pass on the knowledge directly, thus allowing them to be able to teach it to another without spending years. This can only be done once, as it takes the knowledge out of one and into the other, usually killing the one passing on the teachings. Though much of it has been lost over the years, the current inheritor of the knowledge, Torrent, is rediscovering much of it. Unlike his predecessors, he has decided to teach it to many people rather than one, or a small tribe, using the more traditional method of teaching, despite knowing nothing about it.


Grimm Chance combines multiple styles of martial arts to make a deadly combination, with a style for any fighting style or body type. But despite the ability of the style, its most useful factor is the way that it incorporates Aura.

Aura is used as a force and accuracy improving factor. The user will link the Aura on a certain part of his body to a certain part of his enemies. This will pull the enemy towards him, reversing on contact, increasing the force of blows and helping ensure that the blow hits where he wants. This technique is more powerful the more training and the stronger the Aura you have.At its basic, it will pull when you are 4 inches away, with a 75 pound force, pushing away on contact with the same amount of force. Despite not being much, it can throw off enemies who would otherwise have dodged or rolled with it.


King Taijitu Style

An aggressive grappling style, it uses evasion to its fullest. Requiring an extremely limber body, it uses that nimbleness to dodge attacks, before performing lighting fast attacks of its own. Users of this typically learn the body's pressure points, so as to make every strike more effective, considering that users of this style are not typically extremely strong.

Focus: Speed

Practitioners: Messer DanamFenHong Se Suzhen

Ursa Style

Using firm stances, this style focuses on extremely powerful attacks, with little movement. Ursa is a style that uses less movement in favor of a more damage dealing approach. In short the Ursa style uses blocking over dodging and hay-makers over jabs,this style is meant for those who can take a lot of damage and plan to give pain in return. It is slow and hard to move well in its stances, save for the few lunging like attacks that it utilizes.

Focus: Power

Practitioners: Leroy FrasierTrystin Motacill

Beowolf Style

An aggressive style, it incorporates fast movement and evasion along with powerful hand attacks. It incorporates quick, swinging motions of the hands, mimicking how Beowolves use their claws. The practitioner of the Beowolf style must have an inherent skill towards agility, due to the potential dangers of lunging towards an armed opponent. The style utilizes the practitioners flexability, since the style requires a lot of attack direction shifts. It is disadvantaged against the DeathStalker Style, but if you face a King Taijitu user, you have the upper hand, depending on the skill difference

Focus: Attack 

Practitioners: Jr AzulonHitomi CyclonisRemus RomulusAsgier BloodfangChao HuitailangCaerulea Anastasia Lyricia

Death Stalker Style

A mainly defensive style, it focuses on fast and accurate kicks, with little hand interaction. The attack form of this style can be devastatingly powerful, but is extremely hard to master.

Focus: Defense

Practitioners: Citrine Motacill

Nevermore Style

Nevermore is one of the harder styles to master. It uses relaxed stances that seem unbalanced, while in reality it takes a lot of balance to use. Nevermore uses its odd movements to dodge atacks and then uses swift and powerful kicks and open palm attacks.

Focus: Balance

Practitioners: Zanshin KazumiUmbra UltriciesMoira Lynwood

Boarbatusk Style

The style focuses on brute force. It has firm stances and is very hard to move. It uses elbowing, kneeing, and power striking for its offense. It lacks a defense so it uses head butting, charging, and tackling. The user charges or uses its "tusks" to destract or stun their foe.

Focus: Brute Force

Practitioners: River SorcièreTana BunsenAster DurantiaLeon Lucas

Creep Style



Goliath Style



Dragon Style



Griffon Style



Beringel Style

This style of Grimm Chance focuses on grabbing your opponent and using their weight against them. This style mainly relates to your hands, but you can also use feet or your entire body. However, this style will almost always require you to have at least one free hand for proper execution.

Focus: Grabbing


Geist Style

This style mainly focuses on using your surroundings to your advantage. It takes proper knowledge of your surroundings and requires more time and analyzation to execute properly rather than strength or special technique. This style can be used for jumping off of surrounding objects to lunging small or large objects at your opponent. This style could even be used to blind your opponent with either the sun or loose sand or dust or dirt.

Focus: Surroundings


Sea Dragon Style



Nuckelavee Style



Dusky Ooze Style

A style for fatter people, it uses muscles covered in fat, a requisite for the users of this style. Any one trying to hit these people would find it extremely hard, as their bodies seem to move with it, slipping past the blows or around it. Punching them directly, the users of this style will do one of two things. They either absorb the blow, sending the energy along their body to slam back into the aggressor, or they will let the limb sink in, before tightening around it, to hold them fast or, by clenching certain muscles, they can snap the bone or pull it out of socket.

Focus: Fluidity


Night Runner Style

Night runner style relies mainly on movement and balance. The hands are the most readily available for attack and defence of the upper body, and protect the stylist by employing many short and quick movements designed to hit the targets nerves to deliver devistating blows and to keep them off balance and minimum opportunities for counteracting, but no strong attacks. The legs are moved quickly into range through footwork to protect and defend the body, and kicks are kept low, short and quick so as to never leave the Night runner combatant off-balance and vulnerable. 

Focus: Movement.

Practitioners: Ranna Juliet

Narasimha Style

The only known style that uses weapons as a prerequisite. Focusing on defensive movements, the user concentrates on blocking from angles of attack, instead of direct strikes. In theory, every attack will eventually come into the field of the angle of attack. With this, the style focuses on guarding against these various 'openings'. Aura usage is important, since this style is heavy on concentration. Mobility suffers as a result. The range of defense depends entirely if the user wields a weapon or not. It's best learned using two sticks first.

Focus: Counter

Practitioners: Suika NatsukoAlbus BayeuxPhilbert Volunda de'Grande

Grand Master Style

Focus: All styles

Practitioners: Torrent Messorem


Class: Citrine Motacill, Trystin Motacill

Class: Suika Natsuko

Class: Messer Danam, Chao Huitailang


-Torrent "Shinu" Messorem: All

-Caerulea Anastasia Lyricia: Beowolf

-Philbert Volunda de'Grande : Narasimha


-Grimm Chance is loosely based on the Chinese origin story of Martial arts, which was said to have been developed through watching how animals moved and fought.

-The names of the styles will change once we know the names of the different Grimm.

-If you have an idea of what a style should be like, or want to add another, send me (TorrentAB) a message and I'll most likely let you edit/add it.

-If you want to use this style, ask me first. It allows me a chance to tell you how it is learned, and also to put you under current users.

-If you are a user of this style, ensure you place Grimm Chance as one of your categories.